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President Banda nominates Kunda, VJ to NEC

President Rupiah Banda has nominated vice president George Kunda and Vernon Mwanga to the national Executive Committee of the party. The position of MMD vice presidency which Kunda wanted to

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MMD suspends former youth chairman

Movement for Multi-party Democracy has suspended its Former National Youth Chairman, Patrick Musonda for alleged misconduct and being in bad standing with the party. Musonda, who confirmed his suspension to

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MMD convention closes

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) convention has ended today with President Rupiah Banda warning members not to leak information about the party’s deliberations to the media. President Banda said

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Sylvia Masebo elected MMD women chairperson

Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo has been elected as MMD women affairs chairperson. Masebo has replaced former first lady

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Oasis Forum to relaunch green ribbon over constitution

Oasis Forum said it is optimistic that Zambia will have a new constitution before the forthcoming elections if there is

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