Rebasing: I can’t withdraw money from my account in Zambia

Dear Editor, My wife, my children and I are stranded in South Africa Capetown because we can not withdraw money from out account in Zambia. We came for the festive holidays here and we wanted to go to another town today to continue the holidays before we return home. But when we wanted to settle […]

PF resists repatriating remains of Zwangendaba from Muchinga to Chipata

PF resists repatriating remains of Zwangendaba from Muchinga to Chipata

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Emmanuel Mwamba has cautioned that the exhumation of Chief Zwangendaba’s remains from Muchinga and to be repatriated to Chipata must only be done after wide consultation. Speaking at a Ceremony to discuss the fate of the remains of Chief Zwangendaba at Feni, the palace of Paramount Chief Mpezeni, Mr. Mwamba disclosed […]

Top ten 2012 ridiculous acts by PF

1 As poor as Zambia is, with no known oil reserves, the president in his self-proclaimed ‘wisdom’ and desperation to appease, donates 5 million litres of fuel to Malawi, who smartly sells it to stabilize their own stock, while we subsequently suffer shortages – all in the name of Zambian tradition called ‘help mourners and […]

The ways of dictators

By Bishop Simon Chihana May I mention that it is part of work and life to enjoy writing on different things and subjects of life and issues pertaining to godliness or biblical based and also about governance. I also find it a great pleasure to write nuggets which I usually send to friends whom I […]

Mwense woman burns husband’s first wife with hot water

A 40 year old woman of Shingwe Village in Chief Kashiba’s area in Mwense district is battling for her life at Mwense rural health centre. This was after she was burned with hot water by her husband’s second wife in the same area after a marital dispute. Both Luapula province Police Commissioner Joseph Mutale and […]

Masebo fires ZAWA bosses saying they are corrupt

Masebo fires ZAWA bosses saying they are corrupt

The article below was written by the Times of PF. Check later for the Zambian Watchdog version. ZAMBIA Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) director general Edwin Matokwani and four other senior officials have been dropped for alleged corrupt practices in awarding Safari hunting concessions. Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo said in Lusaka yesterday that ZAWA had […]

In the Fog of the Year

We will not allow ourselves to be cowed into silence, as doing so is
an injustice to ourselves. We will not grovel ourselves before you, as
doing so will merely serve to perpetuate impunity.

We know 2012 will go down in the ashes of the history of our country,
as a year in which there have been epic State behaviours not befitting
a democracy. What we have illustrated here, are but just a few of our
concerns. “

China academics warn of ‘violent revolution’ if no political reform

BEIJING: A prominent group of Chinese academics has warned in a bold open letter that the country risks “violent revolution” if the government does not respond to public pressure and allow long-stalled political reforms. The 73 scholars, including well-known current and retired legal experts at top universities and lawyers, said political reform had not matched the quick pace of economic expansion. […]

PS Shamulenge replaced while on leave

President Michael Sata has replaced Agriculture and livestock permanent secretary David Shamulenge while he is on leave. But the firing of Shamulenge has upset agriculture minister Emmanuel Chenda who is telling close friends that Sata is ungrateful. Shamulenge, a veterinary doctor, is one of the businessmen who financed PF in North-western and accommodated Sata when he […]

Sata’s political experience has failed to inspire Zambians

By Given Mutinta  Zambians who are privileged to have been around for some time know that President Michael Chilufya Sata will next year, 2013 celebrate 50 years of being in active politics. He is a veteran, an old hand with loads of political experience. This is one attribute that cannot be taken away from him. […]

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