Kabimba’s days are numbered – PF officials

Senior PF members have said Wynter Kabimba’s days in politics are numbered. The senior members, whose names have been withheld at their behest, said Kabimba was causing serious rifts in the party, as he sought to assert his position while he dreams of succeeding Michael Sata. The sources were referring to Kabimba’s fights with Defence […]

Playboy Masumba’s NIPA certificate is fake- witness

National Institute of Public Relations Executive Director Answel Saka today admitted that the institution mistakenly awarded newly appointed Minister for North Western Stephen Masumba a certificate in Accounting Technician course. Mr Saka told court this morning when he appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Wifred Muma that it was unfortunate that Mr Masumba was awarded a certificate […]

Blogger dedicates song to KK

Blogger dedicates song to KK

What is KK doing following chimbwi No Plan  CNP everywhere? He is supposed to be mourning. Hasn’t he heard that song by Mwansa? Let me sing it for him and you bloggers give me the chorus! ”Wapapisha ba Zed iwe mudala nshakulumbule ishina nalakwebako fye, abantu bonse balishiba ati yiwe walifwila ala yichindike twapapata. Apa […]

Kenneth Kaunda receives defectors to PF, urges others to join Sata

Kenneth Kaunda receives defectors to PF, urges others to join Sata

Former president Kenneth Kaunda, has called on all well-meaning Zambians to support president Michael Sata’s quest to develop and unite the nation. Kaunda said he is proud to support president Sata because the Head of State is making positive strides in uniting and developing the nation. He said president Sata has embraced citizens beyond ethic, […]

Nevers Mumba complains of poor prison conditions, forgives Sata

Movement for Multi Party Democracy MMD president Dr.Nevers Mumba has bemoaned the state of holding cells at Nkana East police station were he spent a night under police custody. Speaking to journalists in an interview in kitwe when he was being taken away by an armed police escort,Dr.Mumba described it as an inhabitable place calling […]

MMD never allocated money to first lady – Magande

Former Finance and national planning minister Ngandu Magande has trashed PF lies that the MMD government  allocated resources to the office of the first lady in the national budget when he served as minister. The Patriotic Front government has allocated K1.5 billion to the office of the first lady a move that has spiked criticism […]

Masumba’s toilets contracts corruption exposed

Dear Editor, I write this open letter to you and the rest of all those who read this leading online paper. Before the by elections i wrote to inform who masumba is in and out but pipo ignored this. This time I want the ACC to come in and probe masumba on the contracts given […]

RB heads to Kenya

Former president Rupiah Banda will tomorrow (Thursday) leave for Kenya to attend the 2012 Lifetime Africa Achievement Prize-presentation ceremony at which two serving African heads of state will be among the recipients.   The former president  will attend the ceremony at the invitation of the Millennium Excellence Foundation, the organisers of Africa’s most prestigious international awards event that recognises individuals who have selflessly devoted themselves […]

George Chellah, a diploma holder in journalism argues law with LAZ

By George Chellah (Special Assistant to the president on press and public relations.He holds a diploma in journalism from Evelyn Hone College) State house notes with grave concern and difficulty the exaggerative statement from the President of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) Mr. James Banda. Clearly, in the course of his unjustifiable censure of the […]

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