Dictator Sata orders his police to deny opposition rally permit

Zambia is quickly drifting back to one party dictatorship as President Michael Sata has again directed his PF police to deny a permit for the joint opposition rally that was scheduled for this Saturday at Lusaka’s Mtendere grounds. Opposition political parties that included UPND, MMD, ADD, and ULP, had notified the police of their intention […]

Silubanji tells off Kambwili

Kabwata Constituency PF Chairman, David Silubanji has told off PF National youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili by telling him to stay away from issues to do with Kabwata. Mr. Silubanji, who is sponsored by PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to hound Foreign Affairs Minister, Given Lubinda from the PF and his constituency has told Mr. Kambwili […]

Tin of maize selling at K30, 000 in Kabompo

Government heads of departments in Kabompo have appealed to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to offload maize on the market to cushion the escalating food prices in the district. The heads of departments made the appeal during a meeting convened by District Commissioner, Crispin Likando. Mr Likando informed the meeting that about 20,000 x 50 […]

UPND embarks on internal elections

Opposition UPND is embarking on a country-wide party elections at all levels to strengthen its structures. Party Secretary General Winstone Chibwe said the party will start the election process with immediate effect as part of strengthening party structures. Mr. Chibwe said the party will embark on the process through internal and transparent elections that will […]

We are not quiting and Kachingwe is not coming back – MMD MPs

Some MMD parliamentarians have refuted media reports that about 30 of them are planning to defect to the ruling Patriotic Front. Speaking at a press briefing Tuesday morning, Solwezi central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa says MMD legislators are not so irresponsible to defeat the aim of democracy as well as disappoint the electorates. Mr. […]

Kambwili defends Lubinda, says PF might end up like MMD

Kambwili defends Lubinda, says PF might end up like MMD

PF national youth chairman Chishimba Kambwili has told off Lusaka province PF chairman, Geoffrey Chuumbwe to be magnanimous enough and stop the cadres from Kabwata constituency that went to the media to petition the party leadership to expel Kabwata member of parliament, Given Lubinda. Kambwili has said that it is shameful and dis-respectful for cadres […]

Certificate holder Namulambe says he understands budget better than Watchdog journalists

Certificate holder Namulambe says he understands budget better than Watchdog journalists

Former Mpongwe member of parliament Gabriel Namulambe claims he understands the national budget better than online journalists criticising him for creating an unnecessary bye-election by defecting from MMD to the ruling PF. Namulambe’s decision will cost the country in excess of K6 billion for elections in the next three months. In response to critics that […]

We deported Simwaya because he is a spy of Rwanda – Edgar Lungu

Government says it has credible information on a Rwandese national Abdul Simwaya that guarantees his deportation to the country of his origin. Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu says the government is aware that Mr. Simwaya has been an agent of the Rwandese government and that he is wondering why Mr. Simwaya has been rejected. Mr. […]

Return Mr. Abdul Simwaya To Zambia At Once!

Editor, I write this letter with tears dropping down my cheeks. My heart aches as result of the letter written by the children of Mr. Abdul Simwaya, the deported Zambian Citizen, Husband, father and grandfather. The painful episode should touch every Zambian who believes in Justice, compassion and the value of the bond of love between a father and […]