Mabenga’ son in law sentenced to death

Micheal Mabenga’s son in law, David Chitika and his co-accused, Lawrence Kaunda, have been sentenced to death by hanging. The two have been found guilty in a matter in which they were jointly charged for murdering Mabenga’s daughter Gladys who was also the wife to David Chitika. Fact before the high court were that 37-year-old […]

Sata’s dog selling son now Lusaka deputy mayor

Dictator Michael Sata’ son Mulenga has been imposed as deputy mayor after a stage managed councilors’s election in Lusaka. Mulenga Sata was supposed to take over as mayor just after his father won the presidency but exposure by the Watchdog derailed the imposition in the family forest. To give the imposition of the dictator’ son […]

Gounass finally manages to have Ibrahim Dia deported, without passport

Gounass finally manages to have Ibrahim Dia deported, without passport

Ibrahim Dia, the president of the association of Senegalese in Zambia was Sunday afternoon deported to Senegal. Dia, was deported at theb instigation of Kitwe based jerabo Abdoulaye Ndiaye commonly known as “Gounassi” Dia was bundled onto a South African Airways flight form Ndola Airport at 14: 25 local time. Aiprot workers were shocked to see […]

Shibuyunji police shielding wife killer because he is albino, partner in crime

Dear Editor, Through your publication, The Zambian Watchdog, we want to appeal to the Inspector General of Police Madam Stella Libongani to send competent police officers from Lusaka to come to Shibuyunji area and investigate a matter in which Brian Mwanakanyemba is alleged to have murdered his wife. It appears police officers from Shibuyunji are […]

Sata fires MMD MP, poaches another one, swears in his relative Mulonda

Sata fires MMD MP, poaches another one, swears in his relative Mulonda

Dictator Michael Sata has fired MMD MP for Ikelengi Elijah Muchima as deputy minister in the Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. Sata has replaced Muchima with Kabompo East MMD member of parliament Danny Chingimbu. Sata mockingly wished Muchima God’s blessings in his future endeavours. And President Sata has appointed Kabompo East MMD […]

ZRA HQ in bomb scare

Staff at ZRA head office were this morning evacuated from the building after a bomb scare. Sources told the Watchdog that the entire building was evacuated for about 3 hours as bomb disposal experts were combing the building after the call that paralysed operations. Reports received so far indicate that the situation has since normalised […]

Zambia’s trial and error leadership

Zambia has come a long a way from being one of the richest countries in Southern Africa to one of the poorest. We are told that in the 60s Zambian Kwacha was stronger than the United States Dollars and equal to the UK Pound. A Traveler would travel from Zambia to Kenya using the Kwacha. […]

Sata’s company takes over all Govt advertising contracts

Sata’s company  takes over all Govt advertising contracts

All advertising contracts for government and key parastatals in the mainstream media will now be handled by President Michael Sata’s company, City Advertising Zambia Limited. The greeady and corrupt move by dictator Michael Sata means that a lot of youths and other small businesses and even established advertising companies will lose businesses. State House sources […]

Hunt for Successor 30: Don’t you dare!

A ruthless machinist and chronic politician, Sata continued to be vocal in the demand for multi-party politics and began to send young street vendors known as Kaponyas, to loot, destroy shops, and clash with armed police. Between December 1986 and October 31, 1991 when KK was finally removed, enough blood had spilled from the bodies of young boys, some who, armed only with sticks and stones, were sent to their deaths.

HH respects women more than Sata and M’membe

Bwana editor, I was surprised to read and hear on PF TVs and radio stations the hypocrisy about Hakainde Hichilema and respect for women. HH advised girls to withhold sex from PF officials in order to force them fulfil promises. Now the PF and the Post newspaper decided that this is gender-based violence. But what […]