Thug Hamiyanze says he did good job on Sikwela’ s resignation

The following message, written in PF language  was sent to the Watchdog by Matero  based thug Opper Hamiyanze: PROVED WRONG Inbox x opper hamiyanze <> 13:01 (2 hours ago) Hello, is the resighnation of UPND’s former MP Hon Sekwela a fake difection as you reported that I was in the Southern Province to organize fake difections? […]

Yes, Muchima case good lesson

By Muke Kabwita Its makes me wonder the unprecedented level of political retribution that has befallen or beloved country Zambia in this modern day and era. I foresaw what has happened to Hon Muchima and l can still foresee similar eventuality happening to Taima, Namugala, Mutati and Konga to say the least if they don’t […]

Sata fears UNIP food riots, admits Kwacha is now worthless under PF

President Michael Sata has expressed great concern over the transport system in the country. Mr. Sata said the current transport system in the country was not as reliable as it was Zambia just got independence. He said there was therefore need to improve the transport system in order to ease movements of goods and people. […]

NAREP to contest Mpongwe bye-election, welcomes Kwacha rebasing

Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo Junior has said the rebasing of the Kwacha will boost foreign and local confidence in the economy of Zambia. Mr. Chipimo however said government should have a consistent, transparent and clear policy direction in order for the rebasing of the Kwacha to have meaningful impact He was […]

Sata phones Lubinda pretending to be on his side, tries to dupe Zambian Watchdog

Sata phones Lubinda pretending to be on his side, tries to dupe Zambian Watchdog

Given Lubinda is about to be expelled with the full blessing of President Michael Sata. But In his usual hypocritical method, Sata has phoned and assured foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda of protection from all forms of discrimination by fellow party officials state house sources have disclosed. Sata phoned Lubinda on Sunday 6th January 2013 […]

Masebo tells Kasama PF cadres to look for GBM’s replacement

Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo was last weekend reported to have angered some PF supporters in Kasama when she told them to start looking for a new Member of Parliament because the current one may not last. The source said Ms. Masebo, who recently replaced Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba Bwalya (GBM) as PF chairperson for elections […]

‘Private parts & head of murdered Lusaka taxi driver already sold’

POLICE have intensified the search for the head and private parts of a 28-year-old Lusaka taxi driver, who has been identified as Joseph Banda Simfukwe of Kanyama, as Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu orders Inspector-General of Police Stella Libongani to net all the named suspects before the end of this week. Mr Lungu gave […]

Expel Lubinda, recommends PF Sub-Committee

Expel Lubinda, recommends PF Sub-Committee

The Patriotic Front disciplinary committee has recommended the expulsion of Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda on grounds of disloyalty. (In the file photo, Lubinda on the boat which  he did not why it was curved? According to resolution of the Edgar Lungu chaired committee which is simply acting on instructions from party Secretary General Wynter […]

MMD has no president, claims Namugala

MMD has no president, claims Namugala

Hired MMD lawmaker Catherine Namugala was Sunday night featured on the State owned and PF controlled ZNBC on which she cast aspersion on party president Nevers Mumba whom she said was not the leader of the biggest opposition but represented the defunct Reform Party. Namugala, who is one of the few MMD members expected to […]

Nawakwi and parastatal board chairpersons given executive status

All the board chairmen of parastatal and quasi government institutions under the ruling PF having been executive status with each one netting a monthly salary of K32,000,000 (Kr32,00), a brand new personal-to-hold vehicle, free fuel allocation, and paid for electricity and water bills. Among those who are included in this bracket include Road Development Agency […]