Most pupils fail grade 12 but govt trying to avert announcing ‘disaster’

By Watchdog Reporter Only about 10,000 out of the 172,000 pupils who sat for the Examinations council of Zambia (ECZ) grade 12 examinations countrywide in 2012 have reportedly Passed Mathematics, and the failure has been attributed to the low morale among teachers following government’s failure to adequately increase teachers’ salaries and other conditions of service, […]

Clarion call to people of Northwestern province

Editor, Kindly allow me space in your publication to announce the “birth” of the long awaited Northwest Development Foundation. This is an independent mass movement that seeks to advance the cause of people from N/western province in political, cultural, developmental and social spectrum etc. It’s not a hidden secret that people from this great province have been […]

Updated: Police lock up Nevers Mumba again

Updated: Police lock up Nevers Mumba again

Dictator Michael Sata’s Police in Lusaka have today around 16:20 hours locked up MMD leader Never Mumba on the charge of wilfully failure to comply with applicable procedure relating to management of public funds. The PF police have also arrested him on three counts of abuse of office. Charges are that on dates unknown,Mumba wilfully failed […]

Now Masebo convenes illegal meeting to legitimise hunting licences to her partners

Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo has called for an illegal  meeting with professional hunters after illegally cancelling the tenders of hunting safaris and sacking of five top officials from the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA). According to an advertisement in Monday’s edition of the PF run Zambia Daily Mail, the meeting will take place on Wednesday at […]

‘Prophet’ Chanda Chimba III and others also face arrest

‘Prophet’ Chanda Chimba III and others also face arrest

Zambian dictator Michael Sata’s government has now ordered the police to lock up freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III and former Information and Broadcasting Permanent (PS) Secretary Sam Phiri when they appear for questioning tomorrow at Patriotic Front controlled Government Joint Investigating Team. Dictator Sata is particularly incensed that Chanda Chimba’s prophetic chronicling events of the […]

Why do police lock up people just before weekends?

Dear Editor, The locking up of former deputy minister Elijah Muchima in Mwilunga cells last Friday and that of Nevers Mumba a few weeks ago so that they spend their weekend in police cells brings to the fore the much hidden police bad habit locking up people to settle political and personal scores. This habit […]

Nevers Mumba will only appear before Sata’s Task Force on Wednesday

MMD president Nevers Mumba, who has been summoned to appear before a combined team of Government Joint Investigative Wings at the former Taskforce offices on corruption in Lusaka will only make himself available tomorrow due to his court cases on the Copperbelt. The Watchdog understands that Dr. Mumba was initially expected to appear before the […]

Finally Masebo reveals her admiration for Chipimo Jnr

Finally Masebo reveals her admiration for Chipimo Jnr

By Kombe Chimpinde and Mukosha Funga Post newspaper: Mon 07 Jan. 2013, 14:00 CAT MMD is as good as dead and buried, says Sylvia Masebo. And Masebo says the decision by the MMD and UPND to field candidates in the Mpongwe parliamentary by-election did not hold any water. In an interview yesterday, Masebo, who is […]

Recycled politicians

By Given Mutinta In a society with selfless and sober politicians, recycled and old politicians are of immense value and are regarded as political assets. In Zambia, this is far from being true. Instead, recycled and old politicians are like ghosts haunting, and parasites sucking governments. For many years we have been governed by greedy […]

Hapunda is talking nonsense, I will remain UPND MP till 2016 – Siamunene

UPND Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene has described as mere speculation assertions that he intends to ditch the opposition party for the ruling Patriotic Front. Mr Siamunene interview with QFM  said assertions by PF Southern province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda that he could follow former Livingstone Member of Parliament Howard Sikwela in ditching the […]