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Sata’s corrupt ministers Kabimba and GBM not cleared by ACC

April 02
06:31 2013

Ailing president Michael Sata’s corrupt ministers Wynter Kabimba and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba were not cleared of corruption investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), the Zambiawatchdog can reveal.

Sources within the PF government have challenged the two ministers to produce letters of corruption allegations of clearance from the ACC if indeed they were cleared by the institution.

Information obtained by the Watchdog indicate that Justice Minister Kabimba actually collected the huge sums of money as a beneficiary though a bigger chunk was for the president himself.

Sources revealed that the relationship between the ruling PF and Trafigura Oil supplying company started way back during the 2011 elections campaign periods when the company paid for president Sata’s choppers and other campaign materials.

When the PF won elections, Sata immediately appointed Kabimba to chair a Commission of Inquiry on the operations of Energy Regulation Board (ERB) whose report is still gathering dust somewhere at State House.

But that resulted in president Sata and Kabimba discontinuing the contracts that existed under the MMD and give Trafigura the oil supply contract deals where a huge commission was paid.

Kabimba’s friend at the Post newspaper later alleged that Defence Minister Mwamba was involved in corruption regarding supply of Zesco poles. Fred Mmembe later reported in his Post newspaper quoting fictitious sources at ACC that Kabimba had been cleared while GBM was found with a case to answer.

When called for questioning, Kabimba went to ACC with hired PF thugs that disturbed the interview process and Sata later issued directives to ACC never to question his ministers without permission from him.

In a convenient effort to chase a common enemy former president Rupiah Banda, the Post newspaper again quoted some fictitious sources at ACC saying they have since cleared both ministers.

But information obtained by the Watchdog indicate that the two ministers were not cleared at all and have since been challenged to produce letters of clearance as per ACC procedures.

“According to ACC processes, suspects are not cleared in newspapers but are given letters after everything has been concluded. What has now happened is that since there have been massive presidential interference, the case remains active but temporally suspended,” documents and sources have indicated.

A number of stakeholders have recently indicated that Kabimba was a wrong person to have moved the motion to remove former president Mr. Banda’s immunity because he was himself facing corruption allegations.

Kabimba has since given Choma UPND MP Cornelius Mweetwa a seven days ultimatum to apologise or face legal action. But Mr. Mweetwa has since challenged Kabimba to go ahead with the court action that may see ACC testify on whether he (Kabimba) was indeed cleared or not.

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