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Lungu gives two more UPND MPs jobs as minsiters

Lungu gives two more UPND MPs jobs as minsiters

President Edgar Lungu has given two more UPND MPs jobs as ministers, according to state house sources. Lungu has offered jobs to Solwezi East Member of Parliament Villie Lombanya and Siavonga Mp Kennedy Hamudulu. But the Watchdog understands that the UPND has described the treachery and as good riddance of the non-preforming MPs. UPND insiders say they wish Lungu should […]

Lungu dumps Chibesakunda, rewards Mambilima as Chief Justice

President Edgar Lungu has now dumped Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda after using her to block former president Rupiah Banda from contesting so that he and Rupaih Banda  could not share votes in his strongholds. Lungu has now rewarded Justice Ireen Mambilimba as the new Chief Justice after delivering an electoral victory to him despite […]

President Lungu to go on medication disguised as holiday

President Lungu to go on medication disguised as holiday

President Edgar Lungu is expected to start his one-week medication just after leaving Ethiopia where he went to attend the African Union Summit. Medical sources say Lungu is unable to continue his stressful work without a full medication as he is said to be surviving on one kidney. Just before leaving for Ethiopia, Lungu underwent […]

Afumba and three others refuse to appear before Zambian courts

Afumba Mombotwa and three others who are facing treason charges before the Kabwe High court over Barotseland Independence have refused to appear before any Zambian court. In a letter dated 27th January 2015 addressed to the Commissioner of Prisons Percy Chato and obtained by the Zambia Watchdog, the four said they will not appear before […]

Job losses as Vedanta cuts spending, implements deep restructuring at KCM

Job losses as Vedanta  cuts spending, implements deep restructuring at KCM

Vedanta Resources said it planned “hundreds of millions of dollars” in capital spending cuts and deferrals, while looking at a “deep restructuring” of its struggling Konkola Copper Mine. This could lead to job losses.  The company is “reviewing our operations in the light of lower copper prices, the VAT refund issue and the changes to […]

Lungu agrees to grant referendum to Bartoseland

Lungu agrees to grant referendum to Bartoseland

President Edgar Lungu says he will call for a referendum to resolve the thorny Barotseland Agreement issue. Barotseland includes Western, Southern, Northwestern and parts of Central provinces. There is a general agreement in other provinces where people feel marginalised that they wish to go with Barotseland. Referendum will be a vote to decide either to […]

Without rigging I would have won by 33, 000 votes – HH

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that results of the January 20 presidential election has denied Zambians an opportunity for real economic transformation to benefit all citizens. Mr Hichilema said the election result is a lost opportunity for Zambians to benefit from quality leadership. He maintained that Zambians had voted for the UPND but that […]

Times, Daily Mail should respect president Lungu

Editor, Is it in order for government newspapers to refer to president Edgar Lungu just as ‘Edgar’? I have seen headlines like ‘Edgar arrives in Addis Ababa’ ‘LAZ happy with Edgar’, ‘Edgar appoints Inonge’ etc.. I thought this was just the stupidity of Fred M’membe who due to his queer behaviour practices queer journalism? But […]

Illiterate people should not vote

By Chewe Mubiana In our Zambian Constitution, every person who is above the age of 18yrs old is eligible to vote. It does not matter whether the person with this right is able to understand and reason. As long as a person is Zambian and has reached the age of 18yrs old, they have a […]

Facts and misconceptions on Barotseland and the 1964 agreement

By Lubasi Lubasi The history on how Zambia was created has remained hidden from the average Zambian through deliberate omission from the school syllabus. Today even schooled Zambians do not understand why Zambia is called a unitary state or worse still what a unitary state is. A unitary state is a country that is formed […]

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