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Zambia Railways contractors, suppliers not paid

Zambia Railways is in financial hardships leading to the company failing to pay its suppliers and contractors for over three months. Company sources have told the Watchdog that the company has only been able to meet half the payments of the suppliers and some contractors working on the railway line while others have not been […]

Five Things Zambia Can Do RIGHT NOW

By. Bwalya Mambepa Fact: In 1964 Zambia attained independence from British colonial rule. It is time for another independence from our stupid, lazy, corrupt and Drive-By-Dead politicians. I am somebody who’s not afraid of speaking the truth, or ashamed of it, and I don’t see any need to qualify it or to make excuses for […]

Defence officers visit Zambezi Portland on education tour

Student Officers from the Defence Services and Staff College were last Friday scheduled to visit Zambezi Portland cement in Ndola as part of their training. According to documentation seen by the Watchdog, the student officers that were on the tour of the  cement plant owned by Finsbury investment are from the 18th Command and Staff […]

PF Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube swindles clients, reported to LAZ

Tutwa Ngulube, the PF lawyer who declared Edgar Lungu as duly elected PF president at the controversial PF convention has swindled clients out of over K50,000 and unceremoniously abandoned them. Ngulube was representing over 500 ex miners and sitting tenants in ZCCM houses in Kabwe in two separate cases but connived with former ZCCM legal […]

Ventrilglias confirm and admit Finsbury Investments owns Zambezi Portland

‘MAFIA’ VENTRIGLIAS CAUGHT PANTS DOWN AS THEY FINALLY CONFIRM THAT ZAMBEZI PORTLAND CEMENT IS IN RIGHTFUL HANDS In what can only be described as a desperate attempt to deceive rightful thinking members of society, the Italian Mafias through their mercenary website Zambia Reports shamelessly allege forgery on the part of Dr. Mahtani in relation to […]

‘Revocation of deportations nothing to do with Status of Zambezi Portland’

Court Rulings on Reversal of Deportation of Ventriglias has Nothing to Do with the Status of Zambezi Portland Cement – it is an issue of Government It will help the mercenary editor of the Zambia Reports to understand that the court ruling granted to the Ventriglias on deportation has nothing to do the Zambezi Portland […]

Zambian arrested in Johannesburg for printing fake passports, work permits

A Zambian national, found with sophisticated printers and a computer installed with software capable of producing fake official documents, has been arrested in Kempton Park. The Citizen newspaper reports that Ekurhuleni Metro police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago said the arrest formed part of efforts by the EMPD to detect and alleviate the prevalent usage of […]

LAZ rejects lawyer Rupiah Banda gave Lungu to appoint attorney-general

LAZ rejects lawyer Rupiah Banda gave Lungu to appoint attorney-general

A week ago, the Watchdog revealed that Rupiah Banda has given president Edgar Lungu two names of his (Rupiah) lawyers to appoint as Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The two lawyers are Steven Lungu and Likando Kalaluka. See that article here http://www.zambianwatchdog.com/rb-recommends-his-lawyers-to-be-attorney-general-another-one-dpp/ True to Watchdog revelations, Lungu forwarded the names to parliament […]

Zambia si nyoko – AB tells Kambwili

Andrew Banda (AB) says Chishimba Kambwili should shut up and allow citizens to discuss the President’s health. And Andrew says Zambians are yet to see the worst of the PF government. “Chishimba Kambwili should just shut up; we all have a stake in this country. If things go wrong, we must criticise. Kambwili cannot stop […]