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Government releases $500,000 t to Germany Embassy to kill Zambian Watchdog Journalists

Government releases $500,000 t to Germany Embassy to kill Zambian Watchdog Journalists

The Zambian government has released about $500,000 to their embassy in Germany to hire assassins to eliminate people suspected of running the biggest news website in the country, Zambian Watchdog. Intelligence suggests that the Zambian government has hired Albanian assassins to eliminate Zambian Watchdog editors. The project, which has been sanctioned by president Edgar Lungu, […]

Zambia’s selfie craze new age

By Sakwiba Sikota Selfies are photographs that are taken of you by yourself. Selfies are an expression of self indulgence by those who feel they are the centre of all things. These are often narcissistic. A lot of them rebound in a terrible way like Anthony Weiner’s selfie. At the time of the Weiner’s picture […]

Flash bus owner, ex ZAWA board member blackmailed to fund operation to close ZWD

Flash buses proprietor Ismail Khankara, Yousuf Zumla and Younus Mitha are the people who have been arm-twisted by the PF to financing an on-going operation to close down the Zambian Watchdog investigations have revealed. Mr. Khankara, the owner of Flash buses together with Mr. Zumla, the owner of Anna Tree Lodge in Lower Zambezi and. […]

Zambia Council for Social Development remains committed to Grand Coalition

          Press Statement Lusaka, February 20, 2015/– The Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) would like reaffirm its commitment to the values and core business of the Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution. The ZCSD remains committed to the agenda of pressing government to deliver on its promise of enacting the new constitution before […]

Lungu to visit Zimbabwe again

Lungu to visit Zimbabwe again

President Edgar Lungu will soon head to Zimbabwe, this time under the guise of opening a Trade Fair. It will be Lungu’s third time to visit Zimbabwe after he flew into the country to consult and thank President Mugabe shortly before and soon after he was elected Zambian leader. The announcement was made by Zimbabwe’s […]

MP Mutati says it’s illogical for Zambia to acquire loans on behalf of Zimbabwe

MP Felix Mutati says he is shocked at chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili’s announcement that the Zambian government had contracted a US$114 million loan to repair the jointly owned Kariba Dam on behalf of Zimbabwe because that country has no capacity to repay debt. Commenting on Kambwili’s remarks, Mutati said no country could take up […]

Mugabe holding $1M party while Zambia gets loan for Zimbabwe

While the Zambian government is acquiring loans on behalf of Zimbabwe, that country’s president is holding a birthday party that will cost more one million dollars. Lion, elephant, buffalo and impala meat will be served at a lavish birthday celebration for Zimbabwe’s president, infuriating animal rights groups. Robert Mugabe’s guests will dine on more than […]

Zambian delegation to travel to USA to borrow money for repaying loans

Zambian delegation to travel to USA to borrow money for repaying loans

A high-level government delegation is scheduled to travel to US to ask for another Euro-bond meant to paying back  some of Zambia’s other loans including a Eurobond procured in 2012. , according to Ministry of Finance sources. Sources say debt repayment from the previously borrowed money in the last three years has now become a […]

PF gets loan on behalf of Zimbabwe

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili has defended the PF government over criticisms regarding the mounting debt stock for Zambia. He said this following cabinet’s approval for the contraction of two loans worth 114 million US dollars from the World Bank and from the African Development Bank for the rehabilitation of the Kariba Dam wall. Mr […]