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ACC forced to claim Kabimba and GBM were cleared of corruption

April 15
13:05 2013

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has discontuined corruption allegations against Zambian dictator president Michael Sata’s ministers on his orders.

ACC spokesperson Timothy Moono this morning claimed the allegations against Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and his Defence counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba were not substantiated and investigations have since been dropped and the case has been closed.

Under pressure from president Michael Sata who could not say when the two ministers were interviewed claimed both appeared at the ACC offices for questioning and nothing tangible was recorded.

Fred Mmembe’s Post newspaper last year claimed ACC had found Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba wanting in a case of soliciting for a contract from Zesco for supply of electricity poles.

Kabimba’s is alleged to have received a bribe in oil contract deal on behalf of president Sata from Traffigura oil company.

When he was called for interviews, Kabimba went with cadres and demanded that he be interviewed in public since the matter was in public interest.

Later, dictator Sata ordered ACC never to interview his ministers without getting authority from him.

It is therefore not clear when Sata allowed his ministers to be interviewed, but ACC Moono told Journalists this morning that the investigations against the two cabinet ministers have since been closed.

“I would like to inform the nation that the investigations against the two cabinet Ministers were discontinued because the allegations were not substantiated,” Mr. Moono said.

Moono also claimed that ACC interviewed several witnesses and no evidence of corruption was found.

ACC also denied that the directive from President Sata that the ACC should seek clearance from State House before it commences any investigations against all Ministers and senior PF officials affected their investigations.

During the Muvi TV interview, Kabimba himself admitted that he was offered a bribe from an oil firm called Dalbit but he refused to get it.

There has been public outcry regarding the manner in which corruption allegations involving senior PF officials were being handled with many stakeholders claiming they were very selective.

And Mr. Moono has disclosed that the Commission has scrutinized ultimatum by a concerned citizen Brebner Changala to investigate Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito and found that the request was beyond their mandate.


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