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Has Chituwo also being recruited to cause confusion in MMD?

December 15
12:04 2012

We just wonder how snakes sit very close to Mumba

Mumbwa MMD MP Brian Chituwo seems to be having pressure from somewhere and suddnely.

Chituwo, who is also MMD vice president for administration  today (Saturday) held a  press briefing where he was supposed to pledge loyalty to party president and the MMD at large.

But Chituwo used the occasssion to denounce the decision by party leader Nevers Mumba to expel PF mole Richard Kachingwe. But to cover his real intention, he also blamed Kachingwe for the confusion.

Chituwo was supposed to address the press briefing with Lunte MP Felix Mutati and Ctherine Namugala but Mutati just did not show up.

Namugala managed to say that she will not defect to the PF despite persistent rumours.

Chituwo, the Watchdog understands, seems to have a soft spot for the PF.  He has been telling his collegues not to be harsh on president Michael Sata but be ‘methodical’.

Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe who resigned this week also said that six more MMD MPs will defect to the PF.



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