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I am at home, very fit and enjoying good health – Mutinta Hichilema

May 08
17:58 2013
 mutintaThe wife of Zambia’s  Opposition Political leader,  Hakainde Hichilema has dispelled PF controlled DAILY MAIL  rumour that she is out in India for treatiment.
Mrs Hichilema who laughed at a Daily Mail story wondered why a State Media house with Journalists supposedly trained in ethics could create a blatant lie about her health.
” I am receiving phone calls from every where including the diaspora asking about the same false Post newspaper and Daily Mail story,’ said Mutinta.
“Iam very much well and fit, I have not travelled out of the country for sometime now; I am in my house as I speak to you right now, I only travelled to the farm some time last week even then I only spent three days”,she added.
She said that  last evening she visited family-friends who had a funeral on the Copperbelt.
Mrs Hichilema has called on all Zambians to ignore the Post newspaper and Daily Mail story as it a hoax, fake and false story aimed at diverting people’s attention from the raising cost of living caused by the PF government.
 ‘The  PF government should concetrate on fixing problems they have created due to their disjointed policies, propaganda on me shall not help to subsidise the pressure Zambians have mounted on due to many lies they made during campaigns.
‘They made numerous promises from which they have since renaged . Zambians are suffering and generally the Nation’s Economy is breaking in pieces. These guys are in government for God’s sake ,let them address national problems ” bemoaned Mrs Hichilema.
The Daily Mail and Post newspapers today ran screaming healines that HH takes his dying wife to India and that she was being treated as outpatient in some location in India. See the daily lies here
The PF as a party which has not so far wished their ailing president Michael Sata quick recovery were on hand to issues condolonces and quick recovery messages on the matter they knew was a lie.
One security official analysed the situation and told the Watchdog that the Hichilema family must beef up security as the story could be an eye opener of what government plans to do.
‘This does not look like a mere hoax. It seems they wanted to do something to her then say that you see we told you that the president may live longer than some people in the oppostion.’
The official wondered how the PF, the Post and Daily Mail got the infomration at the same time and started writing messages of quick recovery before even announcing the nation that the wife of the opposition leader was sick.
The same Malicious lie was pasted all over State House website. See here
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