Edgar Lungu’s obsession with tribalism

Dear Editor, Am disappointed with my President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s stance on tribalism. He is always mentioning it in almost every speech. Tribalism is a very sensitive case and doesn’t have to be mentioned every time because it hurts people’s feelings. Its not like CORRUPTION which hurts your finances. Mentioning it(tribalism) ignites the fire that […]

Chikwanda’s interest in Zesco board

Editor, The interest that Mr Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda the Minister of Finance has shown with regards the dissolution of the Board at ZESCO and the termination of Mr Cyprian Chitundu job as the CEO has nothing to do with the reasons that he has advanced. Infact, having served in different Governments, he is aware that […]

Sata’s intelligence boss demoted, shunted to India

President Edgar Lungu has decided to discard and dump former Zambia Intelligence Director General Martin Mwanambale to Israel as ambassador. This is actually a very big demotion. The OP director is at the same level with Army, ZAF, ZNS and Police commanders. But an ambassador is below a Permanent secretary and that is why they […]

UPND fights back?

Tired of being beaten and killed with no protection from the police but instead accused of being aggressors by president Lungu, aggrieved UPND supporters last night went amok. UPND sympathisers last night attacked and burnt any vehicle labeled with President Lungu s portraits in Kanyama. Here is one of the buses that were burnt. The […]

Ackson Nkhoma was also murdered by PF cadres

Ackson Nkhoma was also murdered by PF cadres

Information has emerged that Ackson Nkhoma, a PF youth who died at UTH on Friday was beaten by fellow PF youths after they accused him of working with UPND. Contrary to lies being peddled by PF, Nkhoma was attacked before the presidential by-election not a ‘few weeks’ ago as the PF is claiming. Even though […]

Nevers Mumba sells MMD, gets job from Lungu as ambassador

Nevers Mumba sells MMD, gets job from Lungu as ambassador

Pastor Nevers Mumba has sold the part of the MMD he is holding to president Edgar Lungu. In exchange, Pastor Mumba has accepted to be appointed ambassador to some country in South America. State House sources have revealed that pastor Mumba has been sneaking into state House to plead with President Edgar Lungu for some […]

DPP Nchito frees HH on nolle

DIRECTOR of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito has discontinued a case in which UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was charged with publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public, according to the Post newspaper. In this case, it was alleged that Hichilema, on June 11, 2012 in Lusaka, orally published statements […]

Police teargass funeral procession of slain UPND official

Police teargass funeral procession of slain UPND official

Heavily armed police have teargassed the funeral procession of UPND Munali Constituency Chairperson, Grazier Matapa who was murdered by PF cadres. Mourners were forced to scamper dropping the coffin in the process. After teargassing mourners and forcing them to drop Mutapa’s coffin, police forced the deceased’s friends to pick it and take it to Woodlands […]

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