National Empowerment Forum condemns Mulusa for insulting Zambians

NEF is worried about utterances attributed to Mr. Lucky Mulusa in China where he allegedly said 46 Zambian Contractors had abandoned projects due to poor work culture among Zambians. While we agree that he is one of the Zambians who may have a bad work culture, a culture which allows him to go and ‘wash […]

Judge’ statement on Lungu embarassing State House

State House is said to be embarrassed by remarks uttered by a judge when he quashed a deportation order of minority shareholders in Zambian Portland cement. When he was minister of Home Affairs, Lungu deported two Italians, the Ventriglias; for being a danger to peace and good order in Zambia. But when Lungu became president, […]

Employment freeze is not a solution

By Bertha Kalongelwa To my fellow Youth and Comrades, this post is not about PF, FDD, UPND, Narep or any Party, its not about those employed or those unemployed. It’s about We the Youth Speaking for each other. I was privileged to be educated at UNZA and believe me I have more to offer the […]

Most soldiers not yet paid March salaries as CBU joins list

Most soldiers not yet paid March salaries as CBU joins list

Most soldiers across the country have not been paid their March 2015 salaries, the Watchdog has established. Meanwhile, unionised workers at the Copperbelt University have not been paid their March wages. Management has not said anything. Yesterday, Monday, the University of Zambia in Lusaka informed their workers that salaries for March would be delayed but […]

Here is one of the citizens tracking technologies installed in Airtel

This technology is installed in Airtel system. Instead of using is to track criminals as it was originally intended, the PF government is using it to track opposition leaders, NGO heads, critical journalists and even some ‘suspect’ ministers in PF. The technology is installed in Airtel but taps into MTN and CelZ as well. As […]

Confirmed: no money for UNZA workers for March

Confirmed: no money for UNZA workers for March

This is what we mean we say the PF regime is broke. Yet they paid a football coach K3 billion from the little money remaining in government coffers. This notice simply says the salaries for UNZA workers will be delayed. It does not explain what is causing the delay or when workers can expect to […]

Chellah doesn’t owe us even a Ngwee, Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu hotel in Lusaka has rubbished lies that former State House spokesperson George Chellah owes the state of the art facility K120, 000. Nils Rothbarth, the General Manager says his hotel does not even have such a bill outstanding on its books. A lie circulating on a website sponsored by Rupiah Banda claims that […]

Digital Migration may spell TV blackout for Zambia

By Costa Mwansa Zambia like many other developing countries is racing against time to meet the much-anticipated deadline for migration or transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. Come June, 17th, 2015 Zambia will be plunged into television blackout that will surely affect many viewers or simply the majority of our people. This is simply because […]

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