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Almost all these terms of reference are the ones Mutembo was to face in court

Pretoria, (Wednesday, 11th March 2015) — Following the establishment of the Tribunal to investigate the allegations of impropriety and misconduct of the Director of Public Prosecution, Mr. Mutembo Nchito, His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, has set eight Terms of Reference to help establish facts and proposed recommendations, besides […]

Lungu commended for noticing Sata’s nepotism

Dear Editor, I have so far been carefully studying Edgar Lungu’s statements since coming to power and some of his actions. Not long ago, Lungu seemingly accused his predecessor Michael Sata of having damaged Zambia’s international standing abroad and that he would embark on extensive travels to mend it. Indeed he has so far undertaken […]

How could Lungu expect votes in regions he never even campaigned?

Dear editor, I see that even Fred Mmembe now wants to join the likes of Dora Siliya and others in demonizing the people of Southern and other regions for having voted for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the just ended elections. For Mmembe it is understood because he obviously wants to promote his party with […]

HH has greatest chance of defeating PF’s Edgar Lungu-Bloomberg News

Zambia’s main opposition presidential candidate, Hakainde Hichilema, pledged to woo investors to boost the economy and reverse what he described as the ruling party’s populist approach should he win the Jan. 20 election. The party will end the “negative, unattractive business environment” that he said has developed under the ruling Patriotic Front, Hichilema, 52, told […]

Zambians should vote against culture of violence

By John Bwalya The violence by the PF on opposition supporters is reaching alarming levels. What is more worrying are reports that the attacks on the helicopter carrying UPND campaign team and on United Democratic Alternative members in Shiwang’andu constituency was executed with full knowledge of area MP, Stephen Kampyongo, who is also Home Affairs […]

UPND provoked us in Shiwang’andu, Muvi TV has been sold out to UPND- Kalaba

MEDIA STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1. SHIWANGANDU VIOLENCE CONDEMNED We have learnt with sadness that a meeting scheduled to take place on Friday in Shiwangandu Constituency in Chinsali by the United Party for National Development (UPND) senior officials led by Former First Lady Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa, former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and former […]

Pimp or president?

Pimp or president?

What does Edgar Lungu’s pimp suit tell us about him? One could be kind and say he was attending a wedding and it was okay for him to be a little playful with his suit. But this a guy who wants to lead a nation of 15 million people ! We , they people expect […]

Dora Siliya’s suicide Mission

By John Nkole A few days ago, MMD legislature, Dora Siliya, endorsed her tribes-mate Edgar Lungu for the top job in the country. It’s her choice and should be respected. However, when considered rationally, Dora’s reasoning is cockeyed, inconsistent and bigoted. She argues that the coffers are currently experiencing a deficit such that the continuity […]

PF: Past, Present and Future

By Political Pundit There is no doubt the Patriotic Front is in political chaos. Many a person believes the problems facing the PF follow the death of its founder, Michael Chilufya Sata. It is against this backdrop there is this ruse the problems are characteristic of an unexpected hiccup and will, therefore, melt with time. […]

Flashback: Bishop Chomba and his five wives

Flashback: Bishop Chomba and his five wives

  Chomba, one of the main speakers at PF rally in Kabwe on Sunday is the man who said HH is a Satanist at. Listen to him here https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=868699583180793&set=vb.129987587052000&type=2&theater Below is what was said of him in 2011. EXCOMMUNICATED Orthodox Church Bishop Edward Chomba struggled to defend his campaign against the declaration of Zambia as a […]

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