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Dear Next Zambian President

By Michael Chishala Your Excellency, I wish to express my deep sympathies with the predicament you are in Sir. You have inherited a poisoned chalice. A nation in a mess that is reeling from the from high cost of living, an escalating debt burden, corruption, poverty, a litany of broken promises, a delayed constitution process, […]

Mr Lungu and his anti-Sata promises

So finally Mr Edgar Lungu, the man who claims to be an ardent student of late Michael Sata is seeung everything wrong in what Sata was doing. Lungu was the Home Affairs Minister who sent police officers to Henry Kanyanta Sosala and now wants to recognise him without first apologising for the party’s humiliation decision. […]

Who wins the January 2015 Polls?

By a Correspondent They say politics is about numbers and whoever gets the highest votes carries the day. If this is true, the starting point to analyze the current political battle for the republican presidency slated for January 20, 2015 could be the last general elections (2011) which Michael Sata won by getting 42% of […]

Sampa under pressure to withdraw case against Lungu

Editor, Information from very reliable sources suggests that the Supreme Court in the case in which Miles Sampa is challenging Judge Mungeni’s consent judgement that erroneously declared Edgar Lungu as Patriotic Front’s Presidential candidate for the January 2015 presidential elections may rule in favour of Miles Sampa. However, the Chief justice is coming under increasing […]

‘Mortgaging the Country?’

By Chibamba Kanyama I understand Zambia is about to be mortgaged! In an election year, the buzz resonates well in the minds of campaign strategists. The traction in terms of influencing voter decisions may be very limited but the conjecture makes excellent menu for political discussions. Such discussions, however, fizzle out primarily because most of […]

Mutati, Nalumango, HH preach agriculture in Chama

Mutati, Nalumango, HH preach agriculture in Chama

UPND presidential candiadte Hakailnde Hichilema, Lunte MP Felix Mutati, UPND National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango and entourage this morning were in Chama district campaigning. Senior Chief Kambombo welcomed Hichilema, Nalumango and Mutati at his palace in morning where they received his counsel, before taking a walk through the market in Chama. The rally that followed saw […]

Why HH is the man now and In 2016

By Simon Mwale THE problem with writing the truth is that it’s rarely accepted. In fact, it’s said the truth hurts .especially during election campaigns as those from opposing camps decide to close their eyes and ears to any and all statements about a candidate as mere propaganda. But far be the thought that this […]

HH Campaign – Rallies scheduled for Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Province

HH Campaign – Rallies scheduled for Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Province

 Having spent the past 2 days touring Muchinga Province HH is preparing for more rallies across Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces over the next week. This comes following his Zambia United tour, which launched his campaign in every province in Zambia between November 23rd and December 5th. The rallies will provide HH with the opportunity […]

‘Where there is no vision people perish’

Dear editor, Sometimes I wonder if Zambia is a cursed nation.Fifty years of political independence we are still languishing in abject povert.When I try to reflect on what has led to this, 1991 comes to memory. We were bewitched by the enemy of our destiny. The youthful generation could not take heed to admonition of […]