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Foolish GBM was being recorded by Silvia Masebo sent by Fred Mmembe

In what has become fashionable now, Fred Mmembe unleashed his friend Silvia Masebo for a chat with GBM, but foolish Mwamba was not aware Masebo had a recorder from Fred Mmembe. This is the second time confidential meetings, including PF Central Committee meetings, are being published for the whole world to read. Is President Michael […]

PF cadre Solomon Jere accuses RTSA of making his party unpopular

The following is a verbatim conversation as captured by Muvi TV between Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomom Jere and RATSA Director Mr. Soko. Mr. Soko, the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Executive Director, insistent: ‘Drunken driving is an impoundable offence, sir.’Deputy Inspector General (IG) of the Zambia Police Service, Mr. Solomon Jere, responds: […]

Open letter to Kabimba

Dear Mr Kabimba There is a resounding call for you to step down as SG for PF. I agree with them for the following reasons that you yourself have stated before …to be important. 1) Mr kabimba , you said indiscipline in leadership should never be tolerated. We have never forgotten how you exhibited total indiscipline […]

Mmembe says Sata is an opportunist who is indecisive

In Today’s editorial, Mmembe has basically criticised President Michael Sata for lacking disiveness. Just replace the words ‘Key leadership’ in this editorial with president Sata. Opportunism in Patriotic Front By Editor Sat 28 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT [97 Reads, 0 Comment(s)] There is indecision in the key leadership of the Patriotic Front that is helping […]

ACC investigating Terrestrial Migration tender – Scott

VICE-President Guy Scott has told Parliament that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is investigating the alleged breaches in the award of the Digital Terrestrial Migration (DTM) tender, which has since been cancelled. The tender was cancelled on the advice of the Zambia Public Procurement Authority. Dr Scott said this when United Party for National Development (UPND) […]

Non- Bembas denied govt jobs in Muchinga

Dear Editor  Allow me space in your widely read and popular on-line media to express my disgusting feelings over the PF government. When PF formed government they promised among others things to create jobs for all Zambians. But this seems far from it. Only people from a certain region are being employed in formal employment. […]

Wanted persons to defend PF political chaos

The Zambian Watchdog is looking for the following missing persons in terms of PF political voices to defend the party. Syvia Masebo Bob Sichinga Emmanuel Chenda Inonge WINA Panji Kaunda Miles Sampa Stephen Kampyongo Geoffrey Chuumbwe Kennedy Kamba Situla Sikwindi Goodson Banda Chanda Mfula Obvious Mwaliteta Chanda Kabwe Brian Hapunda Bonnie Tembo. If found please […]

How Kaunda deliberately impoverished Barotseland

How Kaunda deliberately impoverished Barotseland

The Western Province (Barotseland) is said to be one of the poorest in Zambia with poverty levels measured at 89 percent as per 2000 statistics. Its infrastructure in education and many other sectors is a sorry sight with only around 800 people in formal employment as of 2011. Ironically, at the time of independence in […]

The Legacy of King Cobra

The Legacy of King Cobra

Kalaki’s Korner It was the cool of the evening in Mfuwe, and all the animals were gathered around the watering hole for their usual discussion of the affairs of state. ‘I wonder,’ said the Wise Elephant, ‘why we have never appointed a king?’ ‘You only wonder that,’ growled Mighty Lion, ‘because you would like to […]

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