Ignore retirement age law signed by Scott – Shamenda

LABOUR and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has urged the labour movement in Zambia to ignore the recently-signed Statutory Instrument purporting to revise the retirement age from 55 to 65 years. Mr Shamenda said nothing had been agreed yet on the revision of the retirement age and that was the reason the proposal had been […]

IMF says Zambia will need more help next year

Zambia’s struggling economy will need more financial assistance in 2015 than previously thought, the International Monetary Fund said on Friday. According to the Financial Times, the country turned to the fund this year after the kwacha fell to record lows against the US dollar and the government battled a fiscal deficit, blamed largely on excessive […]

Chief Nkole, GBM denounce tribalism, machete culture

Listen to GBM and chief Nkole denounce tribalism and Pangas (machetes). In this meeting, Chief Nkole is saying people should not vote on tribal lines but that any Zambian who is capable of running the country should be voted for. The chief says there should be no discrimination on tribal lines either in politics or […]

RB refuses to meet Willie Nsanda

Former president Rupiah Banda Friday evening refused to meet Roads Development Agency (RDA) Board Chairperson Willie Nsanda. As MMD Members of Parliament were meeting to endorse Hakainde Hichilema, Nsanda was driving to the residence Mr Banda to seek support for Edgar Lungu. A source from within the Patriotic Front said Nsanda who is Edgar Lungu’s […]

RTSA boss under pressure for refusing to change gvt number plates

RTSA boss under pressure for refusing to change gvt number plates

Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive Officer has been blackmailed for refusing to give government officials private number plates to abuse government vehicles. A source within Intelligence community has disclosed that Zindaba Soko last week refused to give special number plates to government vehicles so that Ministers supporting Edgar Lungu can use them […]

ZNBC ‘blacks out’ Nawakwi

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has lodged a complaint against the unfair and unbalanced manner in which ZNBC has been covering its President Edith Nawakwi and the party in general. FDD National Secretary Nathan Mulonga in his letter to the ZNBC Director General dated 19th December, 2014 complains that after Ms Nawakwi successfully […]

Janza says Bronsom Chama will replace Nyambe

Janza says Bronsom Chama will replace Nyambe

Chipolopolo head coach Honor Janza says injured Nyambe Mulenga who was invoved in an accident will be replaced with Bronson Chama ahead of 2015 AFCON. Janza said that his players will continue wishing Nyambe and other injured players quick recovery. He said that two defenders recalled to replace Nyambe were responding well to beef up […]

Why am voting for HH

Why am voting for HH

FROM David Mulenga’s facebook: Dec 19th, 8:26am Why I am voting HH this time. 1. To end the panga culture 2. To enable poor people access education 3. To stabilise the economy 4. To bring back investor confidence 5. To ensure that bus stations are run by law enforcement officers not panga thugs 6. Hh […]

Mumba expels Muhabi, Nyangu

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba has expelled his Party’s National Secretary Muhabi Lungu and his vice Chembe Nyangu with immediate effect. Speaking at a media briefing this morning Dr. Mumba said he had expelled Mr. Muhabi and Mr. Nyangu for insubordination and that it would be difficult to work with them as […]

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