Times, Daily Mail should respect president Lungu

Editor, Is it in order for government newspapers to refer to president Edgar Lungu just as ‘Edgar’? I have seen headlines like ‘Edgar arrives in Addis Ababa’ ‘LAZ happy with Edgar’, ‘Edgar appoints Inonge’ etc.. I thought this was just the stupidity of Fred M’membe who due to his queer behaviour practices queer journalism? But […]

Illiterate people should not vote

By Chewe Mubiana In our Zambian Constitution, every person who is above the age of 18yrs old is eligible to vote. It does not matter whether the person with this right is able to understand and reason. As long as a person is Zambian and has reached the age of 18yrs old, they have a […]

Facts and misconceptions on Barotseland and the 1964 agreement

By Lubasi Lubasi The history on how Zambia was created has remained hidden from the average Zambian through deliberate omission from the school syllabus. Today even schooled Zambians do not understand why Zambia is called a unitary state or worse still what a unitary state is. A unitary state is a country that is formed […]

Lungu to go on holiday a week after being elected

President Edgar Lungu will go on holiday just after the African Union Summit. Lungu was elected president last week and has not even finished appointing members of his cabinet. Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama says President Edgar Lungu will go on holiday after returning from the African Union Summit currently taking place in Ethiopia. […]

Lift wage freeze as promised-demands ZCTU

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has called on the government to give a clear position on the wage freeze imposed on government workers. ZCTU president Chishimba Nkole said Thursday the wage freeze remains legal and is a threat to harmonious industrial relations. Nkole has urged the government to remember what they promised the […]

Lungu promotes ZAF general who helped rig elections

Brigadier General David Muma, the Zambia Air-Force (ZAF) general who headed the ZAF rigging squad in the presidential by-election has been rewarded handsomely. President Edgar Lungu has appointed Muna as ZAF Deputy Commander. It was one of the first three appointments Lungu made after taking up office. Lungu is also in process of promoting to […]

Mugabe to take over as African Union chair

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe will be elected as Chairperson of African Union next Friday. Mugabe left Harare for Ethiopia on Wednesday to attend the AU summit. The 90-year-old president would represent the continent on the international stage though he is detested in Europe and America. African Union Commission deputy chairperson Erastus Mwencha told journalists at […]

Musa Mwenye fired

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has fired Attorney-General Musa Mwenye. President Lungu said his decision is pursuant to Article 54 (5) of the Constitution of Zambia. In the letter of dismissal, Lungu thanked Mwenya for his services. Mwenye was one of Fred M’membe’s Cartel members and opposed Lungu when he attempted to take over as Acting […]

Rupiah Banda used Nigerian oil deal for personal benefit, court told

The government-to-government oil deal between Nigeria and Zambia was “hazy”, a State witness told the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court yesterday. This is in a matter in which former President Rupiah Banda is charged with abuse of authority of office contrary to the law. When the matter came up for cross examination before chief resident magistrate Joshua […]

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