Two Nakonde girls sold into slavery in Tanzania still missing

Two out of the 11 Zambian girls who were  sold into slavery  by their parents to Tanzanian businessmen are still missing. In July last 2014, a child-trafficking syndicate was exposed in which Tanzanian businessmen allegedly bought 11 girls aged between 11 and 17 at K36,000 each from some parents in Nakonde. Nakonde district commissioner James […]

Government releases $500,000 t to Germany Embassy to kill Zambian Watchdog Journalists

Government releases $500,000 t to Germany Embassy to kill Zambian Watchdog Journalists

The Zambian government has released about $500,000 to their embassy in Germany to hire assassins to eliminate people suspected of running the biggest news website in the country, Zambian Watchdog. Intelligence suggests that the Zambian government has hired Albanian assassins to eliminate Zambian Watchdog editors. The project, which has been sanctioned by president Edgar Lungu, […]

Lungu makes changes to the OP command structure

President Edgar Lungu has continued dismantling late Michael Sata’s empire with the latest being the new command at the Zambia State Intelligence Services popularly known as the Office of the president (OP). Following the elevation of Samuel Nkhoma as  the new Director  General  of Intelligence, the following changes were made last week in various departments.  […]

UPND Munali Chairman murdered by PF thugs

UPND Munali Constituency Youth Chairman by the name of Glyzer has been brutally murdered by a group of known PF thugs wielding pangas around 02:00 hours this morning. The PF thugs have fighting to grab his plot in Mtendere area because he supports the UPND. According to family members, the PF thugs have in the […]

Scott was fired by Lungu so he is not PF vice-president – Chama

GuyScott has ceased to be Patriotic Front (PF) vice-president but will remain an ordinary member if he wishes, Davis Chama, the ruling party secretary general has revealed. Chama said Dr Scott was removed from his position as PF vice-president before the presidential election last month and that President Edgar Lungu, who is the leader of […]

North PF angry with Edgar Lungu

NORTHERN Province PF secretary Everest Chella says he is angry with President Edgar Lungu’s decision to appoint non-party members to full Cabinet positions, leaving out those who sacrificed for the ruling party. Chella said it was unfair for President Lungu to give Miles Sampa the position of deputy minister when he almost became the PF […]

SACCORD expectations on the parliamentary session

As the next session of the National Assembly reconvenes on 24th February 2014, the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) would like to share its expectations which we believe that if addressed would help in improving the lives of the people of this country and ensure effective representation of the people […]

Given Lubinda lying over meali meal prices

Hide my ID for now. I would like to inform the nation over the announced price of mealie meal by Given Lubinda. I work for a milling company in Lusaka as an accountant in charge of costings. It is is really sad for Given Lubinda to state that he or the PF Government has reduced […]

Zambia’s selfie craze new age

By Sakwiba Sikota Selfies are photographs that are taken of you by yourself. Selfies are an expression of self indulgence by those who feel they are the centre of all things. These are often narcissistic. A lot of them rebound in a terrible way like Anthony Weiner’s selfie. At the time of the Weiner’s picture […]

‘What I think of president Lungu so far’

Editor, Yes I acknowledge that its too early to judge the president’s performance in officea,mention his weaknesses and areas he’s falling out but as citizen of this country I’m getting quiet concerned in the way our President is handling his government business.Yes every president has his own ways of managing a country and I strongly […]