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Criminals rob man outside Manda Hill police station as scared Police officers hide

May 29
13:21 2013

There was drama at Manda Hill police post this morning when criminals robbed a man of an undisclosed amount of money after firing shots to scare police officers.

The criminals were apparently trailing the unidentified man on Manchinchi Road.
The man then drove to the police station hoping to get protection from the law enforcement officers.
When he parked his vehicle there and locked himself in, the daring gang followed him.
According to newspaper and talk-time vendors operating from the Manda Hill traffic lights, one of the criminals fired two shots on the wall of the police station and stood by the door, warning the police officers not to dare come out. A check found the gun shots visible on the recently painted wall.
The criminals then got an axe and smashed the rear window of the car where their captive was and got away with a trunk containing an undisclosed amount of money.
A crowd that gathered at the police station mocked the police officers for running away instead of challenging the criminals and enforcing the law. Some of them were heard wondering what it meant when criminals have the freedom to stage robberies at police stations.
The vendors at the traffic lights said initially  thought the criminals were police officers chasing a criminal, until they saw them get the trunk and sped off in a Corolla.
Manda Hill police officers are notoriously corrupt and spend a larger part of their day sniffing for traffic offenders from whom they extort illegal fines.


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