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Davies Mwila resigned due to GBM’s plunder at Ministry of Defence

September 16
07:12 2013

Former deputy defence minister, Davies Mwila, who resigned last week in a fashion not characteristic of Zambian and perhaps African corrupt politicians allegedly left his position in frustration to the high levels of plunder going on in the ministry of defence led by Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

Highly placed sources in PF have told the Watchdog that GBM, also commonly referred to as ‘tendalama shabanoko’ (it’s not your mother’s money) in the ministry has literally found a gold mine in the ministry and is plundering without sharing with his juniors such as Mr. Mwila who had to resign in frustration.

Sources say Mr. Mwila has been complaining to ailing dictator president Michael Sata to check the level of plunder in the ministry of defence but the president is seems to either be an accomplice or is completely powerless to stop GBM because he claims he wants to get back the money he put in during campaigns.

“Thats why Mr. Mwila has also been asking for promotion to run his own ministry where could possibly benefit alone but is disappointed that even in the last promotions, he was again sidelined hence his resignation. He is now frustrated with the turn of events in PF including squabbles and is on his way to his constituency to consult on the way forward,” sources said.

Highly placed sources say Mr. Mwila is also scared that he may just be a victim of arrest for national plunder under the new government when he is not benefiting as much as he should have.

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