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Deported Zambian businessman rejected in Rwanda, stranded at airport in Kenya

December 17
17:26 2012

How long will Simwaya be allowed to hang around at this airport

The Zambian businessman Abdul Simwaya who was deported to Rwanda last week is stranded at Kenyata International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya.

According to his children in Zambia, the Rwandan government has rejected him as he is not their citizen.

The Zambian government bound Simwaya and put him on the first flight to East Africa without caring where it would land as they assumed he will go to Rwanda.

Simwaya came to Zambia when he was 15 years old 46 years ago. He is said to have no other national Identity documents apart from Zambian NRC and Passport.

On Thursday, 13th December, 2012, the Home affairs Minister Edgar Lungu deported Simwaya after accusing of being linked to Al Shabaab Terrorist Network.

Simwaya is a big businessman in Zambia and his deportation is part of the PF regime witch-hunt for any person believed to have connection to the opposition.

So far some businessmen have been deported to Italy and Nigeria.

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