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Drunk RDA official bashes vehicle in Mongu as police loot his beer

December 08
09:52 2012

An RDA official in the company of women friends last night bashed his official vehicle in Mongu.

The accident happened in Mongu town last night around twenty one hours near the roundabout.

One source said the yet to be identified RDA official, driving the Toyota Hilux ALH 6457 from Lusaka was in the company of three women and believed to be drunk with Chinese beers which were found on the seats of the same vehicle.

The over speeding vehicle was moving southward from town and was only saved from diving into the ditch by the giant advertisement poster.

None of the four passengers in the vehicle was hurt but the driver was resisting to be arrested when traffic police come on the scene but finally he was taken to  Mongu police.

One source disclosed that Police officers went away with some of the bottles of Chinese spirit which is too “strong.”

Chinese made spiritts found on the seats

By press time the vehicle was still on the accident scene with a lot of people taking pictures and watching the same.

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