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Emmanuel Mwamba says there is no tension in Mongu

April 18
19:23 2013
The Western Province Administration has maintained that there is no serious tension in province that would stop the Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi speaking people from taking place this Saturday.

Western province Permanent Emmanuel Mwamba has disclosed to Qfm in an interview that rumors that there is tension between the Litunga and other groups should not scare away those that intend to travel to the province witness the traditional ceremony.
Mr.Mwamba explains that the provincial administration in collaboration with the Litunga and other groups within the Barotse royal establishment have been having good talks and that this is why it has been easy to plan and prepare for this weekend’s traditional ceremony.
He adds that the provincial administration has already started receiving visitors whose safety is assured ahead of the colorful Kuomboka ceremony.
Mr. Mwamba says there is need for the media and other stakeholders not feed the nation on false stories stating that this sends a wrong signal to the whole country and the international community.
He adds that government officials will also visit the province before the big event just to ensure that the people of western province are ready and happier ahead of their traditional ceremony.


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