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November 07
13:33 2012

Inutu Suba



  1. zimandola
    zimandola November 08, 18:26

    Kwena eh nabakalamba kuli competition! We chalo. Christine ya beautiful just know that!

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  2. Kalamazo
    Kalamazo November 08, 12:54

    Bwana pfhardcore,how would u feel if u were told that yr wife is liecentious or is a donjoun? Open yr eyz my prick mick friend. Tonga bulls are watching the development!

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  3. PFhardcore
    PFhardcore November 07, 13:41

    I can’t trust your sources. There are so many special duties that the First Lady is doing. It does not mean that when she leaves State arouse T wee hours it means thee are differences. leave the First Family alone. Let the First Family live to sve the nation. don’t spread rumors meant to divide the country.

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