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Fr Bwalya arrested

January 06
17:03 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 15.54.56Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Frank Bwalya has been arrested.
Fr Bwalya was picked by police at Radio Mano in Kasama this afternoon. He was in the middle of speaking on the radio when the cops stormed the radio station and picked him. He was talking about his renewed red card campaign, this time against the PF.
‘They picked him up by the belt like a common criminal,’ said someone who witnessed the event.
It has not yet been established what offence they will charge him with.
On January 4, 2014, Fr Bwalya wrote that:

The red card campaign was understood by many as a campaign to remove MMD from power. However, the founding document of the red card called the Buchi 2010 Declaration clearly stipulated three issues that the campaign hinged on namely; 1. A just, durable people driven constitution that would be in line with the multi-party culture Zambia has embraced; 2. Commitment to fight corruption (Against the backdrop of the acquittal of FTJ) and 3. Demand for good governance. The declaration was published in the Post Newspapers and recited at all Save Zambia Conferences.
It is therefore fitting that the Rec Card Campaign (RCC) is here again. This time with a bid bang and promising to be the most power campaign ever mounted in Zambia because it has been supported by various interest groups including CSOs, LAZ, political parties, Churches, Student Bodies, and many others who are part of the current demand for a new constitution. It will be a powerful campaign because MMD this time are participating as well. As I gave out cards in the Cathedral today, Hon Kaingu as Vice President of MMD got one. Several MMD members were not happy that I carried only a few for distribution. Join the campaign now and participate in putting an end to reckless wastage of public funds in endless constitution review processes. I will deliver one card to RB and ensure the media captures. I know that he will be glad to have it.

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