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GBM engages his company to supply JET A1 fuel to ZAF

May 08
08:11 2013

Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has again been implicated in another corruption scandal where his company Arizona Marketing is supplying JET A1 fuel to Zambia Airforce (ZAF).

Impeccable sources within PF and Ministry of Defence told the Watchdog that ZAF usually buys JET A1 air fuel for its aircrafts directly from Spectra Oil Limited, which is a registered Oil Marketing Company (OMC).

But to the surprise of everyone in the PF government, and perhaps with the knowledge of president Michael Sata, Arizona Marketing & Distributors, a company owned by GBM has been supplying ZAF with JET A1 fuel which they also buy from Oryx Oil limited, another Oil Marketing Company.

Sources wondered why ZAF would use a middleman (Arizona Marketing & Distributors) in the purchase of fuel when they can get it directly and directly from an OMC or Tazama at the Ndola terminal.

“It is clear GBM has a hand in this deal as he’s the Defence Minister, and God knows how much he’s charging ZAF, we are sure it is more than what an OMC would charge ZAF so that they milk this country out of it’s limited resources. So far 3 truck-loads have been delivered to Arizona from Oryx meant for ZAF. May be Arizona has a Licence from Energy Regulation Board (ERB) but we highly doubt it, because if they had, they would buy directly from Tazama at the Ndola terminal,” sources said.

Sources said the product is normally lifted from the Ndola fuel terminal by all OMCs and if GBM’s company Arizona Marketing had a licence, they would get it from the source.

“If you guys have contacts at ZAF, you can even confirm this information but people are just quiet,” sources said.

GBM was recently cleared of another corruption allegations involving supply of Zesco poles after president Michael Sata ordered that his ministers could not be investigated without his permission.

It is not likely that the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) can do anything to any of Sata’s ministers even if there are clear corruption cases involving his ministers and senior PF officials.


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