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GBM rubbishes Masebo’s alarming statement on porous Zambian airspace

January 03
13:30 2013

As the internal PF wrangles now threaten the peace and security of the country, Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba has come out to rubbish the alarming statement from his Tourism counterpart, Silvia Masebo that foreign airplanes can freely enter and leave the country undetected.

According to the state owned but PF controlled ZNBC 13:15 news, Mr. Mwamba who himself is a culprit of previously issuing alarming statements, said it was not possible for any foreign aircraft to enter and leave the Zambian air space without detection.

Mr. Mwamba’s attempt to water down the security threat created by his counterpart Ms. Masebo, who is in the Winter Kabimba camp, comes after the reported panic by the Zambian security wings after she revealed that the Zambian airspace was so porous that foreign aircrafts were entering and leaving the country poaching government trophy.

It is so far not clear where the Commander in Chief and Head of State president Michael Sata is hiding when senior government and party officials are differing in public even on issues that endanger the country’s security situation.

And sources close to GBM said he was extremely furious with Masebo’s behaviour to undermine him in the name of fighting Winter Kabimba and Fred Mmembe’s battles that has now been extended to endangering the country’s security.

Sources with the PF and government said GBM was particularly annoyed with today’s Post newspaper editorial that has again questioned his integrity to hold his position as minister of Defence.

The editorial read in part :

“In 2012, the year that has just ended, we were able to listen to our leaders say about what they feel they are in government for, in politics for. Some have been very brazen about it. For instance, Geoffrey Mwamba has made it very clear that he is in politics to benefit, lift his businesses, which were troubled under the MMD government. That is what he said he is in government for. But he still is in government despite making this clear to the Zambian people and to the appointing authorities. What can the Zambian people reasonably expect from Geoffrey, having clearly stated his mission in politics and government. And what are the appointing authorities expecting from Geoffrey, given his personally stated mission in politics and government.”

Sources said GBM feels demeaned by the Winter camp that has now questioned the powers of the president who has appointed him to serve in government.


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