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GBM still selling meali-meal above KR50, gets ultimatum to reduce

January 17
16:42 2013

Northern Province Minister Gerry Chanda has given an ultimatum to millers and retailers dealing in maize meal in Northern province up to Saturday 19 to reduced the price of the commodity or have their trading license revoked.

And a ZANIS survey carried out in Kasama revealed that mealie meali at Shoprite checkers was that breakfast meal has been reduced to KR49, at Kasama milling break fast was at KR60 and GMB break fast was still above KR50.
GBM brand of meallie meal is owned by defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba.

Colonel Chanda told ZANIS in press briefing yesterday that it has come to the light of the government that some millers in the area have defied the presidential directive of reducing the mealie meal price to KR50 break fast and KR45 roller meal

He said millers in Kasama should comply and reduce the prices as per directive because Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has sold sufficient maize grain to them.
Col Chanda also disclosed that FRA has begun selling maize grain to people in the area as a measure to avert maize meal shortages in the province.
He however, said a family is only allowed to buy five bags of maize grain at FRA storage rooms.

However, Col Chanda was quick to caution people who may abuse the service that the law shall not take kindly to anyone found disturbing government’s move aimed at stopping mealie meal shortage in the area..

Northern Province experienced maize meal shortage in the past three weeks.

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