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GBM’s diplomat daughter caught red handed committing adultery by husband

June 23
09:33 2013

Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba’s daughter Sibongile Mwamba has been caught having sex with a Congolese man by her husband.

Sibongile is a diplomat working in Windhoek, Namibia as First Secretary – number three in hierarchy from the High Commissioner.

sibo 2Sibongile’s husband who is often based in Zambia decided to travel to Namibia after been told by concerned friends that his wife is ‘doing’ a Congolese named Martin but notoriously known in Windhoek as ‘Mario’. She found them having sex in the House government rents for Sibongile in Windhoek.

To make matters worse, Mario the Congolese who is ”banging” Sibongile is supposed to be the husband of Sibongile’s friend whose name has been withheld.

“The relationship which has been going on since she took up her appointment in Namibia with Mario who is supposed to be the husband to Sibongiles friend has caused havoc in the two homes,’ shocked source in Windhoek told the Watchdog.

Said the source: ‘Malama has since picked the two children they have together trying to get them with him back to Zambia upon advice from his relatives’.

Sibongile is no stranger to immorality and crime. Before his father became minister, she was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission for tracking in and consumption of heroin and cocaine. Her case was dropped after her father’s party the PF won elections.

Many years ago, she was sent to do some course in South Africa but failed to complete the assignments and other course work so returned to Zambia to work at her father’s bus companies issuing tickets.

Now she is representing Zambia in Namibia.


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