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Joining PF govt is below my level of integrity-Mutinta Mazoka

April 11
12:18 2013

Opposition UPND Pemba MP Mutinta Mazoka has disclosed that joining the ruling PF is far below her level of integrity.

Reacting to rumours from PF sources that they were targeting her together with Muchinga MP Haword Kunda in their continued poarching and weakening of the opposition, Mrs Mazoka said she has no intentions of joining the politics of the belly like other people.

Mrs. Mazoka, who is widow to UPND founding president Anderson Mazoka, said those peddling such rumours and targeting her were just waisting their time as she is committed to the ideals of the UPND and would never cross the floor.

Muchinga MP Howard Kunda is reportedly to have told president Michael Sata that he cannot join the PF government.

This was after Mr. Sata personally phoned him if he could join the PF government as a deputy minister so that he can continue his late father (George Kunda)’s legacy.

But young Kunda challeged Sata to appoint him as vice-president, a position previously held by his father, if is he was sincere in his offer.

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