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Kabimba challenges UPND to disclose leaked information by expelled Itezhi Tezhi MP

February 24
12:11 2013

mondeThe PF government has challenged the opposition UPND to tell the public what expelled UPND MP for Itezhi Tezhi, Greyford Monde, was leaking to the PF.

PF Secretary General Winter Kabimba is quoted in the PF Post newspaper that UPND was merely using the reported leaking of information to the PF as an excuse to expel their MP.

Mr. Kabimba, who is also Justice Minister, said there were no secrets that Monde leaked to the PF for him to deserve expulsion.

UPND last week expelled former MP for Itezhi Tezhi for destabilising the party, issuing unauthorised statements, not working with the party in his constituency and leaking confidential party information to the PF, among other charges.

Apparently, PF itself has charged and is on the verge of expelling former Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda who is also Kabwata MP for leaking confidential party information to the UPND and private media publications.

The PF itself has not told the public what information Mr. Lubinda has been leaking to UPND for him to be expelled.

The opposition UPND has since written to Speaker of National Assembly to declare the Itezhi Tezhi seat vacant.

And Monde has said he will decide his political future later this week.

During swearing-in-ceremony, President Michael Sata said PF would protect Monde from the UPND.


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