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Kachingwe and his PF have insulted and blackmailed us- Eastern province Indunas

April 17
21:50 2013

imagesSome of the senior indunas and senior citizens from Eastern province have expressed disgust and anger at the insults at them by PF sponsored former MMD National Secretary Richard Kachingwe for saying people from Eastern province cannot be trusted.

Reacting to a statement attributed to PF sponsored Kachingwe in yesterday’s PF Post newspaper that people from Eastern province were not trustworthy as they changed easily like quicksand, the citizens and indunas said it was shocking though not surprising that Mr. Sata’s people and his PF government has such low regard and mistrust against other regions such as Easterners.

The Indunas said contrary to the PF sponsored Kachingwe’s assertions that people from that region change easily, it was actually the people from Eastern province who were not easily moved by the wind even at the height of the 1991 elections as the majority still voted for UNIP because they were still not convinced Frederick Chiluba would make a good leader.

“In fact we have been following Kachingwe’s politics and that of Namugala (Catherine) and are convinced their views represent those of the PF and its leadership. We are convinced that Kachingwe was actually delivering a message to the people of Eastern province directly from State House. This is not the best way we should be describing each other. Who is what in this country? Let us respect each other’s tribe and deal with ourselves as a nation,” said the angry Indunas and citizens.

The Indunas have demanded for an immediate apology from the PF, Post newspaper and their Kachingwe and to desist from such careless statements as they are capable of bringing chaos in this country.

“We Easterners are not pretenders who imitate. Easterners will not change unless they are convinced. In 1991 they did not join the bandwagon of blind voters when Chiluba and his demagogues were busy deceiving the nation. In fact we don’t think Easterners have really embraced Mr. Sata and his PF. With two fertiliser distribution failures already, Kachingwe’s PF is technically a foregone history in the Eastern province. Easterners are productive citizens, and anyone who fails to support their efforts to produce is not worthy voting for. Let the PF and Kachingwe swallow their bitter pill of failure to deliver election promises. If he (Kachingwe) depended on MMD for his livelihood, hard-luck,” said the indunas.

The Indunas said they are now convinced that people like Kachingwe were actually the sell-outs and greatest pretenders under former president Rupiah Banda’s administration who RB trusted but were actually PF.

“It will actually be interesting to see which regions the majority of the witnesses against former president Rupiah Banda will come from. This man and his PF are a disgrace because they never see anything in fellow Zambians other than tribes. For them, everything is seen this tribe and that tribe. They have issues with Westerners, Southerners, North-westerners, recently we saw their style of campaigns in Copperbelt and after exhausting everybody, they start a quarrel with us Easterners. These are very sensitive issues that Mr. Sata and his people are championing, even in appointments and dismissals,” the indunas warned.

The Indunas said what Kachingwe and his PF are doing is now pure blackmail against sons and daughters of Eastern province because they will be viewed with suspicions at their workplaces as people will think they are not trustworthy.

“If they have no means to give the promised jobs to our sons and daughters, let them humble themselves and admit than blackmailing our children that they cannot be trusted,” the Indunas said.

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