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Mabenga’ son in law sentenced to death

December 24
23:25 2012

Micheal Mabenga’s son in law, David Chitika and his co-accused, Lawrence Kaunda, have been sentenced to death by hanging.
The two have been found guilty in a matter in which they were jointly charged for murdering Mabenga’s daughter Gladys who was also the wife to David Chitika.
Fact before the high court were that 37-year-old Chitika, a Barclays Bank support specialist of 20, Petauke Road in Lusaka’s Chilenje South and 21 year old Kaunda, a student, on dates unknown but between September 10 and 11, 2010 jointly and whilst acting together murdered Gladys Maketo Mabenga-Chitika.
After the judgment Mr. Mabenga described the sentence as a Christmas gift for his family.
He, however, also expressed sadness that two more lives would be lost.

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