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MPs crossing floors are chimbwis looking for faeces, there was no dev in 2012 – Francis Manda

January 06
07:26 2013

namulambweUrologist  Francis Manda says MP’s resigning from their political parties are behaving like Hyenas searching for faeces.

The outspoken Urologist said it is unacceptable that selfish politicians could be allowed to waste public resources on unnecessary bye elections.

“They are behaving exactly like Hyenas, these are animals that go about looking for faeces. The MP’s ditching their parties are like Hyenas looking for fecal excreta,” Dr. Manda said.

Dr. Manda was speaking Saturday morning during his popular radio show “Manzi Therapy” on ZNBC Radio 4.

He said Zambia is a country with meager resources for development programmes adding that spending huge amounts of money on bye elections which could be avoided is unacceptable.

Dr. Manda supported proposals that the new constitution should include provisions that will enable the party nominate a candidate to see out the remainder of the term in an event that the MP crosses the floor.

“We cannot continue with defections at this rate. We need these constitutional changes in order to protect public funds,” Dr. Manda said.

He also appealed to political parties to exhibit maturity and settle down in 2013.

“We saw a lot of bickering in all parties including the ruling one in 2012. We don’t need such in 2013. These political parties need to learn to resolve issues amicably.”

Dr. Manda said infighting in political parties contributed to the lack of development in 2012.

“We didn’t see any meaningful development in the past year because politicians were busy bickering. Let us start politics in 2016 and not now when Zambians want development.”

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