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PF plans to ambush opposition parties with a presidential by-election

March 28
05:57 2013

With all financial logistics, resources and preferred sucessor to ailing president Michael Sata almost settled, the ruling PF now plans to call for a snap presidential by-election by ambushing the disorganised opposition parties.

Impecable sources within the PF government have told the Watchdog that once president Sata resigns due to failing health, which might be pretty soon, government will only give a one month period for both nominations and campaigns which is well within the law.
According to the Zambian constitution, elections in the office of the president or parliament can be held within 90 days once a vacancy has been created.
Sources said part of the project to have suppressed the opposition parties and investigated their financial capacity such as exposing UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s personal bank account was to establish their financial muscle to match the PF campaign that is well under way already.
Insiders say the creation of numerous by-elections in opposition strongholds was also meant to test the rigging formula as well as set-up PF structures in those areas.
“My dear it is up to the opposition parties to rise to the occasion because whether they like it or not, they will surely be caught off-guard. The main headache was the successful lifting of former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity who apparently is believed to have the financial capacity and contacts to raise campaign funds from friends at short-notice. With his passport grabbed and movements restricted, they are therefore in a position to cripple his financial muscle,” sources said.
According to insiders, there is a general agreement so far by the Kola Foundation that Finance Minister Alexander takes over for now till 2016 when a suitable sucessor will be identified.
Sources say so far, enough resources have been hurriedly rised from road contracts that are controlled from State House by Sata’s campaign manager Willie Nsanda to be able to pump huge sums of money in each constituency to bribe voters.
Some of the money raised from road contracts came through Sata’s son Mulenga who has been getting commissions from Zulu Burrow Consultancy owned by Lusaka engineer Levy Zulu.
Mulenga Sata the Lusaka deputy mayor who is also a civil engineer at one time worked for Zulu Burrow.
Most of the major road contracts awarded by the PF government are supervised by Zulu Burrow among them the famous Bottom road and Chinsali- Chama- Matumbo road. Even the biggest rural electrification project that will see a number of chiefs palaces electrified is being supervised by Zulu Burrow.
It is alleged that Mulenga gets 10% percent commission from each project.
Mulenga is also rumoured to be preparing to take over from treacherous Kabwata member of Parliament Given Lubinda as parliamentary candidature as Lubinda’s future hangs in balance.
Homework has also been done with the installing of a user friendly Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda who has been acting permanently without any challenge despite failure to get ratification from parliament.
Ms. Chibesakunda is a first cousin to president Sata.
On the Legistrature, the Speaker Patrick Matibini, is a personal friend to Director of Public Prosecutions, Mutembo Nchito as they formed a Law firm together called MNB Chambers (Matibini, Nchitos and Banda). M-for Patrick Matibini, N-Nchitos Nchima and Mutembo, and B-for Elijah Banda former Law Association of Zambia president.
They have also gotten hold of the media which is the forth estate as everyone is now aware that the Post newspapers determines the editorial content for all public media instituions especially the Zambia daily mail where the deputy chief Anthony Mukwita has completely sidelined the chief executive Isaac Chipampe.
Most of the casual workers engaged by the road contractors will be PF campaign agents.

Sources said the snap election scheme is well advanced unless it is revised with such revelations, and that opposition parties may have no basis to cry that they lost because so far PF have managed to psyche the public that they have been winning the Local Government and Parliamentary by-elections.

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