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Photo of the day: Soldiers in Mufumbwe on voting day

November 10
06:24 2012

The following photos taken by MuviTV show heavily armed soldiers patrolling polling stations in Mufumbwe villages as voting was going on.

We ask ourselves: how can villagers, who most of the times only see bicycles vote freely with such show of force around them?

Such photos can intimidate even voters in Kabulonga or California.

Clearly there was need to maintain law and order in Mufumbwe, but was it necessary to mobilise the second battallion of the Zambia army into Mufumbwe?

What about the hundreds of police officers Solomni Jere said he sent to Mufumbwe?

Soldiers in Mufumbwe at Times of Zambia vehicle passes by

Opposition voters harassed by police. See same soldiers in background

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