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Post says Fr. Bwalya eyeing presidency, PF accuse him of demanding executive Zesco position

April 30
09:17 2013

Some PF senior members have now accused outspoken catholic cleric Fr. Frank Bwalya of having resigned from the Zesco board which he was chairing because he demanded for an executive position.

And the Post newspaper that supports their own Wynter Kabimba to take over from ailing president Michael Sata have today accused Fr. Bwalya of eyeing the Zambian presidency in 2016.

Sources within the PF who are uncomfortable with an uncompromising stance of criticising the corrupt PF administration have told the Watchdog that Fr. Bwalya wanted a near permanent executive Chairmanship position of the state owned entity Zesco so that he can earn more.

Fr. Bwalya a fierce campaigner for PF in the run-up to 2011 elections recently shook the nation when he resigned and later attacked the PF administration and president Sata for poor governance.

And the Post newspaper who are sponsoring Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba accused Fr. Bwalya of positioning himself to run for Republican presidency in 2016 because he feels he can make a better president than Sata.

The paper accused Fr. Bwalya of having been confiding in some members of the civil society and other leaders, telling them about his ambition and desire to be president.

The paper claims Fr. Bwalya wants to form his own political platform to help him get the presidency because he thinks he can be a better leader than Kabimba and Sata.

According to the Post newspaper, Fr. Bwalya had been telling people about the third force that is coming before 2016.

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