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Rainbow Coalition appeals to Mpongwe voters to reject minions and Charlatans who cause bye-election

December 13
19:06 2012

The Zambia Rainbow Coalition is disturbed and appalled by the continued conduct of the men and women we send to Parliament, says Coalition president Cleopas Phiri.

Commenting on the defection of the Mpongwe MMD MP Gabriel Namulambe to the ruling party, Phiri said these MPs  have sold out to the status core by practicing politics of the stomach in disregards to the tenants of democracy.

‘We are deeply concerned about their direct disregard for the electorate and their lack of passion for democracy and good governance. This disregard for the electorate steams from  political malpractice and personal greed  on the part of these Renegade former MMD MP who have resigned from his party to join the ruling PF.

‘It’s disturbing to note that in this era, political mercenaries can be allowed to create unnecessary by elections when their own electorate lack development are wallowing in abject poverty. Whilst we appreciate that it’s their constitutional and democratic right to join or associate with a party of their choices, it’s prudent that a leader be magnanimous’, complained Phiri.

The Coalition thorugh its president also is saddened that the PF led government can ‘embrace spineless Leader like Nalumamba who have for a long time mascaraed as leaders. The Patriotic Party is in danger of democratic genocide. This spirit of winner takes all is against the spirit of good governance.’

‘We call upon all Zambian to decampaign these minions who seek to waste takes payers money out of political expedience.’

He said ‘the people of Mpongwe must reject such charlatan’s and reject any maneuvers to be silenced by vote buying.’

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