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‘Sata should seek God and peace with Zambians before he dies’

March 19
15:34 2013
Dear Editor,
Greetings to you and your readers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! From our eyes of faith, it is becoming clear that our dear President Michael Sata is very sick. Therefore, he is not capable of running the country. There is no way he can rule from his sick bed. I therefore call upon Michael to formally transfer power to Vice-President Guy Scott.
However, the main purpose of writing to you the most widely ready online publication in Zambia is to enable many Zambian people to bear witness to our faith filled invitation to Michael to resign and repent. Without judging Michael, he has lived a big chunk of his life sinning against God, himself and the Zambian people.
At this moment when he is sick, we are concerned about his standing with God, himself and the Zambian people. Michael is the most detested president we have ever had. We feel it is high time he recognised his evil activities as sins, to be remorseful and amend for his sins and if possible confess to God, himself and the Zambian people he has injured in many ways. Michael should make amends for sinning against God, himself and the Zambian people while the sun is shining. His evils or sins include:
  1. Promoting tribalism and nepotism: favouring Bembas and relatives in his appointments respectively;
  2. Hating other tribes especially North Westerners, Westerners and Southerners;
  3. Lying to the Zambia people through his deceitful 2011 election campaign promises;
  4. Ordering the army to shoot some Lozis in Barotseland;
  5. Transferring the Road Development Agency (RDA) to State House, building his retirement house, increasing his salary by 100%, allocating Kaseba’s ‘office’ K1.5 billion, and other constitutional related sins;
  6. Protecting corrupt people the likes of Kabimba, Mwamba, Nchito and M’membe who owe us K27 Billion;
  7. Witch hunting in the name of fighting corruption to an extent of using proscribed means to remove RB’s immunity;
  8. Unnecessarily arresting of opposition leaders;
  9. Treating others with disrespect such as mocking the sick; Mwanawasa, Mazoka, Kunda, and others;
  10. Abusing people’s inalienable fundamental rights;
  11. His fall from both the Christian and Catholic faith to embrace Satanism and sacrificing innocent Zambian souls through accidents;
  12. Lack of diplomacy;
  13. Thuggery;
  14. Womanising;
  15. Lack of a vision for the future of Zambia;
  16. Betrayal of Africans during the liberation struggle; and many other evils.
At this time when Michael is very sick, he should see the need for peace with God, himself and the Zambian people as a must to achieve. Through his intellect and moral conscience, he should recognise the evils he has committed as sins. For example, Michael should see his hatred for other tribes not only as a crime but also as a sin against others and a violation of God’s demands of us to love our neighbours. He should realise that such acts are part of deeper patterns of relatedness and that they are motivated by some of the most profound and darkest elements in our being.
In the evenings of Michael’s life, we invite him to a table of ‘remorse’, a feeling of regret, of failure to maintain good standards in his life especially as republican president. He may be very sick, but that is not time for him to feel lost or trapped or despair at his own sinfulness because God forgives those who are remorseful. This is the right time for Michael to realise that his political conduct alienated him from God and his own deepest spiritual roots, of having abandoned his own inner values and offended so many people.
It is time for Michael to desist from evil. We are not inviting him to a moral-intellectual analysis but to an action. Let Michael cease from sin against God and Zambians, desist from the patterns of evil actions to which he has become addicted even in sickness. Let him consciously repress thoughts and fantasies about his evil activities, and make a firm commitment to live a good life. What will it profit him to breathe his last breath in sin for the sake of clinging to power?
Out of our Lord’s unlimited goodness we invite Michael to take his evenings of his life to engage in restitution. Let him make good, as best he can, for any damage done to himself and other people. Let him pay compensation for the damages he has caused to the presidency and nation’s reputations. He must attempt to correct the injury to all those he has offended in his life as soon as possible!
For this countrymen and women, we invite Michael to confess his evil activities. Let him confess his sins at his proper moments in his prayer time. We invite him to personal confession which requires individual confession before God. He should be more specific in his personal confession for he has sinned not against God, himself but against many Zambians especially for dividing the country on tribal lines. Let Michael be a humble ‘penitent’ while the sun is still shunning.
We pray that Michael will take these moments when he is very sick to discover the evil he has committed and a resolution to forsake all his evil life. He needs a change of mind of a very deep and practical character, which makes a person to love what once he hated, and hate what once he loved.
Our last call to Michael is to repent and remit his sins now. Now is the appropriate time and we claim this opportune time in Jesus might name! As long as Michael remains obstinate and without remorse, God will not forgive him. Only when Michael confesses his sins and turns to God, will he be pardoned and reconciled.
Michael needs repentance, a real inner change. The word of God actually means a change of mind and heart. Yet this inner conversion shows itself outwardly. Genuine sorrow for offending God and the Zambian people through lies and oppression should be expressed in prayer and fasting by Michael.
This is the only way Michael’s life will be transformed and become generous and kind, just and true in his dealings not only with Bembas but with all tribes. These are the “fruits of repentance” that John the Baptist spoke about (Luke 3:7-14) – the result and proof of true conversion.
Let Michael resign and spend his evening of his life making reparation for his sins against God, himself and the people of Zambia he has injured so much.
The day each one of us leaves this world, let us make it a must to leave it in peace with God, ourselves and others!
God bless you all. Amen!
Pastor David Mupango Snr
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