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Teachers in South adopt non-violent protests against removal of allowances, ignore Cocacola games

June 20
13:08 2013

The just ended Coca Cola tournament which was held in three phases; knockout, quarter, and final reviewed that teachers quit sporting activities long time ago.

Many sporting discipline were manned by non teaching staff during the tournament For example, Choma Day sec school teams were accompanied by teaching practice teachers as the serving teachers refused to train the pupils to protest the removal of extra duty allowance. The same was the case with Chuundu High sch. were disciplines like volleyball were manned by TP trs.


Participants in past well-organised tournaments

Basketball for Jembo school was manned by a security guard.

It was the same with Frances Davidson School, Macha Girls and other schools.

Namwala and Chikuni girls basketball teams came without any staff as teachers were not interested in such activities.

It was even more embarrassing for Monze boarding as their basketball team played without a coach despite hosting the finals for Coca-cola.

When asked by the Watchdog for explanation, sports masters of the schools told the watchdog that they were finding it difficulty to convince teachers to accompany pupils to sports outings because teachers were now busy with alternative fundraising ventures to replace the removed extra duty allowance.

Those in towns are either running small tuntembas or operating taxis. Those in villages have embarked on maize growing and buying.

The teachers say they are now frustrated with their union representatives and have threatened to stop their monthly contributions the unions.

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