SACCORD urges Sata and his PF to stop copying Mugabe dicatatorship

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Cameras don’t lie

The Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) notes with sadness that Zambia risks losing its peaceful status if the current crop of political leaders does not stop acting and behaving irresponsibly just for the sake of maintaining political power.

It is surprising that our political leaders especially those in government who should have attempted to be role models have equally fallen for divisive politics that have no place in a country like Zambia which has multiple ethnic groups.

While politicians must ensure that they do not lose power and support, their supreme responsibility is to ensure that while holding those privileged positions, they act to unite those they lead. There is no reason to continuously beat the drums of hate as we have seen from our politicians. Government needs to focus most of its energy in addressing the challenges faced by the country rather than ranting and reacting to every criticism from those who are opposed to their style of governance.

Unfortunately we find statements by those in government calling opposition leaders and their supporters as being bitter and full of hate as in bad taste and lacking substance.

These actions and statements from those in power are not any different from the ones they are accusing. The PF are failing to stick to policy issues and concentrating on political firefighting. We are being fed on too many irresponsible statements coming from the leaders in power which are embarrassing to say the least. There should be more appropriate ways in which government can engage with those it deems to be criticizing because in a democratic society there should be meaningful dialogue and tolerance by all even those who hold the whims of power.

As a government that was elected to bring change, the PF needs to realise that it is accountable to the people and the grounds on which these people voted for change need to be fulfilled. The PF should offer appropriate answers to what they are doing because the Zambians deserve an explanation and the people have the right to criticize if they think things are not going well. This is time to create a broad and strategic coalition with the people of Zambia in order to develop the country instead of engaging in actions that are scary to outsiders and potential investors. While politicians are fighting for political power, it is the ordinary Zambian out there who is suffering as a result of not receiving services from government because officials are too busy fighting political battles and failing to direct policy.

While Zambians under our current constitution are free to organize and belong to any association, it is slowly becoming evident that ethnic tension is growing. Ethnicity all over the world has acted as a safety net for various groups where people feel more secure to be among “their own”. When people begin organizing and associating on ethnic lines, it should send a worrying message to all as it is not a normal way of coexisting. The unity and peace the country has enjoyed over years is at risk going by what you hear on radio talk-shows as well as various comments on news websites. Our leaders in politics as well as in the church need to skillfully address this growing threat so we do not have our country going down the Zimbabwe or Kenya way.

Those in power must also stop emulating Mugabe type of leadership which is aimed at harassing and intimidating political opponents. It is disheartening to slowly realize that those in power here now have taken up bad lessons from Mugabe’s leadership which took that country to near hell. Let them not use the police and other security wings to do their dirty political jobs. The heavy handedness which they want to employ of threat after threat was used by some leaders in MMD and did not work rather it only united people against the MMD then. We also know that our leaders of today have the potential to use the police to have their critics arrested as evidenced from what is currently pertaining. We last saw this poor leadership in the Kaunda and Chiluba days. While president Banda almost used it, he was not as ruthless as the PF are almost becoming where you have any minister ordering the police to arrest critics and the police undertake such instructions.


Obby Chibuluma

Information Officer

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72 Responses to SACCORD urges Sata and his PF to stop copying Mugabe dicatatorship

  1. I guess sata’s victory was God’s one way of protecting us from blood shade. not that this nigga was meant to be president.

    dj base - August 30, 2012

  2. HH has not done anything wrong. His duty is to point out without fear the evils of pf govt, then serious responsible leaders are expected to correct pf maladministration unfortunately they answer like quacks. HH is actually very upright,positive,untainted UPND Leader always pointing out unfulfilled lies n in supporting lies the pf trio; The Great Bag of Maize, The Drunkard n The Sanken apply intimidating police on HH to kill him n The UPND IN ORDER to have no opposition in Zambia these 3 are devils mark them.

    Mulendema - August 30, 2012

  3. Dear Bloggers

    Here is my school of thoughts of Zambian politics in general. As we all know that success is not built on resentments, aggrieved feelings caused by a sense of having been badly treated and fear of unknown but, is built on moral courage, tact, enthusiasm and passionate interest including the eagerness of delivering on what the masses would want to see, and diplomacy. I very much aware that, I’ll receive serious criticism from both the ruling and opposition party bloggers on this great site where neutral persons would wish to air their views. Aggression is the focus of poor politics and aggression in the first instance is armed attack which violates a political opponent’s rights and in the most critical instance, is an armed attack which violates human rights of people to live in security and freedom. Therefore, both the ruling and opposition parties have decided to turn the Zambian people as victims of political circumstances recently. Nevertheless, minimal justice and state rights has been seriously violated. The under mentioned is my analysis:-
    The minimally just societies have been seriously affected with selfish political characters from the ruling and opposition parties in particular PF and UPND. The first thing that is affecting the neutral Zambians is their recognition in this nation due to political parties assuming the above the law supremacy and not allowing the citizen a peaceful life style.

    Second, is that people’s moral and legal rights have seized forthwith due to lost political sovereignty due to none distinguishable line between the ruling and opposition parties. Currently I do not know who is in the opposition, shame.

    Third, is the national integrity has seriously been violated left, right and center hence making it very difficult for the Zambian people to distinguish between fools and normal politician.

    In view of the aforesaid, the human rights theory on how society should be shaped is thinner, more inaccessible, and above all, more widely beneficial to rivalry doctrine on political legitimacy. However, it is thinner because, politicians focus only on the most elemental aspects of good personal gains, leaving everything above the baseline to disarray. Further, it is Inaccessible to the fact that the normal concept of human rights is pitched at every politician regardless to either ruling or opposition party infringing on our human rights, if they want to issue threatening remarks or not publicly. Finally, human rights stand to benefit everyone but in Zambia people like GBM, HH, and other few characters overlooks this aspect and they violate us very seriously. What form of politics is this were none of these fellows has respect for the Zambian communities.
    Useless politics and the country is heading for a doom should we fail to resolve this chaotic environment. The council of elders is seriously found wanting. Many of you might be thinking am crazy no am not but am referring to the so called House of chiefs to be the council of elders. These traditional leaders are actual doing nothing and are just busy posing as great thinkers of the nation when they are just seeing politics going to the worst. Therefore, if the chief cannot sit down the ruling and opposition parties and harmonize things, then late them not be receiving a salary for just moving around in tax payers vehicles. Can the House of chiefs do something? In fact they should be no minister looking after these chiefs because they are more matured and can simply decide on their own if they want to contribute to the development of the nation. My fellow bloggers catch me on the next excitement episode.

    pipo - August 30, 2012

  4. Timely advice obby,its clear that Sata & his cabinet have adopted a primitive approach of oppression as a way of silencing those with dissenting views. Why should this Govt expect all of us to be blinded and believe that they are delivering when its clear for everyone to see that they are stuck and practically trying to experiment. Let’s all rise against this iron rule by the PF in order to sustain de peace which our country has always enjoyed.When some people have choosen to be critical to de existence of GOD who is Sata to rule without criticism???Sata grow up now that u hav become Republican President!

    Sipinya Samuloi Yamaswe - August 29, 2012

  5. well said

    alex - August 29, 2012

  6. I pity the first lady ne chipuya chandi

    Roughrider - August 29, 2012

  7. Zambia will not be destroyed by global economic giants like IFM or World Bank, if Zambians falter and lose their freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves!

    Shi Mpundu Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe.

    Chimbwi Na Answer - August 29, 2012

  8. Headman Kagoli -Monze District man I like the way you debate. So much maturity in your analysis. Infact HH is now wining my heart
    @Child of the Sky- you have said it all. I wish I could retrieve my volt I wrongly cast.
    @Malundu ME- vision 2030. Absolutely NO LEGACY

    NSHANGALILWA-have ceased to be Bemba - August 29, 2012

  9. Are you telling me that Mugabe is worse than Tony Blair and George Bush? The problem with Africans is that they praise their fools and destroy themselves. George Bush senior and junior were both presidents and Jeb Bush is governor of Florida. In Zambia that would be called nepotism. It’s a matter of mind frame!

    Chimbwi Na Answer - August 29, 2012

  10. The minister has clearly elaborated what they done in 11 months & what they intend to do in the mandate of 5yrs,can the empty versils so called opposition fools heroes point out only 1 achiement they have scored so far in 11 months..??? bcoz now there is no more to privatise, so you want to come & privatise the entire zambia. Critise to build not to destroy or privatization. what type of animals are you who start attacking the Govt. from day 1,try to emulate the smart young and vibrant Mr. Elias Chipimo junior who gives credit were it is due,anyway by embrasing the convicts your minds is polluted and flock and think the same hence making them special adviser to the HH and the results always negativity hence UPND vomiting sheet of negativity…shame on you HH,you soon grow old with hatred

    Osama Bin Laden - August 29, 2012

  11. SACCORD and all those PF supporters should just swallow their vomit quietly. You messed up big time and soon you may have no country to be proud of. The truly bitter people are those in power who have very quickly found out that there are no 90 day miracles, even if you drain BOZ of all reserves. Now they are very quickly lining their bottomless pocket with 150% pay increments and the family tree taking over every public job in Zambia. The bitter thieving tribalists in power are the ones who are busy calling their opponents names. SHAME!!!

    Clueless Hyena - August 29, 2012

  12. Where is TIZ,NGOCC,and just those civil societies that were too vocal during RB’s reign its a sorry sight because we are going back to dark days in Zed, Sakeni days are numbered so is your Presido tell him masiku sakoma onse, stop these dirty way of doing things and run the country as you promised mwaona lomba vakunyelani tiyeni, why would you want to plant incriminating substances at UPND offices and who tyold the bujus that there are seditious materials at the upnd stop it…..

    eye of an eagle - August 29, 2012

  13. Ba SACCORD or is it suck your dick? Bafikala imwe mwali kwi? It is good you are back. Manje muyikeko nzelu because CNP azaononga ziko. Welcome back on board matole wenu !

    Mwabolekabuti - August 29, 2012

  14. My fellow Zambians its now time to rise above our tirbal inclination and start speaking with one voice.Bacause even if you are not a Bemba you are affected by what`s happening. Don`t forget that Zambia is full inter-marriages and what is this country going go to be like when we all take tribal stands.? This idea of wako ni wako should be stopped immediately before it destroys this country.
    Yesterday at the upnd scretariat the post newspaper says a police officer was man handled by upnd youths.This shows that when matters reach boiling point people will take matters in their own hands.What will a police officer do when even him has a tribe to align to?

    I am appealing to all Bemba`s to reconsider their motive in all this mess,becasue if we non-Bemba`s react the result will be catastrophic.

    Unfortunaltey a snake has no ears so king cobra is not listening to any of sure he is been entertained by great bag of munure(GBM) God help us.

    Mumbi Kangwa - August 29, 2012

  15. Two dying men hand in hand.Lets hope it happens at the same time.

    LUCIFER - August 29, 2012

  16. Sata should NOT take us back to the same old failed politics& poor governance approaches. Zambians are now WISER and alive to the evils of Chiluba. Never again! Sata is aware,who was behind the conspiracies of planting incriminating evidence of the ZERO OPTION of Chiluba, the BLACK MAAMBA and the other stuff we can not mention here. Abashi old politics! Abashi politics of intimidation! Abashi evil politics! Reward progressive politics. Under SATA AND PF,

    The Human Rights Watch, Transparency International and International perception 4Zambia, going to its lowest, back to (Chiluba under SATA’s Chawama thuggery,ROGERS CHONGWE&KK’S missed bullet,SATA’s K1billion MMD Convention corruption &MERZAF scandal).Sata should learn great leadership qualities from Luther King Jr, Mandela, Ghandi, even his OWN KK’s 1991 people power.

    The power of peaceful resistance of the revolutionary is greater than any reactionary oppression&exploitation. Zambia’s reservoir of progressive revolutionary minds is bigger than silencing one person or group. Poverty&economic exploitation knows NO HH . It’s every citizen’s concern especially the majority! Old tricks won’t work in a democracy, too old fashioned!!…PF is putting servicemen in un necessary bad taste when governments change. These servicemen have careers and families to educate and care for, “Donchi Kubeba orders”. Why do these govts continue to use the same old FAILED strategies, failed methods, failed tactics and approaches to silence citizens and progressive minds? It’s too early for PF to bring this UGLY HEAD of fear in the country.
    Such went with UNIP&Chiluba! Now we know, Sata was the master-minder of Chiluba’s black mamba, Zero option etc planting incriminating evidence to imprison innocent unarmed citizens ,perceived political competitors. This is evil, old fashioned politics is back. Mwanawasa,RB Abashi this UNIP&Chiluba mentality,now Sata is back with the same old failed politics..Sata should be reminded,this is a multi-party democracy not a police state man! It’s clear, two things are infinite; the universe and govt’s stupidity,I don’t know about the universe….

    Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is reallllllllly reallllllllly the problem..PF must engage progressive young leaders within PF, learn quickly and change for the better. WHAT LEGACY,WOULD SATA LEAVE BEHIND??

    Malundu ME -Vision 2030 and beyond - August 29, 2012


    POLITICAL TECHENICIAN. - August 29, 2012

  18. This is a good move by SACCORD. All peace loving organizations should come in open like SACCORD and comment on the governance of Zambia today in this current government of pf party as for me I am in tears seeing democracy slowly giving way to dictatorial type of governance whereby the citizens have no say let alone gvt decide and do whatever they want and the citizens just obey, I am afraid Zambia is a democratic country whereby its citizens are used to be governed according to laid down rules on which the government and its people have agreed to be governed.

    Democracy - August 29, 2012

  19. young beautiful ladies married to old old men. shame

    Mu-Zambian - August 29, 2012

  20. Saccord its very good u r now speaking for the first time after this Gvnmt assended to power.

    Hamatako - August 29, 2012

  21. SACCORD, SACCORD! So now you are beggining to see sense in what HH and others have been saying? You had turned a blind eye to these ills as an NGO when you were so vocal to these ills during the previous government and so supportive to PF when they were in opposition!

    However, it is never too late! But points of correction from your article:

    “It is surprising that our political leaders especially those in government who should have attempted to be role models have equally fallen for divisive politics that have no place in a country like Zambia which has multiple ethnic groups.” ARE YOU SURPRISED? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THESE MONTHS SINCE PF CAME INTO GOVERNMENT? AND DIDNT YOU KNOW THE CALIBRE OF LEADERS YOU WERE SUPPORTING FOR YOU TO BE SURPRISED?


    “These actions and statements from those in power are not any different from the ones they are accusing”. REALLY???? CAN YOU COMPARE HH TO THESE SHALLOW THINKERS? YOUR ANALYSIS IS A TRUE EXHIBIT OF A SHALLOW THINKER!

    Your analysis of comparing Sata-n to Mugabe and the former learning from the later is spot on…..BUT BE PREPARED FOR A SEARCH BY THE POLICE OF YOUR PREMISES BECAUSE ACCORDING TO “GREAT BAG OF MAIZE” THIS MAY BE SEDITIOUS!

    Headman Kagoli - Monze District - August 29, 2012

  22. Saccord is not the only entity that supported PF in its quest to wrestle power from the MMD. As individuals we did support PF in the hope that its leadership had matured and was balanced. No one could have guest this outcome. Sata at his swearing said, among other progessive statements, “injustice will be no more”, giving hope to many Zambians that the MMD misrule and injustice, especially in the Chiluba and Rupia ekes had come to an end, and that we were entering an era of tolerance. if we have an enemy, it is he who lied to us and hoodwinked all and sundry.

    Child of the Sky - August 29, 2012