Masebo fires ZAWA bosses saying they are corrupt

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maseboThe article below was written by the Times of PF. Check later for the Zambian Watchdog version.

ZAMBIA Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) director general Edwin Matokwani and four other senior officials have been dropped for alleged corrupt practices in awarding Safari hunting concessions.

Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo said in Lusaka yesterday that ZAWA had awarded hunting concessions to a family cartel among others, a move which had significant potential to promote money laundering.

Ms Masebo has since advised Government investigative wings to institute investigations and prosecute culprits immediately.

She has also directed ZAWA to cancel the tender and ensure non publication of purported successful bidders.

The fired officers are Mr Matokwani, acting director conservation Melody Zeko, acting commercial director Rose Chivumba, acting director finance Andrew Sampa and head of procurement Taulino Banda.

Government has since appointed an interim management team to replace the fired officers and was currently expediting the appointment of the new ZAWA board that would in turn advertise and recruit substantive management staff.

Mr Matokwani’s phone was answered by another person who asked this reporter to call later insisting that the former director general was driving. Later, the phone went unanswered.

Mr Matokwani was appointed in 2010 and took over from Dr Lewis Saiwana who was relieved of his duties a year earlier.

Ms Masebo said management had handpicked the companies without consulting Community Resource Boards (CRBs) and key stakeholder such as chiefs.

Arising from this, the chiefs presented a petition to President Michael Sata.

She said the Government would not promote business cartels and “under-handed mafia style” dealings which seemed to have become normal in the previous MMD administration.

On December 26 this year, ZAWA management presented to Ms Masebo a list of companies for publication as successful bidders for 19 hunting blocs in various game management areas as re-advertised.

Out of 19 advertised licences, 13 were awarded to Zambians with foreign origins while only one was given to an indigenous Zambian.

“When you analyse and look at records at PACRA, it is easy for ZAWA to see that the people or companies awarded with the tenders are related. You find that it is a son, uncle, in-law kind of arrangement and as Government, we have been talking about equal distribution of wealth,” Ms Masebo said.

She said there were dubious dealings that took place during the awarding of the tenders.

“Some of the companies which submitted bids in the tender process were companies that should have been considered as associated companies with cross shareholding and directors related to one another contrary to the prescribed tender rules.

“In this regard, the tender committee failed to perform their duties diligently” Ms Masebo said.

She said ZAWA management went against the tender rules because there was leakage of information during evaluation process.

She noted that most companies that were successful at preliminary stage of the valuation were disqualified on account of the bid security validity being less than the stated number of 120 days.

The minister said the entire allocation process ignored consideration of the PF manifesto which took into account the empowerment of indigenous Zambians to participate in the management of their natural resources.

“Some participating companies put up fronts with the intention to unduly influence the results of the tender process. When one critically analyses the suggested results of tender evaluation process, you will note that it has significant potential to promote money laundering,” Ms Masebo

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    moncler jacken - January 2, 2013

  2. There has been a lot of witch hunting ever since Masebo took over.
    The lady knows nothing about tourism. The first thing she did upon joining PF was to undermine Lubinda. We are not surprised that her proposal to king Cobra was to split the Ministry and she became Minister of tourism. Matokwani was disliked by Masebo from the start. It is a pit that almost 50 yeras after independence we still have Ministers firing professionals where Boards exist.
    There is no tender procedure that has been abrogated. The fact is that ZAWA generates a lot of resources and these resources have alwasy ended up in pockets of politicians. If there has to any investigation on ZAWA let it be detailed and go five to ten years back and the pandora box will produce the inevitable. I will not be surprised when former Ministers such as Namugala end up…………

    There is serious need to ban hunting of lions and other rare species in this country. But despite all the advice from professionals like Matokwani, politicians have been influencing the hunting of these species after getting bribes from Indians…

    I fail to understand how Mr. Matokwani and Rose Chivumba could be cited for corruption.
    The question is : Does ZAWA tender evaluation require verifying compnaies to the extent of going to PACRA?

    Lucico - January 2, 2013

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  4. an average lion hunt costs us$ 100,000.00 , an average 21 day safari cost 75,000.00 us$ and a buffalo safari costs 20,000.00 us$ and zambian hunting companies take there bookings over seas , 75% of the monies in cash that never see zambian banks or the tax man, suggest that we could earn 500% of the zawa fees via just doing a audit for the hunting companies monies, there will be people who leave the zambian soil fast as rats, give it a try tax man . also make it a zawa law that all monies be deposited in zambia, I would guess 90% of all the hunting companies will be in the deep water. perhaps zambia will make a quick 5 million

    francis peter - January 1, 2013

  5. The real problem here are the Indians..let’s call a spaded a spade. The burgers should be banned from hunting only then will corruption at Zawa stop. The animals will also appreciate this as overshooting will come to an end.Viva Silvya..go all the way babe

    Jose - January 1, 2013

    • Good observation. The Indian culture in Africa is one of pillage and leave no ngwee unturned legally or illegally. From copper, emerald mines to hunting.

      Ur Right! - January 2, 2013

  6. For once I’ll forget about about Masebo herself and concentrate only on the allegations. This is the trend in all Zambian tenders. Road construction tenders are given to Chinese cartels that own different companies in the name of China This And China That. Borehole drilling companies are are both Chinese and Indian cartels. Zambezi drilling also exists as Geotech Drilling, etc – one being the uncle and others nephews, brothers and brothers in-law; crooks of the worst order. Officials at Local Govt and housing also own shares in these companies and are better paid by these companies than the state, so they are more loyal to these companies than to the country. These so-called tender committees are a total smoke screen. Results of tender evaluations are agreed upon even before the sittings take place.

    Wanu Ngwee - January 1, 2013

  7. Ewe Silvia. Boss of hule

    Gugulethi Mandaba - January 1, 2013

  8. Matokwani’s crime is tribe… he is not Bemba. The Bemba dismissed with him is just a cover and you will soon see how he will be acquitted of all charges and onlt to find himself in foreign service.

    I am very sure after Lubinda is expelled, he will be replaced by a Bemba. WAIT AND SEE!

    Zozifunila paku vota - January 1, 2013

    • Madam Masebo, listen to this Bemba man. You have made a wrong call.

      I know Edwin Matokwani quite well. Edwin and I started work mu Game Dept. the same day. I know Edwin to be a very principled man. I would question the integrity of the entire government system a thousand times before questioning Edwin’s. Ten Matokwanis working with Mr.Sata would make his administration score big.

      Talking of corruption, if you really want to make a dent in the scourge, you definitely need people like Matokwani holding key positions for which they are trained. Matokwani knows ZAWA better than anyone you are going to appoint. I know so because in terms of career, Matokwani’s first love was Wildlife. And he does a fantastic job. No one can take that away from him.

      If you dare take him to court, you will be humiliated by what you will find about Edwin. A stand up guy – very humble, yet strict enough to keep animals in the wild safe. He runs a tight ship at ZAWA. If PF is to succeed in defining the course of Zambia’s history, it needs Matokwani. Trust me.

      I kid you not when I say, Edwin Matokwani personifies professionalism. I don’t know anyone among you who would lift a candle to him. Please let Edwin do his job!

      Epo natala napelela,

      Nine Ex-Assistant Game Ranger, USA.

      Nsunsa - January 1, 2013

  9. This lady is not qualified to talk against corruption because her mentally retarded son who has no qualifications to be Zambia’s deputy ambassador to Japan is there for no reasons other than corruption by this akantemba government.We’ve not seen much from Japan in the way of investment because of the calibre of people representing Zambia notably Masebo’s son.

    Umusana - December 31, 2012

  10. This lady is not qualified to talk against corruption because her mentally retarded son who has no qualifications to be Zambia’s deputy ambassador to Japan is is there for no reasons other than corruption by this akantemba government.We’ve not seen much from Japan in the way of investment because the calibre of people representing Zambia notably Masebo’s son.

    Umusana - December 31, 2012

  11. PA Fwaka you are just a bunch of thieves and ka silvia you will regrete your actions! Innocent blood should never be shed! Firing innocent people is as bad as shedding innocent blood! Pa Fwaka baka bwalala! when only wait foe the dog to sleep then you pounce! we are watching you!

    Lion man - December 31, 2012




    KATONGO NSAMBE - December 31, 2012

    • SENSE.
      this is the BARABAS we wanted.

      true - January 1, 2013

      • Ok muli amano mune ifi wasosa.

        Lets also tell madam minister that nga Wynter? why not fire him based on allegations? these are the double standards we need to remind Madam minister which we are complaining about in this their government. If its any one in their inner circle, 14 Billion or 18 Billion, they change go posts. If its HH, Nervous, ADD or .. its public order Act, ACC, DEC or the paramilitary police. Do things properly. Oke iliko bad.

        mpundu kapokola - January 2, 2013

  13. uhhhh silvia, you sexy thing you!!!! In that uniform OMG…The only thing that beats that is when you wore the ‘naughty nurse’ uniform as Minister of Health, that blew my socks off… have to get with you and please wear the nurse uniform again xoxoxo

    but sorry hon, you are a corrupt boot licking minister after all that and I do not trust you especially on this move…wanna get with you though!!!

    trader - December 31, 2012

  14. I thought ZAWA was supposed to operate based on the Zambia Wildlife Policy and Act, why should we be talking about ‘consideration of the PF manifesto’.

    manu4life - December 31, 2012

  15. bad pf

    kachana simasiku - December 31, 2012

  16. Simusa, where are u? come to Ndola and clean up the rubish at Ministry of lands as well. Zambians twacula!this is what we want VIVA ZAMBIANS. We only have one country.

    IQWEEEE - December 31, 2012


    Aka Sam - December 31, 2012

  18. You have to be close to them or you will be fired disgracefully. It has nothing to do with corruption but immorality through vagina power. Are you close or distant?

    Advocate - December 31, 2012

  19. It is a known fact that Sata does not like ZAWA. He has scores to settle whichever Management team will take over. Soon after becoming President, he is on record as having said he was going to disband ZAWA. When alluding to prison congestions, the President said most of the detainees who were awaiting trial were people who had been caught poaching, adding that as far as ZAWA was concerned, animals were more important than people. But we have not forgotten, the heart of the matter is that Sata himself was caught with ill gotten game meat at Nalusanga road block by alert ZAWA officers on his way from Mongu some 14 years ago or thereabout. He will not rest; the whole ZAWA has to be punished. Talk about being petty!!!

    Bonzo - December 31, 2012

  20. I think, this has got nothing to do with tribe, the issue here is; are these guys dismised or just stripped off there positions? We would like to know if they are jobless or not.

    Kalembe kafyuke - December 31, 2012

  21. Why dropping them. How many rules govern the PF government, if there are any? Kabimba and GBM have been working while being investigated. Does it mean Politicians and Civil servants are guided by different laws. We expect the PF leadership to be consistent in the way it handles corruption cases.

    The Observer - December 31, 2012

  22. The complainant being Chiefs raises eyebrows. Fact is Chiefs are very corrupt in Zambia and they form the rotten third arm of corruption in Zambia -Civil Servants and politicians.

    Monazite - December 31, 2012


    SMART GUY - December 31, 2012

    • No it will be same story with “all the facts”

      Fonko fonko nabwela - December 31, 2012

  24. The bidders were related! How many people in PF government are related. Related to loot Zambia. Shameless Dictators

    Sansakuwa Chikala - December 31, 2012

  25. Forgetting so quickly!how do u treat people with the families like that?masebo has forgotten so quickly.wen she dint have a job,she was finished only the eyes remained now she is back and wants to pretend like she doesn’t no how It feels to be jobless.god will punish you!ka mambala

    maureen - December 31, 2012

  26. I don’ t believe the fired bosses have committed any fireable offence. It’ s this lady Silvia Masebo who has got a hidden agenda which she wants to carry out freely through and with the help of the newly appointed ZAWA bosses – just wait and see. Zambia is now administered by professional crooks who want to hoodwink the public with numerous corruption allegations in order to win their dirty concealed goals.

    James Coolidge - December 31, 2012

  27. masebo b careful you should act accordingly and with proper inverstigations pf is worse than any part which ruled before in the first place u were wrong in introducing that deal.if the presd is able to practice wako ni wako system whats that. you r also in the same boots.the easterners say that you r in between not knowing where u belong {mudwela ku bili}sorry you are loosing well educated people like matokwani.
    for zawa guys in this trap try to catch her and let her feel the pain.useless person in a wrong place {masebo}

    rocktree - December 31, 2012

  28. Masebo is BITTER! Anyway what do you expect in this regime.

    Chin Shoe Pool - December 31, 2012

  29. she just wants her boyfriends to take up the jobs..time will tell..

    Sheebah - December 31, 2012

  30. fast fast. waiting for your version bosses. i dont believe the times of pf. and why all of a sudden masebo has become judge? is she saying they are all guity?? (probably guity of not being bemba)

    pinnochio - December 31, 2012

  31. Seleni tubombeko

    kayelele - December 31, 2012

    • Swena tubeleke

      tonto - December 31, 2012

  32. Ms Masebo she wanted the company 4 william nsanda

    cm - December 31, 2012

  33. Lololololo…..times of pf

    panono panono - December 31, 2012

  34. WTF is she doing in military fatigues? Surely the helmet will mess up Sylvia’s always precious hair and if going too far in the bush could even chip a nail! Oh no!

    Btw…. hunting concessions and family cartels? How about Sata and GRZ?

    Say what? - December 31, 2012

  35. “The Times of PF” is an unreliable source of infoformation. Comments to be made only after reeading a balanced report.

    Mphangwe - December 31, 2012

  36. Ok then.Waiting for yr version,perhaps we can compare notes.As for Masebo,goodluck.

    Cety - December 31, 2012

  37. Were the animals in the parks consulted

    Jacob Zume - December 31, 2012

  38. looking forward to the watchdog version.!

    Fatumata - December 31, 2012

  39. i will wait for yo version but muyendese guys….

    in the year of king Atas - December 31, 2012

  40. If the reasons given r genuine then there is no need 2 cry foul…I hope the board to be appointed will be comprised of professionals not cadres. Even the new management team to be composed should have qualified people n then we shall be happy with Masebo

    Ba Zed - December 31, 2012

  41. The people mentioned have been fired. when they take PF to court, the PF will cry out like babies.

    PF making Zambia lose a lot of Monies.

    Mpangula Mputyu - December 31, 2012

  42. Welcome to the club

    Labour pains - December 31, 2012

  43. LOL! ati “The article below was written by the Times of PF.” Waiting for your version.

    Sara - December 31, 2012

    • New version coming ,which will be distorted by the ….ogs

      Nkeyema - December 31, 2012

  44. Let them answer bwana good work masebo i support you for that.

    Golf Hotel - December 31, 2012