Photo of the day: queues at new payment points for passports

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pasLong queues at Indo-Zambia Bank Main branch, which is the only branch receiving payments in Lusaka. On Thursday January 3, 2013 only one teller was attending to clients. We wonder how many applications are received by the Zambian Passport office per day?


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12 Responses to Photo of the day: queues at new payment points for passports

  1. The best life I ever lived: Was when I left Zambia.

    Esbee - January 5, 2013

  2. Why was my comment not posted?

    Esbee - January 5, 2013

  3. when we are lamenting and commenting over issues of concern,i advise us not to go beyond limits and pronounce dangerous statements upon ourselves. death and life are in the power of your tongue. intercede and pray for your leaders instead of insulting them. there is hope for the country of zambia. zambia shall prosper whether the devil likes it or not. lets love our good God given land of zambia and cherish it with all our hearts.

    victor mulenga - January 5, 2013

  4. I want to renounce my useless Zambian slaveship eulogized as citizenship. Please advise me on the procedure. May I also be advised on how I can reclaim it in September 2013 when Nevers Mumba comes in after the presidential byelections.

    silu ni silu - January 4, 2013

    • chief you need help. you cannot pronounce such dangerouse curses upon yourself. pliz repent and revoke your statements and ask god to help you. dont comment like on your own citizenship. i pray for to rethink ,death and life are in the power of your tongue

      victor mulenga - January 5, 2013

    • Waba itole chikala!

      Ntalasha Chewe - January 6, 2013

      • but ulimbwa chikala iwe

        moses zulu - January 6, 2013

  5. Interesting how many people are and itch to leave Zambia. many have given up and am sure patriotism is at an all time lowest. we are leaving our rich homeland that indeed attracts so many fortune seekers(in the name of investors) to live second class lives with paltry jobs in foreign lands. but the worst of it all such conditions far outweigh the pitiful rewards that one can get in Zambia even if they are citizens.

    suggestor - January 4, 2013

    • Sense.

      Spyglass - January 4, 2013

  6. In Zambia, we just like ques.

    Puzillo - January 4, 2013

  7. Who is tryg to put his or her job and my government at risk?

    ANDREW (GWEM CITY) - January 4, 2013

    • Yr ass

      yaba - January 5, 2013