Hapunda is talking nonsense, I will remain UPND MP till 2016 – Siamunene

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UPND Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene has described as mere speculation assertions that he intends to ditch the opposition party for the ruling Patriotic Front.

Mr Siamunene interview with QFM  said assertions by PF Southern province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda that he could follow former Livingstone Member of Parliament Howard Sikwela in ditching the UPND have no truth in them.

He said that he will remain Sinazongwe Member of Parliament under the UPND until 2016.

He added that people should not confuse his liberal style of politics were interacts with both PF and MMD members as an indication that he intends to cross the floor.

Mr Siamunene said that he has never thought of ever joining the Patriotic Front.

He further revealed that the disciplinary charges he was slapped with by the UPND have since been resolved and that he remains a committed member of the opposition party.

Mr Siamunene said that his interest in engaging with Ministers and Permanent Secretaries is merely to advance the interests of the people of Sinazongwe and nothing more.

He added that he will continue to engage with Ministers and Permanent Secretary to bring to their attention the needs of the people of his constituency.


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47 Responses to Hapunda is talking nonsense, I will remain UPND MP till 2016 – Siamunene

  1. the boy will come back to upnd he is not in pf at his will it beyond his control he hand no option some problems no jobs in zambia

    bwaalya - January 8, 2013

  2. Yah…! I thot we will have another by-election but thank God.

    Kalembe kafyuke - January 8, 2013

  3. Hapunda shud have just found himself a job than feeding his belly from politics. U ll end up licking someone’s ass nobuchushi. Poverty is too bad awe mwandi ubuchushi tebusuma pantu u can eat ukwa’s vomit.

    Kapiji mema - January 8, 2013

  4. hapunda wiil be fired from pf after failing to potch upnd members.so hapus,what do say after receiving that news

    one zambia 72 nations - January 8, 2013

  5. please tell Brian to stop masturbating in public..we need proper politics..

    CNP-4U - January 8, 2013

  6. Hon Siamunene you an example to the other unprincipled and money driven MPs…

    Guy Scot - January 8, 2013

  7. Some MPs are stupid they even h@s 4 zambians.only principled pipo will stand da test of tym in zambia. youths organisations wher r u

    niggo - January 8, 2013


    Southern watchman - January 8, 2013

  9. when they manage to kill MMD and Dr NM, next is UPND and especially HH

    lubi - January 8, 2013

  10. If there are words that Sata will NEVER utter EVER again it is
    ’90 days’!!!!!

    Kaliza - January 8, 2013

    • I agree with you my brother,90 days gives him nightmares. It has become a living ghost that is there to haunt him till his kingdom comes.

      tonto - January 8, 2013

  11. Shame on Hapunda.

    Honest - January 8, 2013

  12. Richwell Siamunene is one sober character and whatever he said is the gospel truth that everyone must believe because from the time I personally came to know him he has shown that he is a principled man.

    He is one MP that I know has always stood on his own for livelihood even before he became an MP. His businesses thrived even before he went to Mandahill as MP.

    I said Hapunda and Munkombwe must find better ways of eating Sata and PF money than accusing MPs that they want to cross the floor to join POOR FINISHING.
    The UPND must be assured that Siamunene is their legitimate MP for Sinazongwe and concentrate on defending Livingstone Seat and stop witch-hunting suspecting every MP who associate with MMD and PF colleagues as a sell out.

    People will always have a social network that cuts across political party lines.

    VIVA SIAMUNENE!!!! – and we shall always support such progressive minds that even when it may look lucrative to join PF for personal benefit you will remain principled.

    Bantustan By God's Design - EQTB - January 8, 2013

  13. Very few tonga people tell lies,am inclined to believe siamunene.

    Muunga a matwi abacizakala - January 8, 2013

    • Hope he won’t be another Sikwela who pleaded for forgiveness as if he had repented when in fact he began working underground with PF to the shock of the nation!

      Mubanga - January 8, 2013

    • But is Rev. Sikwela Bemba?

      Prophet - January 8, 2013

      • yes! he lied about his name just as he lied about being repentent!

        Headman Kagoli - Monze District - January 8, 2013

        • he also lied to God pretending to be his servant. but the lord knows that many will come in his name to deceive many in zed and l/stone in particular.

          tumba - January 8, 2013


    WILLIAM K - January 8, 2013

    • Don’t use that stupid thieves language on-line! Idiot!

      Bantustan By God's Design - EQTB - January 8, 2013

  15. Hapunda is the proverbal hyena passionately seeking feacal matter

    Bokoseni Mwale - January 8, 2013

  16. the reverand said the same that he will never leave up-end

    kanyakula - January 8, 2013

  17. With what is happening in MMD it will be very bad for the country if UPND cracks. But so far so good. I believe all the three people Nkombo, Bbelemu and Mukuni are all principled people. They must continue to resist PF moves.

    Kangalaitoito - January 8, 2013

  18. Only retarded MPs are joining PF.

    blago - January 8, 2013

    • Or broke ones.

      Loconino - January 8, 2013

      • or those facing some criminal cases.

        tumba - January 8, 2013

  19. Wateva,we don’t need u anyway

    torreiantes - January 8, 2013

  20. we are watchiny you, do the foolish thing and you will regret.

    bashi Dr Economist - January 8, 2013

  21. surprising politics in Zambia instead of talking about development the governments have continued with economy of politics from day one they are in politics to their last day still politics and no development whatsoever.Are we really going to be eating politics of numbers sure!!!politicians please spare us the time we spend putting you in power and serve us as we deserve.Spare politics for 2016 and concetrate on development.

    Amuchi - January 8, 2013

  22. hapunda

    Chimbwi wa plan atleast - January 8, 2013

  23. Even after passing through Kafue boyz this Hapunda brian boy has remained a dull boy. Make a survey of your collegues from mission and see how they earn their living mwaiche

    Chimbwi wa plan atleast - January 8, 2013

  24. Good. Keep it that way Richwell we need strong opposition otherwise as ordinary citizens we will start beating all MPs that waste our money by creating unnecesasry by election. Yes we can do it police can’t be every where with you all time for the coming four years till 2016. At least we need to revenge if our money is misused like in Mpongwe and Lstone. Those stupid fools need to be taught a lesson may be by cutting one their hands yes thats when we can send a strong statement to the would be offenders.Talking is not helping us at all.

    Tulemona - January 8, 2013

  25. hapunda how can you in exams with a text book. Do you think siamunene is dull like you.

    dennis - January 8, 2013

  26. Brian utani kusuli suli to earn a living,for sure you know PF is the worst party zambia has ever had.its just those overzealous people who thought PF can work but they are suffering now.watch out red lips and big eyes-Tumba

    CHIPS2016HH - January 8, 2013

  27. Old Kwacha being mopped up by Bank of Zambia PF cadres is in the first wave of recycling to buy opposition MPs and Chiefs, including funding Executive expenses for Board Chairpersons like Fr Frank Bwalya, Nawakwi, Nsanda etc and sponsoring by-elections. Watch by end of June 2013 you will see a new Generation of very rich PF cadres. Opposition and NGOs wake up

    Analysit - January 8, 2013

  28. Brian your 90 days promise you meant mealie meal to be selling @ kr85??.wait for mpongwe election u will see how people are frustrated with your governace,after UPND scoops the seat. Long live Siamunene and peoples ‘s party upnd!!!

    kaschi - January 8, 2013

  29. wanyana kaka stupid hapunda

    My love - January 8, 2013

  30. Hapunda wanyana kaka….stupid man

    My love - January 8, 2013

  31. Letus wait and see. Now sata z on nkombo and others. Rubish president.

    UNIQUE MAN - January 8, 2013

  32. Mr Siamunene is a leader with integrity. An MP with quality because he cares of the well being of his contituency.
    Well done Mr Siamunene for putting this Brian Hapunda back in line with truth, not lies of the 90days disease he acquired from PF.
    God bless you sir, and the people of sinazongwe.

    Kay Love - January 8, 2013

  33. Are you genuine or its just a fear of losing if you crossed over?

    Koonje Bred - January 8, 2013

  34. Sense and we are watching you

    Suggestor - January 8, 2013

  35. Mr Siamunene is an MP of quality, he cares about the welbeing of the people and constituency.
    Not the disease of 90 days affecting Brian Hapunda.

    Kay Love - January 8, 2013

  36. That is how to go about things. We need Men and Women with principles and steadfastness. Stand your ground MP, stand your ground.

    The Observer - January 8, 2013

  37. Thats great quality of a leader,MP, who cares about the people’s needs. Not belly politics.
    Brian Hapunda is now suffering from the 90 days disease acquired in PF.

    Kay Love - January 8, 2013

  38. Thats what most of these opposition mps say,before you it,he is in pf.lets wait and see.meanwhile,its siamunene 1,hapunda 0

    Mr Kiss - January 8, 2013

  39. Hapunda wagunwa

    Kabutu - January 8, 2013