Testing Mapatizya Formula: PF policeman hit with brick

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UPNDUnited Party for National Development (UPND) cadres on Thursday turned Woodlands Police Station into a battle ground and severely injured a PF police officer during the arrest of their leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema was arrested for  allegedly uttering a defamatory statement against dictator  Michael Sata during a tour of Kalikiliki Market on Sunday.

The angry supporters, that accompanied Hichilema, allegedly hit a police officer with a brick in the head.

He sustained a deep cut and bled profusely as the opposition leader pleaded with his supporters to be peaceful. Hichilema was at pains to restrain his supporters from beating up the PF police.

But some cadres at the scene accused Police spokesperson, Ms. Kanjela of being the one who threw the brick at the fellow police officer with a view to implicate them.

The cadres said they are ready to testify and provide video evidence showing Ms. Kanjela throwing a brick at the officer who was injured in the scuffle.

MMD leader Nevers Mumba who is also a victim of the PF police was with Hichilema all the way.

He condemned the arrest of  Hichilema describing it as ridiculous and criminal.

Mr. Hichilema is due to appear in court again next Tuesday, 22nd January 2013.

Dr Mumba, who himself is facing flimsy charges, said the PF action to continue arresting opposition political party leaders is not only ridiculous but criminal.

“This is ridiculous and it is criminal not from us but from those who wish to take away our rights and liberties but I can promise them that they won’t take it away,” Dr Mumba said.

Police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela identified the injured officer as Adam Banda who sustained a deep cut in the head and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Hichilema was arrested for allegedly defaming Sata, contrary to Section 66 of the redundant Penal Code, of Zambia and was later released on a KR5,000 bond with two working sureties.

There was commotion at the Central Police Station when the cadres besieged the station as PF police officers struglled to keep them at bay, while they hurled invectives at the police who are now referred as the armed wing of the ruling party.

During his Kalikiliki Market tour, Hichilema is believed to have accused President Sata of shielding Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba in the corruption case before the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to Ms Kanjela, Police arrested and charged Mr Hichilema for defamation.

“Yes I can confirm that we have arrested and charged Mr Hichilema. This is in connection with the words he made on January 13, this year, where he accused the President of defending Mr Kabimba at ACC, we believe the words were defamatory, he will appear in court this afternoon (yesterday),” Ms Kanjela said.

Ms Kanjela condemned the unruly behaviour of the cadres and said police had launched investigations into the assault of Mr Banda.

The opposition leader was blocked by his cadres upon arrival from entering the station for more than 30 minutes as they struggled with the police.

“I refuse to go upstairs to be interrogated from there because you want to teargas me and other people, this is how you want to kill innocent people,” Mr Hichilema said while at the reception.

Police had to find an alternative office to conduct the interviews after the opposition leader claimed that he feared officers would tear-gas him.

After the interview, he was taken to Woodlands Police Station for the formal arrest, his supporters fearing for the life of their leader followed.

Later in the afternoon,  Mr Hichilema appeared at the magistrate’s court with his lawyers led by Sakwiba Sikota. He did not take plea but defence lawyers conferred with chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda.

Addressing journalists at the court, Mr Sikota said his client could not take plea because consultations were still going on with the Director of Public Prosecutions. The matter would come up for plea on Tuesday next week.

The decision by UPND supporters to defend their leader is a result of failure by the police to defend citizens and instead follow orders by dictator Michael Sata to arrest opposition leaders.

Some of the UPND cadres even attempted to disconnect live electricity to the police station and free other people who are remanded in the cells, a situation that scared the police.

Shops such as Pick n Pay at Woodlands were temporarily closed as cadres threatened to cause more havoc if their leader was reminded in police custody.

Such violence is likely to increase as the PF regime tries to turn back the country into a one party state.

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  1. Let us be united and the police must respect all citizens. When you mistreat others they will also mistreat you. Mind you we do not want civil war in the country. If police know what it means to police, then they must do their work professionally.

    Semuel - January 18, 2013

  2. In beleieve in peace.
    HE used to insult Mwanawasa and was never brought to police. late Mwanawasa (May His Soul Rest in Peace) just said ” today I am cabbage but tommorow I will be stake” Indeed he was a president who ignored even when our Sata insulted him by calling him with bad names even to an extent of insulting his wife Maureen.

    Why can’t he do the same? who nicknamed HH ‘Under five”? It was him. Our president is elderly enough to stop what is happening now. He must address the Nation about all the fate which is happening then can their be peace. Mind you police want to be promoted that is why they can even walk into the court of law to give one who is the dock a call out.

    Semuel - January 18, 2013

  3. thats the change y’ll wanted…

    h3nry - January 18, 2013

  4. Plain clothes police officer, Banda has been taught a lesson, hopefully he learns from it and starts refusing to be used by politicians.

    Be professional from now on baba

    Kays - January 18, 2013

  5. What we are seeing – arrests of opposition leaders, fights, expensive and unnecessary transfers of PF cadres in the names of P/Ss and DCs is the kind of leadership Sata can provide. Its time to make decisions now without subjective inclinations. Remove your tribal, regional or family ties and answer the question Is Sata leading us in the right direction?????? The direction of peace , democratic rule and stability. My answer is NO. The other other is people must rise and fight for the rights. Greeetings

    Spoils at Hand - January 18, 2013

  6. Iwe Path finder fimo fimo chakala can you stop threatening people, we know were these drunkards so called Police Officers live, kill one person and see blood flow from Police homes and their families. You think we are playing this time around..watch this space! you dare the over 9.8 million people are Ok!

    Ken Muso - January 18, 2013

  7. Zambia needs serious prayers 24/7 daily and continuosly until 2016 or even after. Declaring Psalm 91 over Zambia.

    Zambia needs prayers - January 18, 2013

  8. Editor will you please block the comments of one path finder? I find him to be very unproductive. What time does he work mwebantu? Some people are too adictated to ZWD but this guy is over doing it.

    Rose - January 18, 2013

  9. ba zwatcdog y do yu publish provocative mesges by unthinkable bloggs ?this will grow to a real fight one day ,stop it .to my fellow friends ,we neva thot sata can bcome our presdent ,and so are hh and mumba ,we may laugh at them but one day,,,,one day the back will b on d throne

    the redeemed - January 18, 2013

  10. UPND realy stands for : Unlimited Propaganda for National Destruction

    elijah - January 18, 2013

    • Thats too long, try one word; PF, PamaFi

      Kays - January 18, 2013

  11. Y is it dat its only UPND cadres who are misbehaving,can da police set example on them

    Momartin - January 18, 2013

  12. This is a test for Mutembo Nchito to prove that he is a fair DPP. Where did you see a President being told that he his mismanaging the country or protecting corrupt elements decide to take a citizen to court. Iyeeee! We at the last corner of madness in this country. The hammering of the police officer by cadres is just the start of the battle. People get annoyed beyond this and the country might be dragged into a bad situation beyond this

    The Great Hunter - January 18, 2013

  13. Fool

    Vampire - January 18, 2013

  14. mbonje…

    Politics - January 18, 2013

    • Kikikikikiki

      sushi - January 18, 2013

  15. Banda, please dont ever get used by Ukwa again. refuse to take part in political arrests…

    Analume Ngao - January 18, 2013

  16. this is the blood father bwalya wants ,now winter maize is next

    cbu - January 18, 2013

  17. Right or wrong assaulting a police officer on duty is a very serious offence and people supporting such things make sad reading.Let me remind them that police officers protect their own world over. This will have serious repurcusions on the UPND from government and the police. Watch the space.

    obed - January 18, 2013

    • know that your police aRE KABOYI WA SATA WE WILL HIT THEM

      chipata pf - January 18, 2013

      • ZNBC did not show the stoned guy because he doesnt look like a police officer.Thanx to Muvi TV which showed everything that hapened at the police station.The guy was wearing a jean trousers and a cheaked shirt.The guy was beating up UPND cardres and he was ,in turn stoned bcause he behaved like a pf cardre.If he was in Uniform, he wouldnt hav been stoned.OK, Why cant ZNBC SHOW US THE VIDEO OFTHE STONED GUY.THEY POSIBLY FEAR THAT THOSE WHO KNOW HIM MAY IDENTIFY HIM AS NOT BEING A POLICE OFICER. THE BOAT IS SINKING.ONLY STRONG SWIMERS WILL SURVIVE.

        KAPAMBWE BWALYA - January 18, 2013

    • There is no evidence that he is a police officer. He was not in uniform. He is probably a PF cadre.

      BTW, PF = Police Force = Party for Fascists.

      KING ATASe! - January 18, 2013

    • which duty, working 4 Sata is duty???????? Police shd b professional and not to harass the innocent citizens 4 Sata’s personal aggrandizement! police u r supposed to protect Zambians NOT SATa alone…

      Mzilikazi - January 18, 2013

  18. @Pathfinder ndiwe wa chambe chambe,u even sit patiently waitin 4 bloodshed nxt week.Dnt behav like a fool.

    Big Man - January 18, 2013

  19. fellow Zambianz rememba what President Levy Mwanawasa(MHRIP) said…UPND is a party like human battock which will neva come in front…end of cot..

    zyklon - January 18, 2013

    • u are a chishushi zyklon. period…..

      kudyabwino - January 18, 2013

  20. Please let all political leaders go for training in America so that they are trained on how to campaign on real issues not this politics we are seeing in Zambia, politics of insults please get examples from Americans the way they conduct their campaigns, when are we going to grow. It is time we tackle real issues concerning the country, that’s the only way we are going to develop our beloved country Zambia. May God help Zambia.

    Gee - January 18, 2013


    gigantic - January 18, 2013

  22. hahaha…fellow Zambians plz enough wit all these insults. why worst energy and airtime 2 remind the cowboyz. Am telling u they re hurt coz they knw the truth, THE TRUTH HURTS. i bet u must be wondering whats the truth…Tonga r hurt becoz they knw they will neva rule this Nation. They hurt Bembaz(the chosen ones to lead…wooh, the special ones, the list is endless) coz 4 sure no Bemba will support these barbelians. Now a word of advize 2 unda5 and wit his cardas, we own the armd forces….whetha u like or nt we are in charge. Take this as an advize. Stop bushing around.

    zyklon - January 18, 2013

    • idiot am sure you cant even afford the basic necesities of liar. Poor Fool!!! Born to be a pauper

      analytica - January 18, 2013

  23. which Tongas, his our hero!

    John - January 18, 2013

  24. It shud nt surprise anyone, save for those who do not know. KK and Sata worked together to frustrate the educaton system in Zambia. Both are not highly educated tho KK is better off. It ws KK and Sata’s policy in the UNIP era to ensure that Zambia has less educated citizens and more of schu drop outs. It was a future investiment for their continued hold on power and for creation of wider political opportunities for the illiterates in UNIP, Sata one of them. Sata reaped from the ‘investiment’ done and now KK knowing hw they did it together is now so close to GRZ. Meanwhile the kaponyas not knowing how they were bred ar in the fore front supporting those who planned their low ceiling of opportunities as humans. They continue to eat frm the dust bins.

    T.H - January 18, 2013

  25. Your hate for Tongas will just take you to hell, you never choose the tribe u are to be born from. If you dont know God, he will tell you why this most intelligent man HH is a tonga.If you hate HH dont blame Tongas
    Repent my bro or else
    Vote the intelligence

    Mangani - January 18, 2013

  26. I hope the dogs who did this will be brought to book. In this error you cant expect humans to be behaving like animals. Stupid idiots.

    Idiabbale - January 18, 2013

  27. Let all the bad things that Sata can do be done! We want all those who thought that our refusal to vote for Sata in 2011 was out of tribalism. We did wat we cud to inform them. If they cudnt belive us let them believe by seeing and experiencing Sata’s brutality, dictatorial traits, desire for violence and pure lack of education. Let them see if Bemba tribalism means well for Zambia. Like it or not that blood from that kaponya policeman cud only be spilt in a Sata government, the poor guy does not even hav medical insurance, but cudnt vote otherwise..he voted for Sata, he asked for it!

    T.H - January 18, 2013

  28. You are celebrating because it was a police officer who was injured, but if a police officer injured a civilian the same you, would be talking the same rubbish condemning the police. A crime will still remain a crime regardless of who committed it. How special is Hichilem to be scot free when he commits a crime. wait one, the police do not get instructions from Sata, but from the penal code. With your violence, one day you will reap what you soul. Remember, not all days are Sundays.

    HACHUUNGA HAMBOOLA - January 18, 2013

  29. @pathfinder, do you work anywhere else or u only paid for insulting upnd on this forum? Its like u r forever on ths blogg.

    sharp - January 18, 2013

    • Congratulations for running an internet cafe…

      sharp - January 18, 2013

    • That does not make u any greater human than us!

      T.H - January 18, 2013

      • Its Sata who is visionless all his life is upon chasing up opponents! sTONE AGE POLITICS. what wrong did HH do, visiting Kalikiliki?

        Mzilikazi - January 18, 2013

      • Idi0t!! what is special about an internet cafe?

        KING ATASe! - January 18, 2013

  30. this kind of journalism is trash….you people are shameless. How do you sleep at night…..peddling such trash.

    nevermind - January 18, 2013

  31. There are too many naive bloggers on Zambian Watchdog supporting violence. I have lived abroad and have had to counsel victims of Genocide from Rwanda who were my students in Germany. People should not be foolish to think they can use violence to defeat others. If you want to live by violent means, then do not be surprised if violence in turn consumes you. It is easy to bring about war but it takes long to rebuild a peaceful country! So let some of you who have never even held guns before think violence is the way to go. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BLURT OUT WHAT EVER FOOLISHNESS IS ON YOUR MIND.

    HANTOBOLO - January 18, 2013

  32. even if he does not manage to become a president bt let him talk… after all hes not doing it for tongas only…checks n balances

    joy - January 18, 2013

  33. There are too many naive bloggers on Zambian Watchdog supporting violence. I have lived abroad and have had to counsel victims of Genocide from Rwanda who were my students in Germany. People should not be foolish to think they can use violence to defeat others. If you want to live by violent means, then do not be surprised if violence in turn consumes you. It is easy to bring about war but it takes long to rebuild a peaceful country! So let some of you who have never even held guns before think violence is the way to go. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU BLURT OUT WHAT EVER FOOLISHNESS IS ON YOUR MIND.

    Tonga Bull - January 18, 2013

  34. Well done cadres it is time to fight back these police chaps have gone too far now with useless arrests!

    London - January 18, 2013

  35. Too bad my dear cop. next time just fire live boots.

    Mr. Teacher - January 18, 2013

    • when they say ‘Enisha’ shoot them, when they say ‘far’ fire them! I guess thats what you mean

      sharp - January 18, 2013

    • If you think you are potected by the earthly man, you think you can use live boots on ennocent pipo, the bible says he who kills by a sword will also be killed by a sword. Its time for PF and its sympatisers to feel the protection by the govt but the everlasting protection comes from God.

      Mr path finder as you prepare to revenge next week, ask your self, at whose blood would you do that. My prayer is that you repent freely, if you cant, may GOD change you from soul to paul using his Hand of authority

      We dont need bloodshed in Zambia at an expense of holding to power

      I wonder what could have happened in this country if we didnt have the two



      Mangani - January 18, 2013

  36. Warning to watchdog newcomers! Don’t say anything bad or negative about HH and don’t praise Sata on this site and show some respect when talking about RB! Take my humble advise as a warning

    Fr. Bwalya! - January 18, 2013

    • 10years for Sata and many more to follow on PF ticket…infact we just started the PF que in 2011 and we have 5 more presidents to rule Zambia on PF ticket. byeeeeeee!!!!!!

      kutemba - January 18, 2013

  37. Sata is big he will crash you Tongas and your Most Educated Highness HH

    Money Changer - January 18, 2013

    • am tonga but i voted for pf.. upnd is not for tongas. grow up moniey changer

      pimp - January 18, 2013

    • Dully, dully money changer

      John - January 18, 2013

  38. Meaninfull Zambìans,dont worry with these bloggers supporting Dictator Sata.They are using Laptops that were bought for them by Summer Kamimbya.He bought 400 Laptops and gave them out to these same bloggers so as to mount Support for Ukwa on any Online Publìcation.

    hittler - January 18, 2013


      gigantic - January 18, 2013

    • Which sensible zambians apart from a few Bemba tribalists like you.

      gigantic - January 18, 2013

  39. It’s so sad that people do not like the peace we are enjoying in zambia. That police officer needs to be compensated by the workers compensation.

    Maake Palo - January 18, 2013

    • We do not eat peace! What do you do if all Police can do is victmize innocent people just to please their Masters? Would you mazzle them for good? Do not take people for granted. No one condons anarchy and fighting but the Police in Zambia needs to be profesional.

      Mubanga - January 18, 2013

  40. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha koho koho, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    koho koho – griiiii!

    ati…”accused Police spokesperson, Ms. Kanjela of being the one who threw the brick at the fellow police officer…”

    …a situation that scared the police.

    My cough came out, thnks – yaba. I luv ths!

    Examiner - January 18, 2013

  41. I am not a lawyer, but this does not sound like a defamatory statement. Is there anything else HH said which is not mentioned in this quote, which could pass for defamatory?

    M.M. - January 18, 2013


    Chipego - January 18, 2013

    • @Path finder, we will not wait for you like you are doing. We are coming for you only this time more prepared because we know your useless plans.

      Mutabaruka - January 18, 2013

      • Path finder, there are no students at the campus, so no troubles

        mpundu kapokola - January 18, 2013

  43. Please respect your friends and desist from being petty.Surely at a time like this faced with one of the biggest leadership challenges you want pipo to be divided.Can you imagine how much the likes of Sata and Kabimba enjoy seeing you persuing petty arguments instead of focusing all your enegies on the important matters of governance at stake?

    Mailon - January 18, 2013

  44. I foresee war in this country

    Ministry of justice - January 18, 2013

  45. the fact that we had put you in power ,we shall remove you the same ,the pf has realy failed us insteady of performing.dont under estamete us.u ar worser than mmD.

    kwasss zambian - January 18, 2013

  46. The behaviour by the UPND cadres should be condenmed in the strongest possible terms by all peace loving Zambians!This is unacceptable in our democratic dispensation!!!

    Kay Hummer - January 18, 2013

    • You are right. Real Zambians

      cathy - January 18, 2013

    • what did you expect them to do if they have no one to protect them…?Mapatizya formular ndate !!

      blacky - January 18, 2013

    • Which behaviour should be praised,the PF panga one or what.Its each one for himself now.Your police started it.Its on your marks go.Hit them no basankwa.

      magobbo - January 18, 2013

      • my brother your statement is not in good spirit,try to keep quiet if u do not have what to say!mwilasamwa dont speak anyhow peace is all we need

        Hamududu - January 18, 2013

      • Magobbo you are a really Tonga. Your thinking is Tongish meaning it is blurred and without vision. Sata is the Presido with the Police , the Army, the Army Worms and ZAF at his command and he can crash you any time if he wants. Do not provoke him you little fools.

        Money Changer - January 18, 2013

  47. is anything from tongas tribal? plz give us proof or u are tribal.

    h.h - January 18, 2013


    mucay - January 18, 2013

  49. Political prostitute you are insane Ok! You are a donkey, think b4 you talk. you must be Bemba (natolelefye). They had to protect themselves.

    ebu, - January 18, 2013

  50. the best thing ever to happen to Zambia..hit the pfolice..they should learn to be impartial..Mapatizya formular at its best..

    CNP-4U - January 18, 2013

    • OK,lets wait for the revenge,watch this space and u will see TONGAS complaining.Mukomwa guys kwati ni mbwa.lets wait and see

      Hamududu - January 18, 2013