‘My comment is not appearing on Watchdog’

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1                     Avoid using abusive/insulting/derogatory language

2                     Sometimes the system just delays on its own (these are machines)

3                     The system is set to detect abuse language i.e. certain abusive words are automatically detected and the system blocks the entire message until there is human intervention. We cannot manage to go through each and every comment posted so some are just deleted by the system after a certain period

4                     The system also automatically blocks certain IPs which show chronic spewing of abusive language. It reads such as spam and goes into defensive mode.

5                     You are not the editor of the Watchdog so don’t put ‘editor@zambiawatchdog.com’ on the slot for inserting your email. If you do, your message will be withheld until there is human intervention or will be deleted after a specified time. For example if your blogger name is Wajimona, your email can’t be editor@zambianwatchdog.com

6                     We know most site users put fake email addresses. We generally don’t mind but giving a real working email could help us contact you if needs be; to make a follow up on your comment if we find it to be a lead to something bigger

7                     The Watchdog can never, and will never, ever, under any circumstance whatsoever, pass your email or other detail to a third party unless you ask us to do so.

8                     The slot that requires you to put a website, leave it blank

9                     Stick to the topic. Once in a while, we delete comments that talk about fish when the topic is about shoes, for example.

10                 When you are posting a comment for the first time on an IP, the comment is held for moderation to make sure it’s a human being posting. If you comment has been approved once, you next comment will be posted to the site immediately provided it contains no abusive words, you use the same name and email. If in your next post but on the same IP (gadget), you change your name or email, the comment will be held for moderation as it will considered first posting

11                 And though we don’t mind, you don’t have to comment on each and every article. Being on the internet almost always can affect not only your health but your productivity in other areas as well. This applies to Amos Malupenga, Silvia Masebo and Dr. Christine Kaseba as well who seem to be logged on to the Watchdog 24 hours.

12                 We hope the above clarifications answer the questions you have been emailing us?

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94 Responses to ‘My comment is not appearing on Watchdog’

  1. Tamvela

    sipowasipo - January 24, 2013

  2. ZWD are made of Iron. U dont mess up wth them. @ dirty water…., but always logd on. clarity acknowlegded WD.

    lezgee - January 24, 2013


    sharp - January 24, 2013

    • Lolest

      ayoba - January 24, 2013

  4. Just testing

    Commander Zero - January 24, 2013

  5. I have been seeing abusive language quite a lot of times. Such language as ‘sperm bank’, referring to some ladies, for example, is abusive, unless I am told otherwise. I see many clearly abusive words being allowed to feature on this site. This article therefore lacks honesty.

    M.M. - January 24, 2013

  6. watchdog u have wide readeship wen i visited a few different offices pipo were busy on watchdog, awe shuwa mwa vuta not only are u imfomative but intertaining as well big ups

    mopao mukonzi - January 24, 2013

  7. This applies to Amos Malupenga, Silvia Masebo and Dr. Christine Kaseba as well who seem to be logged on to the Watchdog 24 hours.


    Kays - January 24, 2013

  8. Ati wen u postin a comment fo th first time,it’s held fo moderation to mak sure it’s a human beings postin pwahahahaa

    Mmmm - January 24, 2013

    • Even aliens do post comments?
      I didn’t know this. In any case why is this chap even complaining?
      May be you posted “rubbish”

      Ndora N$hiliya - January 24, 2013

      • So how do the mchine this is human or ghost

        tonto - January 24, 2013

    • There is nothing pwahahaha about this comment. There are a lot of programs out there that try to insert spam into the comments sections including unsolicited ads etc so ZWD makes a valid point here

      the_Truth - January 24, 2013

  9. Simple join or leave ZWD.why force yourself where you cant fit.yendani ku post,Dailly mail and times kaili .There are many media houses why should you teach us what to do.Go where you are confortable than bending our rules here with ZWD.Nimanzi yadoti aaya.

    Amuchi - January 24, 2013

    • Just like a teenage girl saying ‘ndekeni nemwine’, only to get an unwanted pregnancy ,then going back to her elder folks for solutions to her self inflicted mess?

      chola - January 24, 2013

  10. @Zedian you comment about whats right in this modern age with reference to insults directed at Indians and Whites. Let us argue your idea of right and wrong shall we? My argument is purpose, end, aim, or goal of something: telos! Everything has a consequence.

    Slave trade, a people now free to express it, robbery a knowledgeable 21st century people now able to understand it, silent thoughts and silent whispers are just as loud as vocal thoughts and whispers if you get my drift!

    bald-head - January 24, 2013

  11. BOZA – you also don’t publish anything that’s critical of you Ba ZWD

    Wanu Ngwee - January 24, 2013

    • Like this one?

      Kabwe - January 24, 2013

  12. Not sure your clarification is plausible e.g. was some sordid, explicit stuff about labia etc last week on masebo or namugala – THAT DID NOT get spammed…sorry try another take.

    charlie diaspora - January 24, 2013

  13. Why do you entertain certain comments that are insultive in nature like Chi******la, Bitch,dog etc. Be fair. If it is a divergent view from yours, you dont publish.Dont just be Pro HH or anti- government, Be impartial. We all waste our airtime just to be heard.

    Kampompo - January 24, 2013

    • Why waste talktime,when you can go to POST and be cheated.
      ZWD is creating a balanced political system.POST is against opposition…ZWD is for the opposition and mouth piece for many Zambians who are segregated by POST and any other PRO-SATA media

      OK - January 24, 2013

      • its true the watchdog has to come rescue the oppressed opposition especially the powerful upnd which has been given a force tag. anything negative about upnd makes a headline with post news paper. they hate anything to do with upnd and hakainde. the question why if upnd & hh are useless as they protray them why investing colossal sums of money against them? viva upnd & hh

        The Hegemony - January 24, 2013

    • Boal panshi

      NACHI - January 24, 2013

    • Bola panshi

      NACHI - January 24, 2013

  14. Thanks for clarification

    Ngalande Lukuku - January 24, 2013

    • GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Chipumo IIII - January 24, 2013

  15. Thanks for clarification

    Ngalade Lukuku - January 24, 2013

  16. Now I hv known.Keep it up Watchdog. I hav stopped buying newspapers because of you.

    Mwansa Mwansa - January 24, 2013

  17. how about that

    orlando mwela - January 24, 2013

  18. This is good piece of information. So ZWD how do you tell Christine and Masebo are glued to this site 24/7? Do you have a system that detect the computer they are using belong to them? Besides, Masebo last week said she was not a fan of ZWD and most of the time she is just told about the stories on ZWD by other people, how true is it that she sits 24/7 on this site? How do you explain the situation where each time you want to blog, you have to type in the blog name and email address, this happens to me most of the times.

    Sungamasha - January 24, 2013

  19. Bloggers stick to the topic please,is it coz you ve also been turned into CNP by your president!

    De ra Rule - January 24, 2013

  20. what i would like to know from watchdog team is what about the bloggers who are ever insulting the indians and white zambians when their are discussing issues plse stop them from racial insults as it is not right in this modern times.

    Zedian - January 24, 2013

  21. And the system cannot detect foul language aimed at your perceived enemies? And bars good hard criticism of people you support! This is a poorly done PR exercise. Only your fanatical supporters and extremely gullible folks would comfortably swallow this.

    chola - January 24, 2013

    • The system cannot detect insults,abusive and defamatory words written in vernacular. It can’t even detect misspelled English insults.

      cherry - January 24, 2013

      • It appears only not able to detect insults ,abusive and defamatory words directed at people not sharing your point of view in whatever language, mate, be honest.

        chola - January 24, 2013

  22. Well dr kaseba,Amos and Masebo.

    enoch - January 24, 2013

  23. You forgot to add that no one should criticise you. You don’t publish such comments.

    My Opinion - January 24, 2013

    • You mean like this one?

      Some-Of-Us - January 24, 2013

  24. insulting sata no problem but if u insult hh then its abuseve lagwege reptng yapa zed.

    chile - January 24, 2013

  25. thanks! that was helpful. at least i know the rules……

    eagle's eye - January 24, 2013

  26. why is it that newer comments appear on top and older ones below? isnt it suppossed to be the other way round?

    enzo - January 24, 2013

    • It depends on what the preference is. Maybe ZW should put a system for bloggers to decide whether they want the latest first or the oldest such as the one used on BBC

      Lorna - January 24, 2013

  27. Please put this as your permanent policy statement on your website. Otherwise you will drop it as not newsworthy and new bloggers will continue breaching your rules.

    KING ATASe! - January 24, 2013

  28. If the comments here are filtered then you seriously need to change the system you use pantu there is a lot of abusive/insulting/derogatory language

    RB Juniorz - January 24, 2013

  29. Well explained!

    Uncle Bob - January 24, 2013

  30. Well clarified. it will assist alot.

    Uncle Bob - January 24, 2013

  31. Ba watch imbwa zoona mwambloka zoona

    Kaponya - January 24, 2013

  32. When will consider an identifiable moderator to give us more contect to your news. This could help in the debates.

    Vilifier - January 24, 2013

  33. Half truth. This thing is full of insults.

    Tateyoyo - January 24, 2013

  34. What about KK.He’s been quiet of late. Has cnp now realized that KK has a bald head?

    wajimona - January 24, 2013

    • Enlighten me what does CNP stand for keep seeing it but do not know the meaning.

      Ba kapufi - January 24, 2013

      • CNP stands for ”Chimbwi no Plan”. It was used by HH to describe the current presidents leadership system where there does not seem to be any discernible plan on his governance. Among the predatory animals, it is believed that a hyena(chimbwi) is the least intelligent animal…

        The Seer - January 24, 2013

      • Cimbwi No Plan, are you clear now?

        lesbian - January 24, 2013

  35. Am just watching

    When all is said & done - January 24, 2013

  36. Ha! Ha! I love your comment (no.11), but you left out Sampa and…who were caught reading the website while in a council meeting.

    Boes - January 24, 2013

  37. Indeed its good that has been clarified finally

    Suggestor - January 24, 2013

  38. Kaseba should be productive in other areas, such as in bed with Ukwa as well. At least Masebo, Winter, Mbulu, and Malupenga are active in this area!

    wandi - January 24, 2013

  39. What time is masebo bonked if she is on the site 24/7?

    Crook - January 24, 2013

    • She gets bonked while logged on

      Tike Myson - January 24, 2013

      • su nvela hahaha

        mopao mukonzi - January 24, 2013

    • Lol,
      Crazy you.

      Jim Tide - January 24, 2013

  40. I like your approach especially your desire to see an insult free site. Keep it up. The last line point 11 has cracked my ribs. I’m sure the three mentioned subjects are amused too!

    Ulemu ni Wabwino - January 24, 2013

  41. Zwd are also comedians. They post laughable stories at Amos n Christine 24/7

    nyax - January 24, 2013

  42. WD you set your system to detect insults in local langueges as well

    Mr Kiss - January 24, 2013

  43. Zwdogs you know how to coook stories.

    Given muntinta - January 24, 2013

  44. And BTW watchdog, you just had to give us ka spice..
    Ati christine and amos logged on 24hrs a day..
    Yaba.. Lol! So amos also quenches his thirst with dirty water..
    Kunwafye mudala! Better than your seemingly clean water (post,times etc) laced with arsenic or cyanide..

    umuntu mutwe - January 24, 2013

  45. Editor,
    Besides Amos Malupenga and Dr. Christine Kaseba vividly seen sleeping on the ZWD threads 24/7, you have left out Miles Sampa and Andeleki two other addicted cadres every hour spewing diatribes on the threads of news flash you post.Max Nkole Home Affairs PS is another cadre checking in 2-3 times a day.

    Senior Citizen - January 24, 2013

  46. It z good that comments with excessive abusive language are withheld. This forum must not be used to settle old scores but bring out real issues that most of the Zambain media especially those pro government cannot publish. Once again bravo fo you endurance

    Kapatyapatya - January 24, 2013

  47. Yayayaya am sure for today they are going to log off and try on another computer but heck these things show anyhow!

    M'du - January 24, 2013

  48. Hahahahaha………… Amos and Dr Kaseba Logged 24hrs !!!

    Thats good to kno.

    Zimandola - January 24, 2013

  49. M glad tht u ve made clarity on this,bt y puttg Amos & Christine they ar jst humans struggling 4 survival in a sinkg boat.

    Shangombo masumba - January 24, 2013

  50. 12.When you insult H.H and NEVERS,your comment is automatically DELETED.,

    'Sperm Bank' Masebo - January 24, 2013

    • Check the first point!! If u cant read clearly kwikalafye!
      You’ll probably say, what about those hurled at Ukwa?
      Well, being a CNP most bloggers probably feel they r not insulting a human being.. Which is not far from the truth!

      umuntu mutwe - January 24, 2013

      • When you insult UKWA, it’s not considered as insult since this is a fictitious name. But when you insult Sata, it is deleted. Try to insult HH by calling him another name we see.

        problem - January 24, 2013

    • i agree, any post against UPND is automatically deleted

      Mpundu Busushi - January 24, 2013

      • Sure? Meaning Watchdog is a UPND supporter?

        kabwe - January 24, 2013