PF govt to crack on internet users, targeting ZWD and Diplomats

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The Zambian Government intends to introduce a secret internet monitoring scheme targeted at various users of internet services in the country, especially their suspected enemies.

The source confirmed that government intends to introduce the Chinese style communication monitoring mechanisms that can vet internet services coming in and going out of Zambia.

The Intelligence source says government has spent close to K10 billion (KR 10 million) for the assignment that has seen some Zambian Intelligence officers travel to China and some Chinese experts come to Zambia.

The government through this mechanism will try and monitor social media networks that are popular among people such as facebook, emails, twitter, blogs and unfriendly websites such as the Zambian watchdog.

Sources said the main target are some diplomats accredited to Zambia who may be subject of internet surveillance to see what they send and received from their governments.

Others are perceived enemy opposition leaders, civil society groups, and citizens they deem are threat to their fears in power.

The dictatorial PF regime wants to seek powers intrude into private conversations for citizens because they fear the spread of social media networks can bring civil unrest in the country.

“As usual the main target is the Zambian Watchdog (this website) which has been giving them sleepless nights because it has proved to be a leading alternative sources of news and social media commentary after the once vibrant Post newspaper became pro-government,” sources said.

The source also disclosed that President Sata’s medical team has even advised him not to read the Zambian Watchdog because he can suffer from heart attack.

The source however said it may take the government to bulldoze the judiciary in order to implement the plan. The source also confirmed that the recommendation has been forwarded to the Attorney General for his legal opinion.

And according to the privately owned Daily Nation, the idea is that government wants to put a system in place where if the Attorney General authorises, the Office of the President can snoop on all emails and internet traffic.

The Daily Nation quotes NAREP President Elias Chipimo as saying such type of activity belongs to the one party system and should not be accepted the guise of security.

Currently, the Zambian government is conducting sim-card registration which many fears will be an avenue for intrusion of privacy.

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101 Responses to PF govt to crack on internet users, targeting ZWD and Diplomats

  1. PF, its a shame that up to now you people don’t know how to use the computer. Internet media is non negotiable, just go back to your colonial Post of Mmembe.
    Zambian Watchdog is for democrats,so is Daily Nation. Dictators stick to your Post.
    Tired of you PF, we cant take it anymore.

    Kay Love - February 15, 2013

  2. Pathetic thinking indeed…well, thank God am not a lay man where ICT is concerned. as they try to push us against the wall we will do the direct opposite…this is not China…fools…read ma emails and ama read yours…dont make us use the knowledge we have for the bad please…ifimano fya mu mpata..ata…

    Pumba - February 15, 2013

  3. This websit must be closed it’s too much fack news please close it we are waiting

    lubi - February 15, 2013

  4. This is what happens when retards are in government.

    Blago - February 15, 2013

  5. Mugabe type of politics are here. We told you to vote wisely. Mwanya?

    Mambala wa PF - February 15, 2013

  6. Zambian watchdog is educative,investigative and informative except for its pathological insults.As long as people are frustrated they will vent their anger through the ZWD.Please deliver all your campaign promises and stop denying the opposition parties permits to hold rallies.

    The Eyes of an Eagle up in the sky. - February 14, 2013

  7. The first diplomat to be garged should be Mark Storella. He is an ass hole.

    Sway - February 14, 2013

    • Why? It takes one to know another.

      Boondocks - February 15, 2013

  8. If this ZICTA initiative must work, they surely have to engage the services of Dr Katele Kalumba with his herbal network hub and his proven juju technology ware. Ignore this free advice at your peril.

    Anonymous - February 14, 2013

  9. hunger and other problems will still communicate

    sata - February 14, 2013

  10. Failure for ZICTA to cartel and restrict Internet access by the masses will eventually drive Ukwa to seek the services of his most loyal trustees- the sangomas, then we will be in trouble kikiki kekeke buwahahahaha

    Anonymous - February 14, 2013

  11. Zambian watchdog is educative,investigative and informative except for its pathological insults

    The Eyes of an Eagle up in the sky. - February 14, 2013

  12. If Sata and his PF dare jeopardize ZWD, we will deal with them severely. We can manage to bring down all the government Sites in a matter of hours and tap the government official’s phones.

    Just warn them not to try!

    Wanzelu - February 14, 2013

  13. The Chinese and Indian Govts are politely advised that in a democratic world political power to administer a govt is seasonal – not a permanent feature. In diplmatic etiquette an Ambassador seeks to achieve long-term benefits for his/her country. Therefore China (and India) will be plotting to disrupt credible news media houses at their own peril because the entire African continent may collectively react negatively against all forms of Chinese global investiments.

    Mambwe - February 14, 2013

  14. Mad cow baboon

    Lloyd kingsby - February 14, 2013

  15. This is not a communist country…niboza ba wacth dog!!!! Baseless Information.

    cosy - February 14, 2013

  16. PF is no govt atall. Zambia is currently on auto pilot. The driver has left the lane several times.

    nyax - February 14, 2013

  17. about time this shit was shut down. too much tribal hate and ignorance is pelted on this site.

    jerabo unit - February 14, 2013

    • You right my Bro…it’s just too much!!!!!!

      cosy - February 14, 2013

    • Wishful thinking about ZWD being shut!

      M'du - February 14, 2013

    • You smelly cu-nt; your ukwa has cancer of the balls and weak heart! I’m going to celebrate big time when he dies this year ROTFLMAO

      Macky2 - February 14, 2013

    • Go back to Lusakatimes where you belong.

      Boondocks - February 15, 2013

  18. America became a First World in the 1950s and that is why it is at this level of Internet Technology.Is Zambia a Developing Country,a Third World Country or a Lower Middle Income Country?If so then let us educate ourselves about how much time,energy,economic power and ideological-focus implementation benchmarks are involved in becoming a First or Second World?Since this is a costly measure let us see how the National Treasury will dwindle,leading to inflation,poor-living standards,PF’s diversion from developmental issues to national fiscal mismanagements and subsequently the PF’s unpopularity among Zambians and a historical loss of 2016 elections.As simple as all that.

    Always Young - February 14, 2013

  19. This government same as for mugabe. let them fix those machines they’ll cray like babies when they will be kicked out of power.

    Triple c - February 14, 2013

  20. This government same as for mugabe. let them fix those machines they’ll cray like babies when they will be kicked out of power

    Triple c - February 14, 2013

  21. Marνelοus, ωhat a ωеbѕite it is!
    Thіs blog givеs valuable data tο us, keеp it up.

    bain de soleil - February 14, 2013

  22. This is sad. the only problem is that its MMD who approved it in parliament under ICT ACT 2010. PF is just implementing, just like sim card registration.I am very sure opposition will cry like babies once realise what they approved.

    Mulongoti - February 14, 2013

  23. That’s simply Mission Impossible! The PF PIG is aware that Internet Media is the Media of the 21st Century. Make no mistake in your attempt to gag the masses with draconian measures that will only harden Citizens resolve against Dictatorship. The PF PIG will have to deal with over half the population as online media is now our main source of News.

    Bishop Aringarosa - February 14, 2013

  24. we wander if pf is going to compaign openly in 2016 and tell pipo the way they did in 2011, oh no most zambians are of short memories as such they will not remember that pf has not fulfilled most of its promises and that they turned aggressive on every zambians can someone pray for our memories back

    blackbull - February 14, 2013

    • Not to worry at all, Zambians rose up against KK and Chiluba. What make you think that they will not rise up again?

      Wanzelu - February 14, 2013

      • With food shortages bound to worsen this year,you think Zambians will seat idle and let Sata’s fools continue to deceive them. Far from it my bro. From September this year there will be food riots like those seen in Kaunda days.

        Just watch the space!

        Wanzelu - February 14, 2013

  25. This govt is fill of dull pipo and whether they want or not we shall continue to excercise our right to express ourselves. Who do they think they are to tell us how to think and what to think. We Will revolt one day. Just wait. Some of the systems they are putting in Will work against them in the near future. Imagine them in opposition and others using the same tools they bought to monitor them in drama indeed.

    hehehe - February 14, 2013