Scott’s wife says comments on well-known internet news sites disgusting

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scootVice-President Guy Scott’s wife, Charlotte, says there is a dangerous and  unfortunate culture of hate speech and viciously anti-women debate emerging in  Zambia’s political and civic discourse.
Speaking at the occasion where Kankasa  was honoured with the so-called  Mama Julia Chikamoneka Award by the Press Freedom
Committee of The Post in Lusaka on Saturday night, Charlotte said there was too  much hate speech on social media and directed towards women.

Charlotte  said the tendency was fuelled and facilitated by the anonymity offered by social  media.

She said comments made on women leaders on some of the well-known  internet news sites in particular were routinely disgusting, outrageous and
“We can say that these abusive tirades are unZambian, but let me  assure you that this content is unacceptable in any society,” she
Charlotte said she read through the comments on one named website made  on some women which made her physically sick.

She said it was delightful to learn of the conviction of former UPND national youth chairman Joe Kalusa,  who threatened and verbally abused FDD president Edith Nawakwi.

She said the  country would not stand by and allow women to be kept away from their public,  political and civic duties through bullying, harassment and humiliation.

Charlotte feared that the levels of social warfare, the falling social respect, unity and cohesion were creating social divisions that
could harm the peace of the country, and further urged political leaders whose  supporters engaged in abusing and harassing women to condemn hate

Charlotte, who was the guest of honour at the event, said the  nation must ensure that the difference between violence and strength is
reflected in everything they do.

She said Mama Kankasa, Mama Julia  Chikamoneka and other recipients of the award shaped a nation in which all were  held equal in rights and dignity, worthy of respect, opportunity and capacity to  contribute to national development. Charlotte said she was a great admirer of  women leaders in political and public life.

Editor’s comment:

We urge you Mrs. Scott not to take your frustrations of losing to or sharing your husband with Effie Mpande on us. It is your husband’s behavior which is routinely disgusting. If you want to know what hate speech is , pick a copy of the newspaper which was fetching you and read on what they call the editorial. But we think you are basically a good person who has found herself  in a wrong camp and married to a fool.

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  1. Seleni, Effie abombeko!

    Kay - March 4, 2013

    • Lolest…

      kwena - March 4, 2013

    • The editor’s response is uncalled for,it smacks of guilt.She didn’t mention any website,why the guilt?Imagine the rubbish that you write is targeted at your mothers,wife or sister,shall we be human sometimes.

      Idris - March 4, 2013

  2. Let us respect our mothers if we are to live longer on earth.

    Mrs Scott is merely expressing her concernes based on what she has seen,therefore, to insult her on what she has said is actually a sign of disrespect.

    Whether we like it or not, these ladies occupy a very important position in our society and country.

    Bigboss - March 4, 2013

  3. Some of you comment like you are frustrated HIV stricken embeciles. complete wasted humans

    Simangulungwa - March 4, 2013

  4. Charlotte you brought this on yourself

    man - March 4, 2013

  5. Mama Scott, just pray that Guy uses a condom. Otherwise ARVs are calling for you

    ugly ones we marry effie mpande we share - March 4, 2013

    • Is that really necessary ? sometimes i wonder the sanity of some bloggers,

      Mushota's dog - March 4, 2013

  6. I understand the cultural differences between ours and mrs Scotti s. it may be detrimental for her to read certain comments but in Bemba we say ukufunda umwana kufikapo and it is in this test that we make certain comments even your President Michael Sata referred to our parliamentary beauty purgeant Dollar Siliya as Dora Bokosi because the lady is truthfully looking sweet Nsenga expedition and even the finished Sata could not resist what he saw. In the outmate opposite I referred to Jean Kapata last week that mwilamona fye fimatako filya talowa elyo alalafye kwati ichimuti so that the woman can make some improvements and can probably see arangizi to show her how it’s done to catch up with reality as you know it’s never too late. These are not insults but just mere descriptions of people and events . Similarly at some point Dora Siliya indicated that her marriage to Chisha couldn’t last as she found him to be lazy as you know she is Nsenga and requires a hardworking Tonga bull maybe alimusanga that’s why she is not complaining now. But Chisha never took an offense out of that . Similarly Jean is my friend but I don’t want her to disappoint me again by commenting on senior people like HH in a ruthless manner without working on her weaknesses. Get used mama this is Zambia ubukulu bwankoko masako. Fili ukotuleya. Internet has just made it easier for us to make independent comments instead of foolish publications like the once popular post newspapers nut now they write only shit news and are behind the watchdog which is good for media competition.

    Ichibumba ichikankala - March 4, 2013

    • ndiwe chikali

      Kapepula Mwansa - March 5, 2013

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    useful idiots - March 4, 2013

  8. Honestly, zambians if this is the way you will be contributing then honest people will stop reading yr site. How do you disrespect your mother or sister in this manner? I loved reading yr comments but now am getting disgusted, life should not be of insults and full of hate….please repent…we want decent reporting…..What has come of Zambians….Please if we have to disagree lets do it with respect.Surely do we have to torture and insult our parents in this manner, i wouldnt introduce this paper to my siblings,lest they learn insults.

    vancie - March 4, 2013

    • Then go to Bwinjimfumu and read the PFost. As long as Ukwa and his useful idiots continue insulting our intelligence we will continue to remind him of his lack of intelligence

      ugly ones we marry effie mpande we share - March 4, 2013

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    Horny.REBEL Silvia Masebo-M.P-Member of Pro(IN)sitution..(Sperm Bank Mini-star) - March 4, 2013

  10. ki ki ki ki ki! ZWD Editor muli bad…. The epilogue of the article is hilarious. Am sure Mrs Scott will shut up!

    Bishop Aringarosa - March 4, 2013

  11. Mwebantu mulekwatako amano, she didnt mention that its watchdog.

    EZRON - March 4, 2013

  12. Effe Mpande is sweeter than you old white bitch

    chewe musonda - March 4, 2013

  13. Seleni tombeko umusungu…

    Nilichee - March 4, 2013

  14. Mrs. Scort Free, if the internet media is disgusting, stop reading it or else you may develop stroke after this media digs more about your husband mama. If you want more keep on reading.

    Semuel - March 4, 2013

  15. Shame on you mama why did you provoke them this time you will die unlike last time when you fall sick.

    Sakeni Chief whip - March 4, 2013

  16. Dear Madam Charlotte,

    Hate speech was crafted and introduced by the man who invited you to speak as guest of honour, Fred himself. Insults were introduced by your husband’s boss. How have you suddenly forgotten? Do not pretend that you don’t know these two. Direct your arsenals to those two, Fred and his captive, in your usual motherly way. Maybe, just maybe, ZWD Bloggers can also change. Also remind those two, i.e., Fred and his captive, to stop all this rot in Zambia which is unprecedented as you have rightly observed. It begins and ends with Fred and his captive. PERIOD.

    Centre Back Of Democracy - March 4, 2013

  17. Its good ur reading tell yo husband that PF ios getting unpopular, that we hate them and we plan to vote them out, they r a bunch of non performing idiots. Tell him to tell his boss that he is a big fool who cracks dry jokes and haz failed to work. Tell him to tell wynter that he can never mek president fo this country and he is annoying us every time he speaks and also to tell Masebo that she is a big fool.

    Pwele - March 4, 2013

  18. Charlotte and your husband are both racists, that’s why Guy boasts that he is vice president in a country of blacks. he is bonking a black girl to prove the point and enjoying it. ZWD is not the enemy so stop barking at the wrong tree.

    Antonio - March 4, 2013

  19. I think gov’t should close this same site.we are not conderming the site but pipo who coment insults and who dosnt have respect 4 ba gov’t chitenipo chimo.

    EZRON - March 4, 2013

    • So stupid. I did not know you are so stupid.

      Bemba thief - March 4, 2013

    • Its not always closing online publication. This is a step forward for zambia

      January - March 4, 2013

    • stupid idiot,shut your ass

      dr kaseba sata - March 4, 2013

    • Useless Idiot! This site does not belong to your fathers since you seem to have many of them. Just mind your business and shut up. What respect can one give to women who steal or share other womens husbands. Just check the list of your socalled women ministers all seem to have tasted other womens husbands so what respect are you talking about kabwa!

      Rude Monk - March 4, 2013

  20. You are married to a fool. A white nachisandula without morals. People are upset. Which women are you talking about? Is it Effie Mphande? Who cares? Advise your husband if you care at all or forever keep quiet. Joe Kalusa is just a victim of circumstances. Look at Ghana, there are now building a City of Hope, look at Kenya’s $14.6 billion project of Africa’s IT Hub while your husband and his party are fighting fellow MPs. Where on earth? Only Zambia. This primitivity which you and your husband are benefiting from after studying your un applied cognitive science.

    Muntu Na Muntu - March 4, 2013

    • Sometimes i really feel pity for this country. To be ruled by a standard 2 is unfortunate for a country anywhere on earth.

      Bemba thief - March 4, 2013

      • are you sure he’s been to any school?

        evil eye - March 5, 2013

  21. Tame yo rabbid dog or husband who too my girl effie.tie him 2 a tree if he continuez!!!!!!!silvia wil remain a sperm chamber!!!

    chiluba - March 4, 2013

  22. blame the editor

    joel - March 4, 2013

  23. Personally i will continue been rude and sarcastic due to PF govt incompetence and stupidity.Masebo=sperm bank and Namugala=orgy master and jean kapata=blow job master

    zambiano - March 4, 2013

  24. Unless she is illiterate and cannot see, she was talking about Mmembe whose kapepa shows naked women as a marketing strategy for a failed paper. Mmembe is the one who abuses women. You all know his disgusting personal life. I have absolutely no doubt her entire speech defines Ka Mmembe.

    Woman of Substance - March 4, 2013

    • Your analysis and careful thought pleases me.

      Muntu Na Muntu - March 4, 2013

  25. lumpens from Hone and Yunza are the main keyboard warriors

    political annimal - March 4, 2013

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    bullshit - March 4, 2013

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    njonjonjo - March 4, 2013

  28. Cease Fire. Spare the bitch guys. Just encourage it to read hate speech from bwinjimfumu

    Sara Chileshe - March 4, 2013

  29. Shut it bamayo baShaloti. We respect(ed) you but now you are part of the Kolwestan. Anyway, our insultant is away on holiday, so mwashuka mummy.

    Ku Masangalatoni--Lekeni HH ateke - March 4, 2013

  30. She is right.You chaps tone down on insulting women in the comments.I remember an article about Silvia Masebo’son,some chaps called a sperm banks with all sorts of derogatory names.I am not Pf but this insults againist women should cease.Cease fire ba monk for peace’s sake!

    Fck it - March 4, 2013

  31. Mrs Scott, please be specific in mentioning the media you are talking about. We know you are talking about the Zambian Watchdog. This media has respect for you no wonder they exposed your husbanding who is fucking Effie a prostitute. Otherwise the Watchdog would have kept quiet to allow Scott continue to bonk Effie and reinfect you with STDs/STIs now and again!

    Leave the Watchdog alone to focus on your health because the girl Scott is bonking is HIV positive. Go and get tested otherwise with your old age you will have full blown AIDS soon.

    Madam, you must be lazy in bed no wonder Scott started bonking a young black Zambian girl who knows who know the traditional sexual dance in bed and lifting up your husband like never before.

    Scott is enjoying Effie’s ‘v’ that has no wrinkles like yours. Leave the Watchdog alone you pig!

    Makasa - March 4, 2013

  32. if your husband’s government was functioning, the stuff you are talking about wouldn’t be the case.& while we are still at it, please kindly ask Guy to behave himself. we are currently paying too much for his passage and yours as well…………………

    stakeholder - March 4, 2013

  33. just keep quiet bitch!

    kambela - March 4, 2013

  34. Madam, the solution is simple, just stop reading the ZWD. Its like complaining about hard core porno when you continue visiting the sites.

    kfg - March 4, 2013

  35. I will try to be as objective as possible here. I hope that the editor will publish my comments as I ve faced absolute black out by my favorite on line news paper each time I ve tried to be what I consider objective on certain pertinent issues. I feel all women must be treated as custodians of mother hood regardless of religious,political & social beliefs or affiliations. No matter how ‘evil’ a woman might be in the above issues,her physical ‘anatomy must not be disparaged. The reason is simple, the sanctity of our own mothers is compromised in the process. The sacrosanctity of a woman’s spiritual role in carrying a child for nine months,birthing it, breast feeding it, can never be eroded by her political or social failures. She will still be a mother and will deserve some discretion especially by us men.

    MUSANAGA - March 4, 2013

    • Excellent!

      joel - March 4, 2013

    • you mean even prostitutes must be respected?

      grand master - March 5, 2013

  36. liule!

    Kay - March 4, 2013

  37. Shalom…
    Is it not the English who say one man’s whatever is another man’s poison. Charlotte even me at sometime in the past week when I heard the word Zambia Police I seriously felt like puking. Then again when I heard the name Sata the same thing happened. Right now I am still fighting the same sickening feeling which I got a few moments ago when I was contemplating that the truck and hacking story by Mwaliteta and partner is a lie which had brought wartime flashbacks to me and stress resulting from me trying to probe a war i remember in parts. Just to think that someone can make up a story which caused me such disturbance is disgusting to me I literally felt like puking and up to now the puking feeling still comes back.

    Mary-Viola Mwangala bat Abba (yana bizwa Mbuya) - March 4, 2013

  38. Mrs. Scott this is family business. Go to uk…

    Divmeister! - March 4, 2013


      NewZambia - March 4, 2013

  39. This woman & nyele scot will soon be sent to FAO to answer charges on the purported swine fever scandle. We have not forgotten you good for nothing pipo. If you survive the trbunal at FAO we deport you so that you go & ponta frm london. We will never be your relatives even after my grandfather you sold ressurects.

    Njekwa - March 4, 2013

  40. I feel sorry for some guys who have commented! It pays to go to school and to have morals!It is cardinal to respect women in our society. It is a sad state of affairs what I see here in SA of the injustices against women (rape and assault) and if we are not careful such levels of crime may increase e.g Nawakwi’s daughter and the Evelyn Hone girl (MTSRIP). The subject matter is spot on and it would have been of help if you contributed positively

    Be Serious - March 4, 2013

    • you are a fool, you run away from zed and you think you can tutor us, rubish

      dr kaseba sata - March 4, 2013

  41. Ha! Comments made my day..ha! Ha! Hope shez reading them..

    chocho - March 4, 2013

  42. whaoo! ba editor pa ZWD nabo. kikikikiki. the comment ! lol. mama second lady. go to mass media and kick the hell out of effie’s ass. shes the one who made you sick. not ZWD.

    u.i - March 4, 2013

  43. No comment but TAME YOUR HUSBAND. Without this revellation your were going to think all was ok. No its not.

    Sway - March 4, 2013

  44. mama its only prostitutes who are insulted eg.masebo,namugala,efie,katanga.but i have also seen blogers praise the folowing moraly upright women-i.mambirima,flougence chisanga,b. mutemba,tandiwe banda,

    RASTA - March 4, 2013

  45. Look at this bitch speaking after reading Bwinjimfumu speech. I don’t want to sound racist but you bitch should be great full to be wife of Vice President in Zambia! I don’t think it can happen in uk you bitch.

    Ola - March 4, 2013

  46. This is the only true paper in Zambia. Look at what happened in livingstone cadres kill each other and this paper has unearthed a scam where the cadre was killed by a PF cadre and reports it. The PF zambia police and PF post your days are numbers. How can one avoid insulting Masebo with such scams. Viva editor and watchdog.

    Zee maningi - March 4, 2013

  47. she shud just shut the hell up with her drunkard husband stupid this is not her country atase navi bazungu vo ola vikazi kamba malabishi atase

    riddick - March 4, 2013

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    mwanawina - March 4, 2013

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    Zee maningi - March 4, 2013

  50. She is definitely talking about how people called Masebo ati sperm bank. Some called her a whore because of her uterences. We can’t know the truth since us are just observes

    Zozoe - March 4, 2013