Masebo now takes her loose behaviour to Kapiri, commandeers fellow low-lives into nomination centre

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IMG_1713[1]Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo today broke the law with impunity when she commandeered a group of over 500 PF thugs into the nomination centre premises contrary to the eleciotns handbook which stipulates that apart from the 9 supporters attesting for the candidate, other supporters are supposed to be 400 metres radius away and the move has shocked Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) officials.
And PF candidate Eddie Musonda says he is confident of winning the 23rd April election which was allegedly stolen from him.
Masebo who was in the company of other cabinet ministers and deputy ministers stormed the policemen guarding the entrance to the nominations premises demanding that the PF slogan chanting thugs enter the premises. Police had a tough time controlling the rowdy crowd.
And ECZ officials say they are disappointed by the behaviour of the ruling party cadres but could not make an official statement until after consultations. The visibly surpprised officials were taken aback by the behaviour of the PF. When contacted for a comment about the development ECZ public relations officer Sylvia Bwalya said she could not comment on the matter but added that the electoral code of conduct stipulated the law clearly.
But when asked by Journalists as to why she broke the law, Masebo refused saying there was no law that bars supporters from entering the nomination centre. When journalists further quoted section 5.2.2 from the elections officer’s handbook, Masebo was upset and refrred Jopurnalist to the ECZ.
Meanwhile Musonda filed the nomination papers at 11:15 this morning and told journalist that he was getting ready to defeat all his opponents in this race. He was quickly whisked away by party officials in a motorcade that headed into town area.


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  1. This thing will never come to un end, coz will still have the some fuckers wu were in kk, chiluba, mwnanawansa and Banda are also in PF. How do you expect things to charge.

    Rommy Beamar - March 28, 2013

  2. Is Silvia Masebo a prostitute? I read with a heavy heart the posts on the watchdog concerning our very own Tourism and Arts Minister.This woman has been insulted with words I never knew existed in our Zambian society , a Zambia so full of tradition , but why? What is prostitution, and who is a prostitute?
    Prostitution is the work of a prostitute, and a prostitute is a person who has sex for money.I stand to be corrected but I don’t see how this fits Sylvia, obviously the woman has money of her own to hunt down men for it, she no doubt lives a comfortable life than most of you insulting her, and it must be so painful for you that you cannot even dream to live in her world.Please note that you do not confuse prostitution with love, for many of us have had to move from one relationship to another yet we have never been insulted for our actions but Sylvia.Don’t we all desire to be loved or at least to be in love?Yet this seem to be a crime for Sylvia.Sylvia is our sister, mother and aunt, and our leader who must be respected and loved, are we not a Christian nation? Regardless of what Sylvia has done to some of you to warranty your insulting her, does she not deserve your forgiveness? Remember children also read what you write, and just today, our President has edged us to love one another so should you.Let us talk about things that will build Zambia

    david bvunguzile shawa - March 28, 2013

  3. Dear editor,

    I am a state house official please allow me space to share my reflections in your widely read news site on the sad reality most people avoid facing and please do not publish my name am a civil servant.

    It is not a secret anymore that our dear President HE MCS is suffering from PROSTRATE CANCER and a threatening heart condition which has left him alive by the will of the spirit and not his body. It is saddening to see this man face to face and to know the reality of his illness which unfortunately many have undeniably failed to come to terms with.

    fellow countrymen and women, our president is sick and the requires resting away from active political life. His prostate cancer has reached an advanced stage such that urine comes out uncontrollably. A temporal measure to help in his condition is that a tube has been inserted into the urethra to collect urine into a urine bag. When he visited the Chibombo accident victims’ burial this urine collecting bag was fastened nicely and covered in his suit. Even during the famous swearing in ceremonies at state house the same strategy is used. The problem is that he cannot stay longer at any function or international gathering because the urine collection bag has limited capacity to hold urine and requires frequent changing lest it bursts and spills urine on the head of state. It is for this reason the experts thought the best way to prevent embarrassment on part of the head of state is to have controlled public exposure. The PF Government must immediately find a replacement to the ailing head of state whose illness has reached an advanced stage. Am pretty sure the first lady has tried by all means to encourage him by not only changing his urine bag but also giving him emotional support. However this measure is temporal and somewhat costly to the nation because the head of state is expected to travel within and outside the country. HE MCS’ controlled public exposure is African’s natural tendency to hide illness.

    As a state house Aide am very saddened to see the PF this way. I had hope in Sata but nature has its way. Right now Mmembe and fellow crooks are controlling us since the Sata we knew is not who he is now.

    Finally here are tips on Prostrate Cancer:

    Prostate cancer is mostly a very slow progressing disease. In fact, many men die of old age, without ever knowing they had prostate cancer – it is only when an autopsy is done that doctors know it was there. Several studies have indicated that perhaps about 80% of all men in their eighties had prostate cancer when they died, but nobody knew, not even the doctor.

    Symptoms of prostate cancer

    During the early stages of prostate cancer there are usually no symptoms. Most men at this stage find out them have prostate cancer after a routine checkup or blood test. When symptoms do exist, they are usually one or more of the following:

    The patient urinates more often
    The patient gets up at night more often to urinate
    He may find it hard to start urinating
    He may find it hard to keep urinating once he has started
    There may be blood in the urine
    Urination might be painful
    Ejaculation may be painful (less common)
    Achieving or maintaining an erection may be difficult (less common)

    If the prostate cancer is advanced the following symptoms are also possible:

    Bone pain, often in the spine (vertebrae), pelvis, or ribs
    The proximal part of the femur can be painful
    Leg weakness (if cancer has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord)
    Urinary incontinence (if cancer has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord)
    Fecal incontinence (if cancer has spread to the spine and compressed the spinal cord)

    Mulenga - March 28, 2013

  4. Ma Hule Ni sochabe!!!!!

    mutombeni - March 28, 2013

  5. May masebo get more sperms!

    London - March 28, 2013

  6. ni hule chabe iyi ilibe nchito,thats y ni sperm bank minister,she has no shame,which bottom power does she have?she is finished.

    chikubabe - March 28, 2013

  7. So what will the PF Police and the PF dependant ECZ do over the immoral the Tembo/masebo issue?

    litiya kayula - March 28, 2013

  8. What we’re having now is the semblance of elections.I think MMD did the good thing not to waste time and money to participate in these gon’ga elections.Despite all these ugly happenings,Zambia Shall Surely Be Saved.

    litiya kayula - March 28, 2013

  9. Had it been upnd that behaved that way the idiotic reporters from the grz media would have screamed headlines condemning the the party as being violent.idiots indeed

    Zoro - March 28, 2013

    • We are to blame as a country entrusting such people with governance. What a bitter pill to swallow, and a shame to our nation. Sorry bane

      "Silent Majority" - March 28, 2013

  10. Wait until the days of this BITCH comes to fall she will leak her dirty behind will wish she was not born Bustard

    Chitundu Bwembya - March 28, 2013

  11. LOL hehehehe more insults

    Siluya - March 28, 2013

  12. you guys need to tone down with your insults

    Scott - March 28, 2013

    • Why? If they are deserved? Or has PF abolished freedom of speech with immediate effect?

      Bimbo - March 28, 2013

  13. Kozo, it is Jim Reeves NOT Jim Leaves – yaba

    Scott - March 28, 2013

  14. go!!! pf Go!!!! we are behind u…

    mgan - March 28, 2013

  15. go!!! pf Go!!!! we are behind u

    mgan - March 28, 2013

  16. Can this be the reason why the opposition are going to lose Kapiri seat?

    John Chinena - March 28, 2013

    • No that should never be the case. But this is the reason to see how lawlessness starts in a by election with PF at the centre. By the way due still have rule of law in this country? considering PF cadres are doing whatever comes to their mind, even breaking this election code of conduct like is the case reported in this article. Masebo slow down this country belongs to everyone.

      Zed@crossroad - March 28, 2013

  17. Go ahead Masebo, bruise them harder this time. Make their Livingstone defeat look like a picnic!

    chola - March 28, 2013

    • Your comment reflects the calibre of PF with their misplaced priorities. To you bye-elections is work and a priority when hospitals and health centres are manned by cleaners and other general workers. What a Muppet government. Lord save us.

      Chibombebombe - March 28, 2013

  18. Masebo should concentrate on the UNWTO preparations which are miserably far behind schedule. This country is in for an international embarrassment if technocrats allow this woman to continue rubbing her ass on their noses and issuing misplaced statements that all is on course when not. She can only fool those who haven’t been to Livingstone lately. Zimbabwe must be done with the road from Vic town to the falls while she’s busy gyrating her sweet ass in bye elections, and Musi-o-tunya remains in a deplorable state. We can’t even talk about other areas of preparations.

    Fitiball - March 28, 2013

  19. Bane we should always remember Jim Leave’s words in his famous song, this world is not my home, as I am just like a passenger who is just passing through a place where there is milk and honey, It does not mean I will be there to enjoy this milk and honey forever, this is the time to reflect on our lives and how we relate with our fellow human beings in the same route to the same destiny. Masebo and the group should humble themselves and respect people, cos kusamwa kwa so mailo siku si izibika zuba mwamene kuzacela she will need a shoulder to lean on. Kuli lemeka kuikuteka kuli kabotu.

    Kozo - March 28, 2013

    • It’s Jim Reeves. Go back to school you mumbwa mumbwa.

      msana wanzili - March 28, 2013

  20. We need the electoral laws that are punitive. We have wrong things in this country because of what happens with the elections. Anything that goes against electoral laws must be treated at the same level like defilement so that chaps can learn to respect the most important means by which people must fairly participate in the governance of their country. People do not get the desired result of elections because of such behaviour exhibited by this Zimbabwean prostitute

    Great Hunter - March 28, 2013

  21. Insults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angel - March 28, 2013

    • For your information, that is called grass roots politics in Zambia

      lost for words - March 28, 2013


    finshi twamicita kanshi - March 28, 2013

    • R U another “useful”?

      lost for words - March 28, 2013

  23. The problem we have as zambians is wr always look for who to blame insyead of finding solutions to the issues surounding us MMD went wrong yes Pf is also going wrong but what should we do to come to a place were these wrongs will be a thing of the past. We should not debate on who is wrong concentrating on who did what and who did not do what will only make us go round circles it like when a child injures it self then the father and mother start to debate and fight on how did the child injure himself this dabate does not bring relif to the child but find thhe soulution is what is neefed

    brandiny chisanga - March 28, 2013

  24. this is why people are calling for the independence of ECZ.

    wapya minzi - March 28, 2013

  25. She is just an idiot who thinks she is the best at everything, misbehaving, threatening officers across ministries with firing for this and that, who does she think she is? And her boss is quite about her threatening to resign if UNWTO fails, it’s embarrassing for a govt top official to speak and behave anyhow. The president might be sick but not blind and deaf, save your party at least. Bitching with young boys, mouth diaria and threats to officials destroys government. No manners, age responsibly

    Wangawanga - March 28, 2013

  26. The front page photo of the Post has a woman with a very broad mouth! Could this be the so called “sperm bank”? If so that mouth really “sucks”…..

    Bulozi. - March 28, 2013

  27. What a cabinet minister! That’s ignorance can do.14:32,28 march 2013.

    themba khumalo - March 28, 2013

  28. Hule ni Hule baba.

    maybin kalale - March 28, 2013

  29. Was this not the same sylvia bwalya who was saying the opposition should stop peddling lies about the ecz’s operations?what does she has to say now?nowonder mmd withdrew from these elections

    Mr Kiss - March 28, 2013

  30. i meant crying already

    gill - March 28, 2013

  31. you have started

    gill - March 28, 2013

  32. Respect, thats another man’s chick!

    Munguli Wa Likulunga - March 28, 2013

  33. MASE bo

    Wiseman Zig - March 28, 2013

  34. Pals please! respect, thats anotherman’s woman1

    Munguli Wa Likulunga - March 28, 2013

  35. That female dog disgusting stink pussy

    riddick - March 28, 2013

  36. Ecz should be shut down zambia needs a new group of people to deal with the elections Masebo is slut and she was just being that you can’t blame her for being the slut she is a when a bitch is on heat it’s on heat the problem is with Fuckin shit bags of ecz fuck ecz mother fucker all of you

    Sofie - March 28, 2013

  37. These are the fruits of the mmd,they should have given ECZ enough powers but its hurting zambia.

    Mouth Diarrhoea - March 28, 2013

    • I agree with you. These MMD chaps, when they were in power were equally very abusive. Zambia needs laws which transend the interests of the powers at hand.

      Mwanarob - March 28, 2013



    katongo nsambe - March 28, 2013

  39. Toothless ECZ always on the receiving end, God help us country given to chickens to run

    Magwazavi - March 28, 2013

  40. The question is why would she pretend the law does not exist? It should be coming from somewhere, not because she’s madam minister. Lets open our eyes.

    hams - March 28, 2013

  41. Hule!! Hule!! Looks like those ARVs you are taking are starting to affect your brain. They have been known to cause dementia in very advanced cases.

    Fougarcon - March 28, 2013

    • Please it’s very derogatory to those on ARV’s.Such statements promotes stignatization.Abusive language has no place in Zambia.

      RED SQUARE - March 28, 2013

      • Then tell Mrs. Masebo to shut her mouth – or at least control what comes out of it. Charity begins at home as the old saying goes…

        Fougarcon - March 28, 2013

  42. Masebo shud reflect on her days when she felt sidelined by RB and how it felt when she joined the opposition. How did she used to feel when Dora Siliya appeared on ZNBC justifying the wrongs of MMD? Rather than getting upset for telling her to observe the law Sylvia should have apologised by merely stating that it was an oversight and immediately make ammends. The very arrogance that she used to criticise has caught up with her. Power corrupts and absolute power, indeed, corrupts absolutely. I pity the vulnerable ECZ officials whose bread and butter is at the mercy of the party in power. Non of the present ECZ officials can stand Masebo who chickened out Mwakalombe and fired ZAWA bosses single handedly. Even I, cannot imagine myself arguing a point with such an arrogant woman but she should remember that her days are numbered and she will be reduced to Dora’s level sooner rather than later.

    Sandala - March 28, 2013

  43. Sylvia Muramba Masebo- sperm bank, sperm hungry sucker.

    Bob Sichinga - March 28, 2013

    • no thats not fair have u slept with her..respect her even if u hurt her

      joanthan - March 28, 2013

  44. Bitch!

    igwe - March 28, 2013

  45. This is what your expect from a woman who has no morals and direction WHOEVER SAYS SYLVIA IS A UNIVERSITY GRADUAte is under informed If this creaTURE is indeed a unza graduate she obtained her paper through bottom power There is no sense in everything she does and this isnt an attribute of a graduate, maybe in the school of prostitution and hooliganism Wonder if unza has such a school DISGRACE AND SHAMEFUL except people of her calibre has no shame SHAMELESS W….
    The editor i dont regret using these words

    maposa - March 28, 2013

  46. OH my God!!!!!!!!

    Globe Trekker - March 28, 2013

  47. She pretended the law does not exist because she is not bothered about abiding by it…and she is a minister…well, in a failed state.

    Kay - March 28, 2013

  48. Power corrupts

    Uniter - March 28, 2013

    • yes absolute power corrupts u ae right

      joanthan - March 28, 2013

  49. not good

    lions head - March 28, 2013

    • She is a bitch, what do you expect when you have a group of people like Namulambe, Nsanda, GBM around, complete chaos!!

      shimwitwa - March 28, 2013